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session 4 20110927


    ; Leech

    1. denotative meaning 2. connotative

    3. stylistic

    4. affective

    5. reflective

    6. collocative collocation

    7. thematic

    reference sense 1. synonymous

    2. antonymous

     freezing cold chilly cool lukewarm

    warm hot

    3. hyponymy metonymy

1. semantic scope

    man killer

    woman killer

    2. its no easy job.

     I can cite quite a few instances to

    illustrate it.

     This is no joke.

    The cultural event of the year

    Have a say in the matter

    What a surprise!

    I have already put the case clear.

     Discuss affairs of the state


    Its sbs duty

Overseas investments

    Development is of overriding importance.

    --- is the absolute need. is the hard reason.

Be raised to the purple

    Born in the ---



    Green eyes


    --- table

--- as grass

    A green old age

    In the green tree

    Keep the memory green n the green I

    Go green

     Are you a bad sailor?

Paint the town red

As timid as a hare

    As bitter as wormwood Ass in the lions skin

    A rat in a hole

    Have a card up one’s sleeves

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    The leopard cannot change his spots.

    Shed crocodile tears As cold as marble

    He suffers from tracheitis.

    He is a henpecked man.

As solemn as an owl




    Kick the bucket


    Beef mutton lamb pork Eat mutton cold

    If you do not enter the tigers den, how can you get a tigers cub.

A woman can eat just whatever there is

    when she gave birth to a girl, while she

    can eat whatever she wants when a boy.

    ; If you are not careful, all the efforts will

    be wasted.

    If things are not properly handled, our

    labor will be totally lost.

    A wise lady marries a good man, while a

    stupid one just property.

    From his speech, we can see what he is for and what he is against, what he likes and what he bitterly hates.

    ; When Ah Q heard this, he was greatly


    ; As for//when it comes to writing

    articles, I dare not to show off in the

    presence of you, the expert in it. ; Modesty helps one to go forward,

    whereas conceit makes one lag behind. ; No one is safe from slander. The best

    way is to pay no attention to it, but live

    in innocence and let the world talk. ; Wherever they went, the bandits

    massacred, burned, looted and stopped

    at nothing.

    ; I wont go if you are not going.

; Kong Ming said with a smile/laugh, “I

    doubt if Cao Cao will come out in this

    heavy fog.

    ; on the night of may 10, The Chairman

    passed away at the age of 100.

; Be at rest breathe ones last

    ; Run ones race join ones forefathers

    Return to dust

; In public places

; There is little difference between town

    and country in this region.

    ; A teacher should love his students.

    ; These are the novels I want to read.

; I am planning to be a lawyer.

    ; The horse has been replaced by the

    railroad, the windship and the steamship.

    ; Any substance is made of atoms whether

    it is a solid, a liquid or a gas.

; A round moon rose slowly above the

    mountains and cast its beams on the

    banks of the river.

    ; I am going to ask you to a meal, as we

    are friends.

    ; A thief is the most likely person to

    accuse others of theft; a moralist with

    three wives and four concubines is the

    most likely to attack women for not

    remaining chaste.

Iron rice bowl, Chinese system of

    lifetime job and income security

    Jigong, Robinhood in China, robbed the rich and helped the poor.

    Play the male role of Judge Bao, the just and impartial judge in Chinese history

    Three cobblers with their wits combined equal Zhuge Liang, the mastermind.

Bole, who knows about horses


    Talent scout

This workshop processes raw materials on

    clients demand and processes according

    to investors samples as well.

    Sit on the fence and fall on the side of the stronger

We should advocate the spirit of taking the

    whole situation into consideration All of a sudden, he felt an intense warmth in his heart, as if a cheerful fire was

    burning within.

    When anyone among the people breaks the law, he too should be punished.


    Boom bump

    At this his heart missed/skipped a beat

    and he blushed.


    What you told me just now is more and

    better than I have learnt from books for

    ten years.



    If Mr. Foreigner would not allow him to

    be a revolutionary, there was no other

    way open to him.



    These new models of cars are fast, efficient and handy.

    婚姻的事;年轻人都自己做主了。 5.

    As for marriage, the young people would make their own decisions.



    During Grannys last days, my uncle was in HK taking part in business



    The rich get richer, the poor get children. 8.认识落后;才能去改变落后?学习先


    Only by doing can we do sth.

    Backwardness must be perceived before I t can be changed. A person must learn from the advanced before he can catch up and surpass them.

    9. 留得青山在;不怕没柴烧。

    So long as green hills remain, there will

    never be a shortage of firewood.

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