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cloze test

    I arrived in the classroom, ready to share my knowledge and experience with 75 students who

    would be my English Literature class. Having taught in the US for 17 years, I had no 36 about

    my ability to hold their attention and to 37 on them my admiration for the literature?文

    学?of my mother tongue.

    I was shocked when the monitor shouted, “ 38 !” and the entire class rose as I entered the room, and I was somewhat 39 about how to get them to sit down again, but once that awkwardness?尴尬?was over, I quickly 40 my calmness and began what I thought was a fact packed lecture, sure to gain their respect perhaps 41 their admiration. I went back to my office with the rosy glow which comes from a (n) 42 of achievements.

    My students 43 diaries. However, as I read them, the rosy glow was gradually 44 by

    a strong sense of sadness. The first diary said, “Our literature teacher didn’t teach us anything

    today. 45 her next lecture will be better.” Greatly surprised, I read diary after diary, each

    expressing a 46 subject. “Didn’t I teach them anything? I described the entire philosophical framework?哲学体系?of Western thought and laid the historical 47 for all the

    works we’ll study in class,” I complained. “How 48 they say I didn’t teach them anything?”

    It was a long term, and it 49 became clear that my ideas about education were not the same as 50 of my students. I thought a teacher’s job was to raise 51 questions and

    provide enough background so that students could 52 their own conclusions. My students thought a teacher’s job was to provide 53 information as directly and clearly as possible. What a difference!

     54 , I also learned a lot, and my experience with my Chinese students has made me a 55

    American teacher, knowing how to teach in a different culture. 36?A?worry B?idea C?doubt D?experience

    37?A?impress B?put C?leave D?fix

    38?A?Attention B?Look out C?At ease D?Stand up

    39?A?puzzled B?sure C?curious D?worried

    40?A?found B?returned C?regained D?followed

    41?A?more B?even C?yet D?still

    42?A?thought B?sense C?feeling D?idea

    43?A?wrote B?borrowed C?kept D?read

    44?A?replaced B?taken C?caught D?moved

    45?A?Naturally B?Perhaps C?Fortunately D?Reasonably

    46?A?different B?same C?similar D?usual

    47?A?happenings B?characters C?development D?background

    48?A?should B?can C?will D?must

    49?A?immediately B?certainly C?simply D?gradually

    50?A?that B?what C?those D?ones

    51?A?difficult B?interesting C?ordinary D?unusual

    52?A?draw B?get C?decide D?give

    53?A?strange B?standard C?exact D?serious

    54?A?Therefore B?However C?Besides D?Though

    55?A?normal B?happy C?good D?better

     3640 CADAC 4145 BBCAB 4650 CDBDC 5155 BACBD

     Brownie and Spotty were neighbour dogs who met every day to play together. Like pairs of dogs you can find in any __36__, these two dogs loved each other and played __37__ so often that they had worn a path through the grass of the field between their own houses.

     One evening, Brownie’s family __38__ that Brownie hadn’t returned home. They went looking for him with no __39__. Brownie didn’t appear the next day, and, despite their __40__ to find him, by the next week he was still missing.

     Curiously, Spotty __41__ at Brownie’s house alone, barking. Busy with their own lives, they just ignored (to pay no attention to) the __42__ little neighbour dog.

    Finally, one morning Spotty __43__ to take “no” for an answer. Spotty followed Ted about, barking strongly, then running towards a nearby wood, as if to say, “__44__ me! It’s urgent!”

     Ted followed the anxious Spotty. The little dog led the man to a __45__ spot a half mile from the house. There Ted found his beloved Brownie __46__, one of his hind legs stuck in a steel leg hold trap. Horrified, Ted now wished he’d taken Spotty’s earlier requirement __47__. Then Ted noticed something quite remarkable.

     Spotty had done more than simply __48__ Brownie’s owner to his trapped friend. In a circle around the __49__ dog, Ted found some dog food---which was later __50__ as the remains of every meal Spotty had been fed that __51__!

