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cloud computing

    Cloud Computing Seminar

Load sharing

    1. Dynamic Load Balancing and Pricing in Grid Computing with Communication Delay

    Qin Zheng ? Chen-Khong Tham ? Bharadwaj Veeravalli

    Journal of Grid Computing, Springer, special issue on Grid Economics and Business Models, Vol.

    6, Issue 3, September

2. Analysis of the Effects of Delays on Load Sharing

     Mirchandaney, R., Towsley, D., and Stankovic, J. A. 1989..

    IEEE Trans. Comput. 38, 11 (Nov. 1989), 1513-1525.


    3. Memory Buddies: Exploiting Page Sharing for Smart Colocation in Virtualized Data Centers

    Wood, T. and Tarasuk-Levin, G. and Shenoy, P. and Desnoyers, P. and Cecchet, E. and Corner,


    ACM SIGPOS Operating Systems Review

4. Real-Time Issues in Live Migration of Virtual Machines

    Checconi, F. and Cucinotta, T. and Stein, M.

    Euro-Par 2009--Parallel Processing Workshops

    5. CloudNet: A Platform for Optimized WAN Migration of Virtual Machines

    Wood, T. and Ramakrishnan, K. and van der Merwe, J. and Shenoy, P.

    University of Massachusetts Technical Report TR-2010-002

6. Predicting the Performance of Virtual Machine Migration.

    Sherif Akoush and Ripduman Sohan and Andrew Rice and Andrew W. Moore and Andy Hopper

     2010 18th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation

    of Computer and Telecommunication Systems MASCOTS 2010)

7. SnowFlock: rapid virtual machine cloning for cloud computing .

    Lagar-Cavilla, Horacio Andr\'{e}s and Whitney, Joseph Andrew and Scannell, Adin Matthew and

    Patchin, Philip and Rumble, Stephen M. and de Lara, Eyal and Brudno, Michael and

    Satyanarayanan Mahadev

    Proceedings of the 4th ACM European conference on Computer systems

VM Placement Resource Allocation

8. Dynamic Placement of Virtual Machines for Managing SLA Violations

    Bobroff, N. and Kochut, A. and Beaty, K.

    Integrated Network Management, 2007. IM'07. 10th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on

    9. Improving the Scalability of Data Center Networks with Traffic-aware Virtual Machine


    Meng, X. and Pappas, V. and Zhang, L.

    INFOCOM, 2010 Proceedings IEEE


10. SLA-Aware Virtual Resource Management for Cloud Infrastructures

    Van, H.N. and Tran, F.D. and Menaud, J.M.

    Computer and Information Technology, 2009. CIT'09. Ninth IEEE International Conference on

    11. Virtual Machine Hosting for Networked Clusters: Building the Foundations for

    "Autonomic" Orchestration

    Grit, L. and Irwin, D. and Chase, J.

    Virtualization Technology in Distributed Computing, 2006. VTDC 2006. First International

    Workshop on


    12. Starling: Minimizing Communication Overhead in Virtualized Computing Platforms Using

    Decentralized Affinity-Aware Migration

    Sonnek, J. and Greensky, J. and Reutiman, R. and Chandra, A.

    CSE, University of Minnesota, Tech. Rep. TR09-030

13. A scalable solution to the multi-resource QoS problem

    Lee, C. and Lehoczky, J. and Siewiorek, D. and Rajkumar, R. and Hansen, J.

    Real-Time Systems Symposium, 1999. Proceedings. The 20th IEEE

14. Entropy: a consolidation manager for clusters

    Hermenier, F. and Lorca, X. and Menaud, J.M. and Muller, G. and Lawall, J.

    Proceedings of the 2009 ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS international conference on Virtual execution



15. Sandpiper: Black-box and Gray-box Resource Management for Virtual Machines

    Timothy Wood, Prashant Shenoy, Arun Venkataramani, and Mazin Yousif. To appear in

    Computer Networks Journal Special Issue on Virtualized Data Centers 2009. (Extended version of

    NSDI 07 paper)

16. pMapper: Power and Migration Cost Aware Application Placement in Virtualized Systems.

    Akshat Verma, Puneet Ahuja and Anindya Neogi

    Middleware 2008

    Trust and security, Networking support for the Cloud, Local Vs. Cloud, Models, ETC.

    17. BCube: A High Performance, Servercentric Network Architecture for Modular Data


    Guo, C. and Lu, G. and Li, D. and Wu, H. and Zhang, X. and Shi, Y. and Tian, C. and Zhang, Y.

    and Lu, S.

    ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review

18. Cost-benefit analysis of Cloud Computing versus desktop grids

    Kondo, D.; Javadi, B.; Malecot, P.; Cappello, F.; Anderson, D.P

    Parallel & Distributed Processing, 2009. IPDPS 2009. IEEE International Symposium on

Additional Papers

    19. Energy optimization schemes in cluster with virtual machines

    Liao, X. and Hu, L. and Jin, H.

    Cluster Computing 2010.

20. Cloud-Oriented Virtual Machine Management with MLN

    Cloud-Oriented Virtual Machine Management with MLN

    Begnum, K. and Lartey, N. and Xing, L. 2009

    21. Dynamic Resource Provisioning for Interactive Workflow Applications on Cloud Computing


    Zhou, H.Z. and Huang, K.C. and Wang, F.J.

    Methods and Tools of Parallel Programming Multicomputers

22. Designing and evaluating an energy efficient Cloud

    Lefevre, L. and Orgerie, A.C.

    The Journal of Supercomputing 2010.

    23. A Hybrid Reinforcement Learning Approach to Autonomic Resource Allocation

    Tesauro, G. and Jong, NK and Das, R. and Bennani, MN

    Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing 2006.

    24. Energy efficient utilization of resources in cloud computing systems

    Lee, Y.C. and Zomaya, A.Y.

    The Journal of Supercomputing

25. How useful is old information?

    Mitzenmacher, M.

    Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on, 2002

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