An Introduction to the Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe

By Tommy Phillips,2014-12-08 10:35
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An Introduction to the Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe

    The Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe


     The Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe has pioneered the craze in large scale stage productions, leading the way in realizing the spirit of refinement in Taiwanese Opera. The premier of this new collaboration,

     “The Twisted Verdict:” was performed four times at the National

    Theater in February of 1991.

     In 15 years the Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe has introduced numerous well-known but unique operas, such as “The Swan Banquet,” “The Imperial Tablet,” “Justice in Disguise,” “The Phoenix Egg,” “The

    Imperial Inspector,” and more. And six times;Holo were awarded

    Taiwan’s most prestigious Golden Bell Award in the traditional drama category.

     In April of 1995 the Troupe went abroad, performing “Justice In Disguise” and “The Twisted Verdict” in Saint Paul and other South American cities. In May of that year the Troupe gave eight performances in Amsterdam and seven other cities as part of Holland’s International Opera Exhibition. Just a month later the Troupe participated in “An

    Evening of the East” in Geneva, performing “The Twisted Verdict”. These

    numerous overseas performances have enabled us to gain some understanding of international cultural exchange, with the experience we’ve accumulated helping to further raise the level of our performances.

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