three bad things

By Alvin Knight,2014-10-28 21:40
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three bad things


    April 27, 2011

    2nd draft

    Three Bad Things

    Once upon a time, there was a young man who lived in a small town. His name was Chou, and he was a terrible bad person. He always behaved badly, and everyone in the town was afraid of him. One day, while he was wandering through the streets as usual, he felt that everyone on the street seemed unhappy and worried, so he went to a poor old man.

    What is wrong with everyone? Chou asked.

    There are three bad things in this town, and we cant live safely. That is why,

    the old man replied without being patient.

    Three bad things? Chou wondered.

     You really dont know, do you? the old man said, The first thing is the big

    tiger that kills people in the forest. The second one is the big fish that attacks our boats in the sea. And the last one is the most dangerous one. It is you! the old man


     Old mans words really hurt Chou. He felt so sorry and decided to kill these two monsters, the big tiger and the big fish, for his town. He went to fight with them, and he survived. Everyone appreciated what he had done. Most importantly, he gave his

    word to all of the people that he wont be wicked anymore and will try hard to be a good man. Everyone was happy to hear that because Chou solved all three problemsthe big tiger, the big fish, and himself.

     This is a story that tells us people should be responsible for themselves and don’t

    become other peoples problems.

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