     Spotty had been visiting Brownie __52__, in a single-minded quest to keep his friend alive by offering his own comfort. Spotty had obviously stayed with Brownie to protect him from being hurt, snuggling (依偎) with him at night to keep him __53__ and touching him gently with its nose to keep his spirits up.

     Brownie’s __54__ was treated by a veterinarian and he recovered. For many years afterwards, the two families watched the faithful friends frolicking (嬉戏) __55__ chasing each other down

    that well-worn path between their houses.

    36. A. village B. story C. neighborhood D. film

    37. A. together B. wildly C. separately D. happily

    38. A. watched B. heard C. feared D. noticed

    39. A. hope B. success C. failure D. information 40. A. wishes B. demands C. efforts D. worries

    41. A. went up B. showed up C. took up D. put up

    42. A nervous B. eager C. angry D. clever

    43. A. decided B. refused C. wanted D. pretended 44. A. Love B. Hit C. Forgive D. Follow

    45. A. beautiful B. distant C. wild D. clean

    46. A. alive B. dead C. brave D. sleepy

    47. A. immediately B. seriously C. directly D. honestly 48. A. asked B. ordered C. informed D. led

    49. A. injured B. defeated C. frightened D. worried

    50. A. regarded B. determined C. recognized D. showed

    51. A. month B. day C. evening D. week

    52. A. anxiously B. regularly C. sometimes D. calmly

    53. A. fearless B. well C. warm D. hopeful

    54. A. leg B. head C. body D. tail

    55. A. but B. or C. so D. and

3640 C A D B C 4145 B A B D C 4650 A B D A C 5155 D B C A D

    There once was a little boy who wanted to meet God . He knew it was a long trip to where

    God lived , so he 21 his suitcase with Twinkies and a six-pack of root beer and he started

    his 22 .

    When he had gone about three blocks , he met an old woman . She was 23 in the park

    just staring at some pigeons ?鸽子?.The boy sat down next to her and opened his 24 .He

    was about to take drink from his root beer when he noticed that the old lady looked 25 ,so

    he offered her a Twinkie . She 26 accepted it and smiled at him . Her 27 was so

    pretty that he boy wanted to see it 28 , so he offered her a root beer . Once again she smiled at him . The boy was 29 !

    They sat there all 30 eating and smiling , but they never said a word .

    As it grew dark , the boy realized how 31 he was and he got up to leave , but before he had gone more than a few steps , he 32 around , ran back to the old woman and gave her a hug . She gave him her 33 smile ever .

    When the boy opened the door to his own house a short time later , his mother was 34

    by the look of joy on his face .

    She asked him , “What did you do today that made you so happy?”

    He replied , “I had 35 with God.” But before his mother could respond , he added , “You know 36 ? She’s got the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen !”

    Meanwhile , the old woman , also radiant (容光焕发的) with 37 , returned to her home .

    Her son was shocked by the look of 38 on her face and he asked , “Mother , what did you do today that made you so happy?”

    She replied , “I 39 Twinkies in the park with God.” But before her son responded , she added , “You know , he’s much 40 than I expected.”

    21?A?packed B?carried C?delivered D?arranged

    22?A?game B?journey C?car D?work

    23?A?standing B?playing C?sitting D?waiting

    24?A?suitcase B?bag C?beer D?map

    25?A?worried B?pale C?hungry D?poor

    26?A?willingly B?joyfully C?respectfully D?gratefully

    27?A?face B?skirt C?smile D?ring

    28?A?again B?often C?further D?soon

    29?A?satisfied B?delighted C?moved D?shocked

    30?A?morning B?day C?night D?afternoon

    31?A?happy B?tired C?bored D?thirsty

    32?A?turned B?looked C?walked D?jumped

    33?A?commonest B?biggest C?weakest D?trickiest

    34?A?surprised B?terrified C?impressed D?attracted

35?A?a talk B?a walk C?fun D?lunch

    36?A?why B?who C?what D?where

    37?A?joy B?fear C?anger D?content 38?A?victory B?regret C?peace D?surprise 39?A?sold B?baked C?drank D?ate

    40?A?nobler B?taller C?wiser D?younger

    21~25 ABCAC 26~30 DCABD 31~35 BABAD 36~40 CACDD

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