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    Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister.

    Part 1:Teaching design(第一部分: 教学设计)

    Structures: Comparatives with er, ier or more and both

    Target language:

    Is that Sam?

    No, thats Tom. He has shorter hair than Sam.

    Hes calmer than Sam.

    Vocabulary: more, than, taller, shorter, thinner, longer, calmer, wilder, quieter, funnier, heavier,

    smarter, more athletic, more popular, twin, both, be good at

    Learning strategies: Classifying, Listening for specific information

    Self CHECK


    ?To revise the description words about personal traits

    ?To practice writing in English


    1 Filling and writing

    Please open your book at page 36 and look at part 1.

    1.Fill in the blanks with the words given. You may change the form of the word if necessary. And

    you can find the words in the preceding unit. Example:

    1. Dave is more athletic than his brother.

    2. He is telling us a funny story.

    3. My best friend is more outgoing than me.

    4. Mary is smarter and quieter than most of the kids in her class.

    2 Writing

    Now you are middle school students. What did you do two years ago? Do you remember? Yes, you studied in primary school. Do you know what happened to you these two years? Maybe you

    are taller, smarter and more athletic than before. OK, please look at the questions in part 2 and

    write about how you are different from before.


    Two years ago, I was a primary school student. I am taller now. I am smarter than before, too. Im better at math and good at physics. I try to make more friends with my classmates and be more

    helpful to them. So Im more popular and more outgoing than I was in the primary school. I will

    do my best to be a better student. Just for fun!

    Let’s sing a song in English.

    This little piggy went to market This little piggy went to market,

    this little piggy stayed at home,

    this little piggy had roast beef,

    this little piggy had none,

    and this little piggy went wee wee wee wee all the way home

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