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     _________________ _______Faculty Senate Office

     (818) 677-3263


    April 1, 2010

    University Hall, Room 277

    Members Present: Chong, Frehlich, Hellenbrand, Lien, Matos (Chair), Spector, Stepanek, Wolfbauer (Recording Secretary)

Members Absent: Bendavid, Broussard, Dungey, Swerkes

Guests: C. Rawitch, D. Schwartz

President Matos called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes

     MSP to approve the Minutes of February 25, 2010 and March 4, 2010 (both sets as revised).

2. Announcements

     a. Matos reported that the recently approved resolution, “Flexible, Forward-Looking

    Enrollment Planning for Individual CSU Campus,” was sent to the Academic Senate of

    the CSU, the Chancellor, the CSU campus Senate Chairs, the Board of Trustees, and the thCSU, Northridge Associated Students President on Tuesday, March 30.

     b. Stepanek volunteered to attend the CSU Senate Chairs meeting on April 8, 2010 as

    Matos is not able to attend.

     c. Matos asked the SEC members to begin thinking about faculty members to serve on the

    General Education Council. Nominations will be taken at the next SEC meeting on ndApril 22.

3. Policy Item Educational Policies Committee

     Diane Schwartz, Member of EPC

     Cynthia Rawitch, Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies

     2nd Reading Major and Minor Policy

     Schwartz said that the changes recommended by SEC during their last meeting on March 4

    have been made to the policy statement. Further discussion and more suggestions were

    made by SEC. It was requested that a clean copy of the policy, as it will appear in the

    catalog, be added to the end of the document and that the sections be listed in a logical


     MSP to forward to the Senate, with suggested changes, for a first reading.


    4. Election Results: Faculty Officers, Statewide Academic Senators, Senators-at-Large and Standing Committee representatives

     Faculty Officers

    Faculty President (2 year term): Steven Stepanek, Computer Science Vice President of the Faculty (1 year term): Cheryl Spector, English Secretary of the Faculty (1 year term): Sandra Chong, Elementary Education

CSU Academic Senator (3 year term): Jennifer Matos, Biology

    CSU Academic Senator (2 year term): Sandra Chong, Elementary Education

Senators-at-Large (six Senators, 2 year terms):

    Amy Levin, Social Work; Magnhild Lien, Mathematics; Michael Neubauer, Mathematics; Diane Schwartz, Computer Science; David Wakefield, Child and Adolescent Development; Veda Ward, Recreation and Tourism Management

Academic Technology Committee (1 member):

    Mary Schaffer, Cinema & Television Arts

Educational Equity Committee (3 members):

    Amy Denissen, Sociology

    Ana Sanchez-Munoz, Chicano/a Studies

    Dianah Wynter, Cinema & Television Arts

Educational Policies Committee (2 members):

    Lawrence Becker, Political Science

    Paula DiMarco, Art

Educational Resources Committee (2 members):

    Michael Barrett, Library

    Barry Cleveland, Theatre

Graduate Studies Committee (3 members):

    Leilani Hall, English

    Bruno Osorno, Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Merril Simon, Educational Psychology and Counseling

Library Committee (1 member):

    Lindsay Hansen, Library

Learning Resource Advisory Committee (1 member):

    Jill Razani, Psychology

    5. 2010-2011 Senate Calendar Approval

     Link to approved calendar:

     The SEC reviewed a draft version of the 2010-11 Senate calendar. Wolfbauer mentioned that this proposed calendar is very similar to the 2009-10 Senate calendar and that it takes

    into consideration next year’s CSU Statewide Academic Senate meetings and CSU Senate


    Chairs meetings. Stepanek pointed out that the calendars for the CSU Statewide Academic

    Senate and the Board of Trustees are still tentative and will not be approved until May; so it

    is possible that minor changes may need to be made. Spector mentioned that Freshman

    Convocation is on September 2, so we may wish to consider an early adjournment.

     MSP to approve the 2010-2011 Senate calendar as presented.

6. Review of Standing Committee Minutes

     Academic Technology (On 11/10, ATC and ERC held a joint meeting. A resolution was

    introduced regarding implementing guidelines on technology impacting instruction; 12/4

    the resolution was voted against; 11/10, 12/4 no policies)

     Educational Policies Committee (2/10, 2/24 no policies; Departments are continuing to

    reclassify courses with S-factor units to other categories such as C-10 and C-15. Four C-

    factor reclassifications have been submitted by the Theatre department; the reclassification

    will increase the class size, accommodating a greater number of students.

     Extended Learning (10/21 no policies; there was discussion on changing the committee’s

     charge. Discussion may continue on this topic at future meetings; A proposal for a new

    Certificate of Advanced Professional Development for Speech-Language Pathology

    Assistant Licensure was brought forward. It will go through the normal approval process.)

     Educational Resources (11/10 - see the Academic Technology report above)

7. Provost’s Report – Harry Hellenbrand

     Provost Hellenbrand mentioned the following:

     1. We are expecting a 5-7 percent cut next year; however, we have planned for a deeper cut.

    The 5-7 percent cut expectation is based on the assumptions that we’d receive the

    general fund dollars, the 10% enrollment cut mandate is enforced, and the federal

    stimulus money that we received this year will be replaced by state dollars next year.

     2. The Deans were told that they can finalize scheduling for Fall 2010. Plans are in place if

    we have to deal with a worst case scenario; we have enough money in reserves as we

    have planned for a deeper budget cut. We anticipate a good summer with profits that

    will carry over to next year. $2 million dollars in federal stimulus funds will be moved

    into the departments; it will be used to save part-time faculty jobs and buy flexibility for


     3. We will start the process for hiring between 30-50 new faculty members to begin in

    2011-12. New positions are allocated based on either new FTE, SFRs by College,

    and/or national averages.

8. Other Business

     1. Membership on 2010-2011 Senate Executive Committee According to the Faculty

    Bylaws, the senior Statewide Academic Senator serves on SEC. Elections for the 2010-th2011 SEC committee will take place at the May 13 Senate meeting. SEC discussed

    membership given that we have some overlapping positions.

     2. Men’s Basketball Matos read from an article in U.S. New & World Report which

    mentions CSUN’s low graduation rate of its men’s basketball players. A suggestion was


    made for Matos and other faculty members to meet with Tom McCarron, Rick Mazzuto

    and President Koester to get an update on this issue and to see what can be done to

    address this concern. Frehlich volunteered to participate in this meeting; other faculty

    members suggested include Michael Neubauer and Veda Ward.

     3. Late Spring Breaks Spector expressed her concern about spring break falling so late in

    the semester this year and in future academic calendars; she felt that it was not good

    pedagogically for our students and it should occur closer to the middle of the semester.

9. Set Agenda for April 15, 2010 Senate Meeting

     ? Spring 2010 Election Results

     ? Major and Minor Policy (EPC)

     ? Senate Reports

Meeting adjourned at 2:53 p.m.

Submitted by: Heidi Wolfbauer, Recording Secretary

    Sandra Chong, Secretary of the Faculty


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