Amy is taller than lingling.

By Stephanie Carter,2014-11-14 08:19
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Amy is taller than lingling.

Teaching Plan

    Module 5 Unit 1 Amy is taller than Lingling.

     瓦房店义勇小学 刘琼

    Teaching Aims

    1. Knowledge Aims

    a. Words: than, old, young, strong

    b. Grammar: regular comparative degree

    2. Ability Aims

    a. To make Ss talk about comparisons

    b. To make Ss describe people or things

    3. Moral Aims

    a. To arouse Ss interest of learning and using English b. To cultivate Ss abilities of communication and cooperation Main Point

    To make Ss master regular comparative degree Difficult Point

    To make Ss master the new words

    Teaching Materials: PPT, tape and cards Teaching Process


    a. Greetings

    b. Revise adjectives: thin, fat, small, big, tall, short, old , young


    a. Use the cards to teach the new words: old, young, strong

b. Practice the chant.

    c. Compare two Ss height and make up a sentence. ( A is taller than B. ) d. Ask a question: Who is taller,Amy or Lingling? And let the students

    find out the answer while listening to the tape.

    e. Tell Ss to open their books. Listen to the tape, and then let the Ss pay

    attention to the sentences within comparative forms of the adjectives.

    Teach the new word: than.

    f. After listening, show the sentences and read together. g. Listen and repeat.


    Show some pictures to Ss. And try to make up sentences within comparative forms of the adjectives.


     Make comparisons with the new words in groups. Check them in groups.

    E.g. My teacher is taller than Lily.

    ?. Summary: What have you learned today?

     A be Adj.(+ -er + than B.


    a. Make comparisons in daily life. And fill in the form.

    e. g. My mother is shorter than my father.

     I am younger than my mother.

    b. Find out the longest river in China from the map. And find out the

    answer to question: which is longer, Beijing or Tianjin?

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