By Janice Shaw,2014-10-29 13:30
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    The foreign students at New York University come from more than 130 countries. Fifty percent are from Asia, especially South Korea, Japan and China. ?Foreign students are

    studying in all fourteen schools within the university. These include arts and sciences, law, business and education. ?

    Seventy-five percent of the foreign students are in graduate school. About twenty-five percent are in four-year programs that lead to a bachelors degree.

    The cost of attending New York University is different in each of its schools. ?For example, one year of study at the

    Wagner Graduate School of Public Service costs about 19,000. Some other schools within NYU cost more. Some cost less. The housing cost is about 9,000 a year.

    Bachelors degree students at NYU can borrow money from

    financial institutions to help pay for their studies. Foreign students in graduate school at NYU can get teaching or research jobs at university. They can also get loans from financial institutions.

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