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By Peter Walker,2014-07-10 18:55
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Planning Questionaire - Lyster Financial ...

    Planning Questionnaire


Please complete the relevant sections of this questionnaire. For full plans, complete all sections. If

    the terms of your engagement with Lyster Financial Services are restricted to certain kinds of

    planning, some sections may be omitted.


    Planning of any kind including financial planning begins with a vision of what is important to you. The purpose of the planning process is to set out what needs to be done, within real world

    constraints, to accomplish what you think important. It requires a good faith effort by you to

    identify and prioritize your goals.

We cannot tell you what your financial goals are. Only you know. No adviser can recommend

    specific strategies until you specify what you want to accomplish. You tell us what. We tell you how.

Rank the following, #1 being the most important to you. If something is not important at all, leave

    the space blank. If you have goals not listed here, add them to the list and rank them.

    Buying a house Vacation property Reducing / eliminating debt Providing for family in case of death or disability Funding post-secondary education Minimizing taxes Early retirement Funding retirement Increasing investment income Maximizing investment returns Increasing the value of your estate Charitable contributions

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     Personal Information

    Client Spouse (if applicable)

     Name Name

    Home Address Home Address (if different)

     Mailing Address (if different) Mailing Address (if different)

     Home Phone Business Phone Home Phone Business Phone

     Home Email Business Email Home Email Business Email

     Marital Status Citizenship Marital Status Citizenship

     Date of Birth Social Insurance No. Date of Birth Social Insurance No.

     Employer and Address Employer and Address

     Years with Annual earned income Years with Annual earned income

    current employer (gross) (net) current employer (gross) (net)

     Insider or Director of a Public Company Insider or Director of a Public Company

     Will? Year updated Original’s location Will? Year updated Location

    Power of Attorney Year updated Original’s location Power of Attorney Year updated Location

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Children, including children of previous marriages, or grandchildren


     Years of Projected Current

     Birth Current Funded Annual Educational

    Name Date Married? Grade Education Costs Savings

Parents and other adults

     Projected Do you hold

     Birth In Current Annual power(s) of

    Name Date Care? Health Cost to You attorney?