How to watch HUD Recovery videos

By Paul Washington,2014-07-01 01:26
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How to watch HUD Recovery videos

How to watch HUD Recovery videos

1. In an Internet browser enter, this will open the HUD recovery web portal. Under the

“Resources” section you will find a link to “Watch Current Webcasts”.

2. When you click the “Watch Current Webcasts” link the HUD Recovery video portal will open.

3. From this portal page you may view a live video stream by clicking on the video you wish to view at the scheduled

time. This will open another web page that will play the video using a Microsoft Silverlight Player.

    4. If you do not have the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed on your computer, you will get a program not available

    in the video window. If this happens you may either download the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in available at or you can view the webcast by using Windows

    MediaPlayer. To view the video using Windows Media Player simply click on the link above the video player window.

    click here to use non-Silverlight


    Clicking the non-Silverlight link will open another web page that has the same video playing in a Windows Media Player window.

    Note: Attempting to view the webcasts via a dial up connection will result in poor video quality or complete inability to view due to insufficient bandwidth.

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