Automotive Transmission Systems

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Automotive Transmission Systems

Automotive Transmission Systems

    Pub Time: 2006/07



    1. Current & Future Analysis II-1

    ; Analysis by Geographic Region II-1

    ; Analysis by Product Segment II-1

    2. Market Trends II-3

    ; Automatic Transmission - Transition from Clutch Pedal and Gear

    Lever II-3

    ; Evolving Forms of Automatic Transmission in Developed Countries II-3 ; Widespread Acceptance of Automatic Transmission in North America and Japan II-3 ; Table 1: Automatic Transmission Penetration by Region/ country: 1995-2005 (In

    Percentage) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)) II-4

    ; Popularity of Manual Transmissions Takes a Tumble in North America II-4 ; Emergence of Pure Electric Vehicles: A Potential Detrimental Factor II-4 ; CVT: A Long Term Threat to Gear and Clutch Industry? II-5

    ; Engineering Strides Result in Improvement in CVT II-5

    ; CVT Improves Fuel Efficiency II-5

    ; Growing Vehicle Population Drives Transmission Market II-6

    ; Electronics Industry: Transforming the Transmission Industry II-6 ; Driveline Systems II-6

    ; OEMs vs. Aftermarket II-7

    ; Outsourcing: A Growing Trend Among OEMs II-7

    ; Shift from Integrated to Dedicated Powertrain Management II-7 ; OEMs to Concentrate on Core Competencies II-7

    ; Advanced Transmission Technologies to Create Demand for Specialized Vendors II-8 ; OEMs Face a Rough Transition Period II-8

    ; Rough Drive for Remanufacturers in Developed Nations II-8

    ; Older Vehicles, Longer Driving Distances Increase Demand for Rebuilt Parts II-8 ; Longer Warranties Boost Consumer Confidence, Sales II-9

    3. Industry Overview II-10

    ; Automotive Industry: Consolidation Losing Sheen II-10 ; Automotive Components Industry: Reflecting the Woes of Automotive Industry II-10 ; Shorter Product Development Cycles Pressurize Component Vendors II-10 ; Growing Convergence Among Auto Parts Suppliers II-10

    4. Historic Review II-11

    ; Analysis by Geographic Region II-11 ; Analysis by Product Segment II-11

    5. Product Developments/Breakthroughs II-12 ; New Automatic/Manual Transmissions Point to Future II-12

    ; Daimler Chrysler Scientists Redefine Automotive Technology II-12 ; BorgWarner Unveils New Technology for Automotive Transmission Systems II-12

    6. Product Overview II-13

    ; What is Transmission? II-13

    ; Transmission in a Rear Wheel Drive II-13

    ; Transmission in a Front Wheel Drive II-13 ; Transmission Components and their Functioning II-13 ; Planetary Gear Sets II-13

    ; Hydraulic System II-13

    ; Oil Pump II-13

    ; Valve Body II-13

    ; Seals and Gaskets II-13

    ; Torque Converter II-14

    ; Lockup Torque Converter II-14

    ; Computer Controls II-14

    ; Governor, Throttle Cable, Vacuum Modulator II-14 ; Clutch Packs II-14

    ; One-way Clutch: II-14

    ; Transmission Bands II-14

    ; Types of Automotive Transmission II-14

    ; Automatic Transmission II-15

    ; Definition II-15

    ; Evolution of Automatic Transmission Systems II-15 ; Technological Developments in Automatic Transmission Systems II-15

    ; Other Forms of Automatic Transmission Systems II-16 ; Automatic Transmission with Speed Shift II-16 ; Adaptive 5-Speed Automatic Transmission II-16 ; Intelligent Automatic Transmissions II-16

    ; Next-Generation AMT II-17

    ; Manual Transmission II-18

    ; Manual Transmission with Automatic Clutch (MTAC) II-18 ; Five- Speed Manual Transmission II-18

    ; Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) II-18 ; Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) II-19 ; CVT are More Efficient than a Manual and Smoother than an Automatic Transmission.


    ; Japanese Manufacturers at the Forefront of CVT Technology II-20 ; Metal Push-Pull Belt CVT II-20

    ; Toroidal CVT II