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Oral three

    In the set of the materials ,the reading passage describes a decision/ proposal

    And the listening passge is a discussion by two students on this…

According to the reading materials, …

In the listening passage, the man/woman is against …for several reasons

    First, she thinks

    Second, she points out that

Oral 4 the listening part explains the reading

    In thise set of materials, the reading passage describes… and the listening passage is

    a lecture by a professor on the same topic.

    According to the reading passage….

    In the listening material, the professor go on to demonstrate it (clarify the term)with

    two examples….

    The first one is…

    And the second one is…

Oral 5

    In this listening material, the woman has a problem that______________ The man offers two suggestions. One is _________, the other one is _________, and

    the last one is to_______

    As far as I am concerned, I think ________is better. First,


Oral 6

    In this listening material, the professor describes_____问题的第二句_____and

    demonstrate it (clarify the term )with two concrete examples

Integrate template

    The author of the reading material concludes that.... Though it seems convincing at the first glance

    (refute)the professor in the listening material gives a totally different opinion and points out three major flaws in the argument.

    (suggestion)Lecture provide suggestions to solve the problem started form the reading material

First of all,

    Another problem that weakens the logic of the reading material, as pointed out by the professor, is that.... it is unwarranted to conclude that...

Before the professor comes to her conclusion, she point out....

    To sum up, the professor in the listening material gives some concrete explanations to argue that is not sufficient to conclude that....based on the evidence given in the reading material

    Refute (the argument can not be refuted/contradicted; refute he testimony )= Contradict ~early testimony/theory

    object to(~to the plan ving)

    challenge on the contrary

    in contrast on the contrary be contradictory they have opposite views on the question. Live opposite to me


支持1 支持2 反对面的好处1,以及中和这种好处。

A or B A or not A

    Question(should people pay for public transportation?/ practice) (land for development or saving endangered animals)

    It is not an easy question to answer, as both propositions have merits and limitations (defects).

    To respond to this issue, we need to analyze the proposition comprehensively from the dialectic perspective

    In my point of view, x

The first reason for my suggestion is that

    anther essential factor why I advocate.. is that

    While some people would argue that ….. I personally believe that

    However, we should concede that despite of the merits mentioned above, there are some drawbacks.

To sum up, though X may have some limitations. The advantages of it can not be

    overwhelmed. It is . Considering of. As a result, I

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