My Idea Job

By Tammy Foster,2014-07-18 08:44
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My Idea Job

    My Idea Job

    Thesis: Working as a general office clerk is my idea job

    a. Idea jobs conception

    1) general thinking

    a general office clerk 2) mine

    b. Working Conditions

    1;The roomy and tidy office with great ray and air-condition 2) The harmonious relationship of workmate

    c. Pay

    1) 3000-5000 yuan every mouth

    2) abundant bonus

    d. Hours

    1) Less than 8 hours a day

    2) regular vacation

    e. summary

     Even though everyone wants a good job, what the conception of a idea job? The job with wonderful working conditions, a very nice pay or less working days? It believes that different people has different standards. Like the relevant administrative experience is my idea job. Working as a

    general clerk is the perfect choice to me. Maybe it seems to be simple and ordinary, but it can become my prime select has its own superiority.

     Firstly, the most important term is working conditions. Working in a roomy and tidy office can bring me good mood to enhance the efficiency of working. If the office is not big enough, it must be well ventilate and have great ray, a good condition of ventilate is liable to health, just in good health can bring good quality of working for all vigor and attention input. And the harmonious relationship of workmate can bring me beautiful mood, we can cooperate to fulfill mission lightly in more short time.

     Second, the pay but on the equal basis with the first is between 3000-5000 yuan every mouth, and besides monthly wages, there are abundant bonus for year-end. It can raise my enthusiasm and make me more energetic to work.

     Another term is workday, it could be less than 8 hours a day, and I can enjoy regular vacation. It must be extremely wonderful if I have lots of chance to travel at public expense. As is known to all, the best rest, the most sober thought, and then the best working state that I have.

     Above all, this is my concrete idea job, as a general clerk, the most essential state is stabilization and light-hearted which are appeared to me the most. A stable job can promise the basic lives, the relaxed working condition can make me enjoying the job, and treat it as a kind of enjoyment in my life.

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