Practice Yields Genuine Knowledge

By David Reyes,2014-07-18 12:13
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Practice Yields Genuine Knowledge

     Practice Yields Genuine Knowledge

     It was a great honor for me to have the opportunity to be an English volunteer in the fourth annual Leye International Outdoor Quest last time. Here Id like to claim that I had derived dramatic benefits from this exiting journey. For example, I succeeded in putting what I had learned in textbooks into practice; I learned to be tough for my regular work despite the incredible tiredness; and my interpersonal skills were enhanced significantly thanks to the communications with people from all walks of life there. But anyway, all of them revolved around a leitmotif: Practice yields genuine knowledge.

    It is beyond a shadow of doubt that we are supposed to carry out an in-depth practice if we want to gain the truth, that is to say, practice yields genuine knowledge. With respect to the first point I mentioned above, I took pride in being a translator for a medical team in this outdoor quest. For my part, the medical team differed from the sports teams, which was because its translator was required to be familiar with many professional medical vocabularies. However, I was not afraid to meet the challenge. So whenever an athlete was injured, I would go up and act as a translator for him, surely for the doctor as well. Hard as it was, I would never yield to it because I believed that I was competent enough to put what I learned into practice. Consequently, I brought what I had learned and prepared into full play. Besides, I came to realize the importance of being tough for

my regular work. Its so laborious for me to spend much time in an

    ambulance. But anyway the doctors in it should always follow behind the athletes in case of emergencies. As a translator, I stayed with them from start to finish because I knew well a motto said by Mencius, a great thinker in ancient China, which was, When heaven appoints a person to

    undertake a great mission, that person will suffer from spiritual pain, undergo physical hardship and be frustrated in his plans. In this way, his soul will be tempered and he will develop perseverance and endurance. This gives him the strength to accomplish what previously was beyond him. It indicated we should never come to terms with difficulties, instead, we were required to learn to triumph over them. Later it proved that I won their appreciation due to my backbiting efforts .Finally, I gained huge improvements in terms of my interpersonal skills. There is no denying that I had talked with lots of people there, some of which were athletes from all over the world, some were volunteers from all walks of life, some were the leaders from the competition commission. As a volunteer, I was inevitably involved in the communication with them as long as I was free, during which I tried to practice my eloquence with a view to winning a wider acquaintance.

    In a word, I had gained much progress in many aspects through this indelible experience in Leye. From my perspective, only by carrying out an in-depth practice can we obtain the genuine knowledge. So henceforth

I believe I will seize every opportunity to devote myself to practice with a

view to promoting myself to a greater development;

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