Innovation Proposal Questionnaire

By Joan Patterson,2014-07-01 01:39
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Innovation Proposal Questionnaire

    Innovation Proposal Questionnaire

    Manufacturer/Proposer Contact Information

    Name: Phone: 847.864.5143

    Patricia A. Brown Cell Phone:

    Fax: 847.864.5143, call before fax


    Address: Item Name:

    2418 Wade Street, 2nd Floor The COVER-UP, house fire-

    Evanston, Illinois 60201 prevention cover.

     Date: August 26, 2009

    Item Description: (describe the product, include any links to applicable websites)

    The product, Fire Protective Cover-Up, is a tarp like covering designed to cover the size of a house or tangible time. The Cover-Up is the size of a house. It drapes over a home and is secured with a fire-resistance foam, which is sprayed onto ground, around the

    home, then attaches to the cover-up. Commercial sized nails are also used to secured to ground.

    The Cover-Up suggested material is Nomex Fabric only or a mix of Nomex and Kevlar

    fabric. (website or

    x.html ) and (The Fire Blanket, product code 49314)

    Product Items:

    1) The Cover-Up

    2) Fire Protection Commercial Adhesive Foam

    3) Commercial oversized fire resistance Nails

Implementation & Safety Statement Attached? Yes Attachments included? Yes

    Category: (Choose one: Fire/Smoke Detection; Fire Ignition;

    Suppression; Monitoring; Incident Support; Firefighter Health, Safety,

    & Personal Equipment; or Mitigation)

    Is it currently being used? The material, Yes. Is the item reusable? Yes

     The product, No.

    Where is it currently being used?

     NOMEX is the trade name for a fabric that is used in the construction of apparel for firefighter (Nomex and Kevlar), military protection, racing protection and industrial applications.

    Who is currently using the product? Firefighters, the military, racing industry and

    industrial industry.

    Is there a patent or patent pending? No patent currently on the “Cover-Up” fire

    Innovation Proposal Questionnaire protection. However, there is a patent on Nomex and Kevlar fabric by the May 8, 2008


File no: (to be filled by administrator):__________________________

    An Implementation and Safety narrative, no more than 500 words, should be included to identify the following:

    ; Objectives

    ; Implementation. How the proposed idea could be implemented operationally

    ; Safety and training requirements


    Prevent the burning of homes due to wild fires and flying ambers and save peoples homes and selected personal items.

Implementation, how the proposed idea could be implemented operationally:

    Three versions, different sizes and in some cases customized options depending on the house size. A Cover-Up is made of nomex only or nomex and Kevlar, to provide higher heat resistance. Material can

    o owith stand up to 700to 800F.

Manual Version

    Cover-Up stored in box that is elevated to your roof, manually or electronically. Four people would have to assist with deploying the product over the home and securing to ground. (Setup help depends on size of house.)

    1) Two people get on roof, one on each side of box. Pull cover-up and Cover-Up rolls out of box. 2) Roll cover-up towards opposite end by pulling end of ropes slowly, house covered. 3) Spray fire resistance foam around the house.

    4) Pull cover-up to foam and walk on to secure to ground.

    5) Secure by hammer large nails into ground.

Electronic Version

    Cover-Up stored on roof in box, side of house. (works similar to the way, a pool cover operates.) Logistics still need to be designed. However, at the press or pull of a button Cover-Up begins to cover house over rails built around house. (Setup help depends on size of house.)

    1) Press button or pull to open case and release cover-up.

    2) Watch to ensure stays on track while covering house.

    3) Pull ropes to pull sides completely down.

    4) Spray fire resistance foam around the house.

    5) Pull cover-up to foam and walk on to secure to ground.

    6) Secure by hammer large nails into ground.

Safety and Training Requirements:


    1) Independent demonstrations would be held at buyers home upon purchase.

    2) Certificate distributed to buyer upon completion demonstration to make sure they (or hired help) understand how to setup.

    3) The product will come with a demonstration video and ease of use instructional flip card manual. Innovation Proposal Questionnaire May 8, 2008

Manual Display model:

     Pull opposite from direction

     first ( ). Then, side ways

     to cover whole house ( ).

     12 Nails. HOUSE

     Fire resistant

    commercial strength

    adhesive spray; dispense thru container with strap making easy carry and dispense.

Innovation Proposal Questionnaire May 8, 2008

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