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wea constitution

    Chapter 1 General principles

     NO 1: The WEA”’ name is The World Chinese Entrepreneur WEA.

     NO 2: The WEA is an unprofitable publics WEA that is founded in order to get together the world Chinese entrepreneur.

     NO 3: The WEA”’ tenet is: Obey ours laws; contactsolidifyco-ordinate everywhere Chinese

    entrepreneur, develop the one another communication and effective co-work during every corporation.

    Chapter 2 Members

     NO 4: The WEA”’ member included office member and personal member.

     NO 5: Applying to enter the WEA, he should possess the bellows:

     () Supporting the WEA”’ constitution

    ;二?Having the idea of joining the WEA

    ;三?Supporting heartily the WEA”’ activities

    ;四?The personal member must possess education above of the junior college

     NO 6: Process of entering WEA:

     () Making a quest of entering application

    ;二?Allowed by the council

    ;三?The WEA secretary-office issues member certification

     NO 7: The members possess the following duties:

    () Electingbeing elected Voting

    ;二?Taking part in the WEA activities

    ;三?The priority of WEA services

    ;四?The preferential treatment of WEA paid services

    ;五?The criticism and intendance duties for WEA”’ work

    ;六?Entering it voluntarily and quit it freely

     NO 8: The members should perform the obligations as following:

     () Obeying WEA constitutions , carrying out WEA decisions.

    ;二?Protecting WEA legal rights.

    ;三?Finishing the handed jobs of “WEA.

    ;四?Paying charge for entering WEA by rules.

    ;五?Reporting the situation and providing the data for WEA.

     The member returns a association if for 1 year not paying membership dues or not participating

    in capital is able to exercise person , the automation is looked upon as.

     NO 9: The member should observe association regulations and the public relations professional

    ethics criterion , must not be engaged in the activity being harmful to this association reputation ,

    violate if having, cancel whose membership, and investigate duty by that the day-to-day business

    council votes through.

    Chapter 3 Organize organization

     NO 10: Association supreme power organization is member congress. Authority of office of

member congress is:

    () Establishing and changing the constitution

    ;二?Electing and being removed from the association.

    ;三?Examining and approving council's report on the work and financial report. ;四?Deciding to end matters concerned.

    ;五?Deciding other significant matters concerned of decision.

     NO 11: Member congress must have all above 2/3 member representative to be able to convene , whose resolution must be able to go into effect as a result of voting through more than half to member representative.

     NO 12: Member congress one session per 3 years, must shift to an earlier date or be deferred because of special case old-to-new term of office transition's, must be voted through by council.

     NO 13: The council is standing body of member congress , may entrust secretariat to lead capital is able to carry out daily work , congress is responsible to the member during the period of closing a association.

     NO 14: Council's authority of office is:

     () Carrying out resolution of member congress;

    ;二?Chairman , vice-chairman , Secretary-General choosing and being removed from office

    ;三?Preparing convene member congress

    ;四?Reporting the job and financial status to member congress;

    ;五?Sorption or qualification deciding a member's is canceled

    ;六?Work out inside management system;

    ;七?Decide other significant item;

    ;八? The secretariat (eight) council daily work is entrusted is handled


     NO 15: Council each session tenure of office may renew one's term of office including selections for 5 years. That the council responds to like trustee member is a member unit representative , that the trustee member number should not exceed the member sum 1/6, may set up fame trustee member when necessary , the council must there is all above 2/3 trustee member showing up being able to convene , whose resolution must pass through attending a association trustee member votes through above 2/3 being able to go into effect.

     NO 16: The council convenes a convention at least every year , condition also may adopt communication peculiarly, or the teleconference form convenes.

     NO 17: (1/3 that can set up the day-to-day business council number not exceeding the trustee member number). The day-to-day business council is chosen creation by council , can exercise the first , two , three , five , six , seven the 14th item authority of office , is responsible to the council during the period of the council closes a association.

     NO 18: The day-to-day business council must be shown up being able to convene by all above 2/3 executive member , whose resolution must as a result of attending a association the executive member votes through above 2/3 being able to go into effect.

