Knowledge and Diploma

By Ricky Wright,2014-12-07 23:05
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Knowledge and Diploma

写作要求; Knowledge and Diploma

    1. 目前社会上存在着这样一种说法;文凭越高越吃香

    2. 而有些人则认为文凭不等于知识

    3. 你的观点

     Knowledge and Diploma

    Nowadays many people have such a general statement The higher diploma, the better the

    life . They think that China have so many people that the Chinese strongly with some position . In order to get the position the higher knowledge and diploma, not only will work well , but also will have comfortable life.

    However, many people oppose that it is everything. They think that it isn’t equal to

    knowledge . If you get the position by knowledge and diploma, your position will not be permanent.

    In my opinion , On the basic of getting high and good diploma , you must possess this thought that attending school is not in order to get the diploma but get knowledge to study .So long as you do so, you will make it .

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