By Alexander Freeman,2014-07-18 06:27
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    ladies and 乡亲们,good night!

    microblogging seems to have been quite fashionable these days. Probably thanks to the success of Twitter ,Facebook and other microblogging providers ,we can use this provern technique almose overnight. Due to the reasons known to most of us,we have no access to these forging microblog site.We Chinese have to turn to what we have here. Then all of a sudden,most of the domestic portal sites are following the herd by offering their own microblogging services,such as sina ,sohu ,qq and so on.

     How could the vast change in Internet surfing sweep the nation in such a short time? And what’s hide behind the “microblogging phenomenon”? I believe they are all reduce to the three characteristics of mocroblogging

     Firstly, it’s speed-oriented. These represent a new trend of Internet development and speedingness in people’s life style. The

    second is fragmentation. this is a big inpact on the thinking ,in the pass ,mass media disseminated information from the centre and outwards. a certain unexpected event occurs ,the media need to send reporters to investigate and then publish the info in the newspaper, which then reproduced on the network, reproduction by peers. in this case, the initial media is the‘centre’.But now ,there

    might happen to mocrobloggers at the scene,who can instantly transmit information. perhaps they were previously unknown insignficent citizens, but suddenly they may become the hub of the events. The third is directness ,you can even talk to your favourite movie star ;famous managers and whatever exist and you like through the ‘focus ’button , and the latest news about him/her will appear on your space with ease.

     These three characteristics are all vary different from the old style media mode. Further more,I think the microblogging is the combineation of technic and crowd mentaily.with microblogging you are no longer an outsider but a debater.

    I am a big fan of sina weibo,an all in one social platform.I will look through my space a couple of times everyday.but restenly ,I fell very disappoint there do have many fresh ,funny thing but there has many unsatisfied statements. many statement are just like dumps for others to vent their anger, low spirits or just show off their luxury noble life thts obviously the disadvantage of mocroblogging.

    To make the long story short,the microblogging is just a micro-society of social reality. in order to solve the issue of pravicy,accuracy, authen’ticity ,more need to be done in the real life

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