     NO 19: The day-to-day business council convenes a convention at least for 2 years , condition also may adopt communication peculiarly, or the teleconference form convenes.

     NO 20: The association chairman , vice-chairman , Secretary-General must satisfy following requirements:

    () Having bigger effect within society relevance field;

    ;二?The chairman , vice-chairman , Secretary-General hold a post be taller than most age does not exceed 75 one full years of life , Secretary-General is sole duty;

    ;三?Good health, can persist in working regularly;

    ;四?Had not accepted the criminal penalty depriving of political rights;

    ;五?Having completely civil capacity.

     NO 21: Will be maximal if the chairman , vice-chairman , Secretary-General exceeding holding a post age's, must vote through after the council.

     NO 22: Through after the council. The legal representative of association is inadvisable to hold a concurrent post in principle other group's legal representative.

     NO 23: The association chairman exercises following authority of office:

    () Convene a sum hosting the day-to-day business council;

    ;二? Examining that the member represents the assembly , council (or day-to-day business council) resolution ascertaining condition;

    ;三? Signing , ascertain the association representing capital in connection with important document.

     NO 24: Association Secretary-General exercises following authority of office: () Hosts a secretariat unfolding daily work , organization puts year planing into practice; () Deciding engaging of administrative body staff member (engagement containing a deputy secretary-general);

    () Handling other daily affair.

    Chapter 4 Assets manages , uses principle

     NO 25: Funds is stemmed from:

    () membership dues;

    () contributes;

    () government subsidizes , the fund sponsors;

    () carry out the income using personal influence or serving within the business range ratifying; () interest;

    () other legal incomes.

     NO 26: Being able to collect member membership dues according to the Hong Kong government in connection with regulation originally.

     NO27: The business development of range and cause being used for regulations regulation, assigns association funds not to in the member.

     NO 28: Being able to build strict financial affairs management system originally , ensure that the

accountant data is legal , true , accurate , entire.

     NO 29: Being able to allocate the accountant who has special field qualification originally. The accountant holds concurrent post of cashier not to. The accountant must carry out an accounting , put accounting control into practice. When the accountant is transferred to another post or leaves office, must handle clear handing-over procedure with taking over a personnel.

     NO 30: Supervision the assets being going to be originally must carry out the financial system that the country stipulates , accept member congress and the financial affairs branch as managing. The assets plain belongs to supervision country allocation of funds or society must accept an auditing agency as contributing , subsidizing, and relevant condition is announced with appropriate way to society.

     NO 31: Financial affairs that can must accept a corporation registering the organization who manages the organ or the business person in charge unit before the old-to-new term of office transition or the legal representative of replacement audits capital.

    NO 32: Assets , any unit , individual being going to be invade and occupy not to , private interests divides and diverts capital.

    NO 33: Paying salary and insurance , welfare benefits of sole duty staff member originally , consult the relevant to corporation unit country regulation implementation.

     Chapter 5 Regulations modification procedure

     NO 34: Association regulations revises , the council submits to member congress member congress to be considered after voting through to.

    NO 35: Regulations that can revise, must report the department concerned approval within 15th after member congress passes.

     Chapter 6 End procedure and end the queen Property handles

    NO 36: The association accomplishes purpose or cause such as dissolving by self or merging since standing separately, needs the motion canceling , bringing forward termination by the council or the day-to-day business council.

    NO 37: And be able to end motion must vote through after member congress originally, newspaper business authorities concerned examines agreement.

     NO 38: Be able to end front originally , must set up the matters concerning reconstruction clearing organization , clearing up creditor's rights debt , handling guided by business person in charge unit and institution concerned. Clear a period , do not carry out the activity clearing the outside.

     NO 39: May be to be to end after handling cancellation of registration procedures by that the corporation registers to manage an organ originally.

     NO 40: Residual properties that can end the day afer tomorrow , cause being in charge of the unit and the corporation registering to be related to association purpose under the supervision managing an organ's, according to that the country is used to develop in connection with regulation in business.

    Chapter 7 Supplementary articles

    NO 41: The regulations power of interpretation belongs to the council or secretariat being going to be originally.

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