Install Instructions - Pure FJ Cruiser Accessories

By Katherine Sullivan,2014-07-01 01:40
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Install Instructions - Pure FJ Cruiser Accessories


    1. Remove the stock bumper plastic cover by removing all of the plastic body clips from the sides and

    bottom of the bumper cover.

    2. Remove screws attaching plastic cover at the front of the wheel opening/backside of the cover lip. 3. Have someone help you “spread” the plastic cover outward from the sheet metal support underneath. As

    you spread or flare the plastic cover pull it forward and down and it will release from the sheet metal

    support behind.

    4. Remove the aluminum bumper structure bolted to the end of the frame rails. Retain the 8 nuts (4 per

    side) that hold the aluminum structure as they will be used to mount your new All-Pro FJ front Bumper. 5. Your vehicle should look like this. The inner fender wheel liners that project downward towards the

    backside of the front bumper (folded back in the photo), can now be trimmed. An easy way to trim them

    is using a coarse hacksaw blade. Trim by hand. Trim the liner up flush with the main fender well


    Center sheet metal

    Brace and hood

    latch strut.

    6. After the plastic cover is removed, remove the center grill section. There are two body clips and two

    screws on the top of the grill that must be removed. The hood will have to be raised to remove the


    7. Remove the factory hood latch strut and the center sheet metal brace. The center sheet metal brace is a

    long narrow brace that runs across the front of the FJ. It is attached at each end to a bracket just below

    the headlights. See arrow in photo.

    8. Remove the molded plastic “bumperettes” that attach the fender flare to the body. See Photo below

    Remove these Plastic

    “bumperettes” on

    each side

9. Attach the end of each wheel well flare to the body using the fender washers, 1-1/2” long ?” bolt, and

    locknut provided. Place the smaller fender washer on the outside and the larger fender washer on the backside (closer to the engine compartment). This hardware will keep the flare from detaching from the body at the front attachment point that is removed when pulling the plastic bumper cover off. 10. You will now need to “re-shape” the air conditioning condenser line. Place a small block of wood or plastic behind the aluminum tubing above the lower fitting. This block will allow you to bend the tubing above the block without placing too much stress at the fitting. See photo for block size/placement. Gently and slowly flex the tubing back with your thumb as per the photo below. Flex back until the tubing is vertical and looks like the third photo below.