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    Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister.

    Part 1:Teaching design(第一部分: 教学设计)

    Structures: Comparatives with er, ier or more and both

    Target language:

    Is that Sam?

    No, thats Tom. He has shorter hair than Sam.

    Hes calmer than Sam.

    Vocabulary: more, than, taller, shorter, thinner, longer, calmer, wilder, quieter, funnier, heavier, smarter, more athletic, more popular, twin, both, be good at

    Learning strategies: Classifying, Listening for specific information



    ?To learn to use: make me laugh, be good at, do the same things as, popular, best friend, schoolwork, opinion, opposite, really

    ?To learn to talk about what a good friend should be like


    1a Reading and ranking

    Everyone has friends in his life. Some friends have some things in common with you; some friends are different from you. What kind of things is important in a friend? Here are six descriptions on the page 34. Open your book at page 34 and look at 1a. Read each description loudly. In your opinion, which one is the most important? Please rank the things (1-6). You put a 1 after the thing that is most important to you, and put a 2 after the second most important thing and so forth. Now lets check which things are most important to you. Ill ask a student to copy these

    six phrases on the board. Please read them together loudly. Next Ill ask you some questions. If

    you agree, hands up please. Mary, could you help me write the results after each phrase on the blackboard? OK, thank you.

    1b Working with a group

    Well, every one of you has his own idea. Now please talk about what you think a good friend should be like in groups of four. First read the example dialogue, and then make your dialogue

about friends using the phrases in activity 1a.

    2a Listening and writing

    Just now you gave your opinions about what you think a good friend should be like to your group.

    Next you will hear an interviewer talking to Holly and Maria. What are

    they talking about? When I play the recording for the first time, you

    just listen carefully and give me the answer. Have you got it? Yes, they

    are talking about their best friends. Now look at the chart, listen to the tape again and write the things that Holly and Maria like about their best friends. You can write only words and phrases. Lets check your answers.

    2b Listening and writing

    We are both good at sports. Do you agree? OK, listen again. This time please pay attention to the

    similarities and differences between Holly and Maria and their best

    friends. Listen carefully and fill in the blanks. Ill ask some students to

    read your answers later on.

The answers:

    As usual, you are asked to read the tapescript. While reading underline the useful expressions in

    the article, blacken the er, ier or more and both and shadow the connectives. You are asked to

    copy the expressions into your Expressions Book after school.

    2c Doing pairwork

    Next we are going to make a conversation in pairs using the information from activities 2a and 2b. Some of you will be asked to present your conversation to the class.

    3a Reading and underlining

    According to 2a and 2b, we know some friends have opposite views and interests, and some like the same things. Should friends be different or the same? I think everyone has his own idea. Lets see what these three students think, and if you agree with them.

    First, please look at the photos and read the article to find any words or

    sentences you dont understand. Ill offer you help and you can also

    settle them by or among yourselves. Second, read the article again, slash / the sentences, underline

    all the words that describe what people are like and shadow the connectives. Ill ask some of you

to read the text and say which words should be underlined and which should be shadowed.

    OK, now please read the article as the recorder goes. When you read, you should pay more attention to the pronunciation and intonation. Try to imitate the native reader. 3b Reading and writing

    OK, now please look at the chart in activity 2a on page 34 again. Write some sentences about Holly, Maria, and their best friends. First, read the sample sentences. Then write your own sentences. And Ill ask two students to write sentences on the blackboard.

    Now lets check and make corrections on the board.

    3c Doing a personalized writing

    We have just written something about Holly, Maria and their friends. Now it’s time to write

    something about you and your friend. First please put down the

    words and phrases from this unit you can use, and you can put

    down some other words and phrases you would like to use, too.

    Second write your own article using these words and phrases.


    4 Doing pairwork

    Read the job ad. What are they looking for at the English Study Center? Yes, they are looking for a weekend teacher. And what do they expect of a weekend teacher? Yes, a weekend teacher needs to have good grades, needs to be outgoing, needs to be good with children and also good at telling jokes. Its not easy, isn’t it? Who wants to be a weekend teacher? Ok, Ruth and Rose do. Good! They are both outgoing girls. Who do you think should get the job? Give your reasons using comparatives.

    Now work in pairs. You can choose any two classmates and talk about which classmate is better suited for the job.

    Closing down by looking and saying

    Cute, cuddly, and horribly wrong... It's the Happy Tree Friends! They may be sugary sweet but there's no way they'll escape their horrible fate! What chaos will these critters experience next?

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