In the peak performances, Charles Garfield (1984) identifies eight ...

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In the peak performances, Charles Garfield (1984) identifies eight ...

    In the peak performances, Charles Garfield (1984) identifies eight physical and mental conditions that elite athletes describe as characterizing the feeling s they have at those moments when they are performing extraordinarily well. Third athletes are instating of

    extraordinary awareness. They are “acutely aware of their bodies and of the athletes around them. This has to do with sensory awareness. Shooting a successful free throw is best accomplished by having an uncluttered mind and a relaxed body .You must have proper visual awareness, loose muscles, and a Rhythmic motion. In basketball you must practice a rhythm so that when you are shooting you can shoot in a pattern other than shooting crazy shots that add up to nothing.

    Missing a few shots in the game is normal but after a while the player starts to get a bad streak and this streak goes on for a very long time.

    Dr.Naismith he believed that for some youngster’s basketball started by taking balled up paper and

    shooting it into a wastebasket invented the game

    of basketball.

    It all started in 1872 when Naismith was teaching his philosophy in a gym he was showing his students how to shoot a basketball by using a peach crate and that where it all began. The first game of basketball was played in France in a YMCA in 1891.In 1892 Naismith organized his first team; the team was call Armory Hill won 1-0 and after that a women’s team was added.

    The first pro team was called the Buffalo Germans in 1895 of fourteen year-old boys. Over two decades had passed and they had a record of 792-86 including a 111-game winning streak. In 1939 the new team called the Rens were made who had a record of 112-7 that season. They won the World Pro Tournament in Chicago defeating the Oshkosh Wisconsin team. The most entertaining team in basketball history was the Harlem Globetrotters. Marques Haynes, a magical dribbler, weaved in and out of defenders, bounced the ball between their legs, dropped to one knee and sometimes both.

    The NBL had been formed in 1937 with franchises in several midwestern cities, including Akron, Ohio, Fort Wayne and many more. In 1948 the Globetrotters stunned

    the Lakers who, led by Mikan, had just won the NBL champion ship- 61-59, then split the other games in their series. Two years later the Trotters won 13 of 18 games against a touring College All-Star team featuring Bob Cousy, later a ten time all NBA Guard for the Boston Celtics. The Globetrotter winning streak ended in September 12, 1995 in a 91-85 loss after winning 8,829 games.

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