A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner

By Stacy Hart,2014-07-18 08:15
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A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner

     A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner Good morning everyone, today I will give you a lecture about “a

    smooth sea never made a skillful mariner .An old Chinese

    saying goes: Thrive in calamity and perish in soft living. It tells us that You must go through a lot of difficults if you want to succeed.

    The famous litterateur of Song Dynasty Ou yangxiu has written an article called《伶官传序》, It tells us a reason argument

    through the story of the king of the Later Tang Dynasty Li cunxu. He efforts to revitalize the country, but destroy it for male prostitutes. Ou yangxiu warn us that If you want to develop the country, you have to be a fighter, and keep struggling , if you only to be the pleasure-seeking, sit on your laurels, the country will be perished.

    A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner. I think this sentence is very reasonable. If there is no storm, the mariner would think it is very easy to pilot a ship, and he have no chance to improve his technique. If he knock up against difficulties oneday ,he can do nothing but call for help .

    Qing Dynasty Emperor kangxi, he be an emperor when he was 8, and come to power at 14 years old, when he 16, he got the better of the traitor Aobai, Binhdinh the three foreign, regained

    Taiwan, go to the front twice at Geerdan, He care about the country and worked hard for it. The Qing Dynasty became more and more powerful. The time come for Cixi, To enjoy herself, call the Navy's military for her sixty-year birthday party, make Chinese be defeated by Japanese. The Qing empire was in decay.As early as the Warring States period Mencius proposed“survive in hardship and die in well-being”;Later Fan

    zhongyan put forward “worry before proprietor worry, happy after proprietor happy”.

    Thrive in calamity and perish in soft living. In the Wenchuan earthquake, Premier Wen jiabao gave the opinion “much

    distress regenerates a nation”. It may be said that China had suffered from a series of tragedies in recently years. Blizzards South; Disruption of the Olympic torch relay; Tibetan separatist elements cause trouble; train derailment in Shandong; Wenchuan Earthquake; Riots in xinjiang, and so on. But our people are not scared, what’s more, our patriotic enthusiasm are aroused, our sense of crisis are motivated. So the difficulties like these we had overcame, our nation will be more prosperous, stronger!

    I like a lyric very much “Only through the most profound pain,

    the best thing you can change for”

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