A Brief Introduction of Panzhihua University

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A Brief Introduction of Panzhihua University

    A Brief Introduction of Panzhihua University

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    Panzhihua University (Abbreviated as PZHU) is a comprehensive university of higher learning ratified by National Ministry of Education and mainly focusing on engineering courses. The school is located in Panzhihua city, well known as the capital of Vanadium and Titanium, the biggest base of iron and steel industry in western China. The city lies in the southwestern portion of Sichuan province and borders northwestern Yunnan Province.

    Panzhihua University covers an area of 840,000 square meters, including a total building area of 502,300 square meters. The fixed assets of the school are over RMB 571 million. The collection of books in the library is more than 1,578,400 volumes. The total value of the teaching equipment is RMB 94.78

    million. Presently there are 1004 faculty and staff members. Among the 700 professional teachers, 215 are professors or associate professors, 301 are postgraduates or doctors. 3 foreign teachers are now working in our university.

    There are 13 schools and 2 departments providing undergraduate courses in 29 specialties, among which 14 are in engineering, totally more than 50 majors. The schools and departments are: Information and Electrical Engineering School,

    Electromechanical Engineering School, Civil Engineering School, Computer Science School, Humanities and Social Science School, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Economic Administrative School, Art School, Engineering Technology School, Materials Engineering School, School of

    Chemistry and Biology Engineering, Medical Science School, Further Education School, Physical Education Department, Political and Ideological Education Department. Currently, PZHU offers a wide range of programs covering seven

    branches of learning such as science, engineering, liberal arts, law, economics, management, and medical science. The University now has a total enrollment of

    12,383 students including 8987 undergraduate students, 2897 college students and 499 adult students (commuted numbers). The students are from all over the country (29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government). PZHU has now formed the pattern of focusing on engineering and combining with different disciplines, harmonizing and

    developing higher education, higher vocational education and adult higher education.

    Panzhihua University has gradually set up two chief principles from years

    of experience running the university: “Education quality is the basic of running a

    first-class school” and “The purpose of running the school is to adopt to the market”. PZHU has abided by the educational rules and market pattern to instruct students and run the school. We meet the need and the goal of the local economy and social development for advanced talents, abide by the requirements of educating the undergraduate students, deepening educational and instructional reforms, and improve quality education. As a result, we set up and perfect the system of curriculum arrangement, curriculum contents, practical instruction and

    assessment for students’ schoolwork, which are suitable to the undergraduate education. PZHU has paid close attention to developing the individual spirit and pioneering capability in the students so that they can grow up into advanced

    applied experts. In the past 24 years, nearly 20,000 students have graduated from our university. They are popular with the employers because of their excellent

    comprehensive quality. And PZHU has been awarded the Advanced Unit of the

    Work of Students Employment in Sichuan province.

     Panzhihua University has a guarantee system of practical instruction with 17 inner school experimental centers (practical education centers), including 6 public teaching experimental centers for basic courses (holding 1 provincial university experimental education demonstrating center), and 11 specialty

    experimental centers possessing 183 laboratories. The method for the school management and the means of education has been fully modernized. The campus

intranet system is connected to CERNET and INTERNET covering all the

    campus offices, classrooms, labs, and dormitories (of the students and teachers).

    Panzhihua University has achieved remarkable success in education

    reforms together with high-speed development of scientific research and

    exploitation. Since 2001, our teachers have undertaken 215 scientific research projects at different levels, among which 19 are at provincial and national levels, 78 at municipal level, 103 at school level, and 15 with local enterprises. 11 state invention patents were obtained, and 1655 research papers have been published at

    home and abroad, 57 of which were collected in some international authoritative periodicals as SCIEIISTP and 13 were copied by China People’s University as reference. 70 learning monographs and teaching materials were published. In recent years the school won 71 excellent achievements awards in natural science, philosophy and social science at provincial and municipal levels. The research on

    sponge titanium preparation by means of lava electrolysis of TiO2 is in the lead

    position in China, and the research on the comprehensive utilization new procedures technology of magnetite vanadium and titanium keeps advanced level

    in the world. In August 2007, PZHU was awarded by Sichuan Municipal

    government “the Model Scientific Research Unit of Hi-tech Industry in Sichuan

    Province”. Since 2001, the school won 7 provincial and 80 school Awards for Teaching Achievements, published 42 teaching books. Meanwhile, 10 key

    courses, 4 provincial elite courses and 32 school level high quality courses were under construction. In the past three years, 138 students participated in scientific technology competitions and won 61 awards at various levels in China. 16 patents

    were applied for and 6 of which were granted authorization. 2617 students (person-times) obtained Vocational Technique Certificate and Registered Qualification Certificate. The employment rate of our students is more than 90%

    since 2001. PZHU was granted “Advanced Unit with High Employment Standing” by Sichuan provincial government for three consecutive years from 2004 to 2006.

     Panzhihua University stresses the importance of domestic and

    international academic exchange and cooperation. It has set up collaboration in undergraduate and postgraduate education with Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu University of Technology, North Sichuan Medical College, China West Normal University, and Southwest

    China Normal University. It has also established inter-school exchange links with

    some institutions of higher education in the countries such as Italy, Canada, Australia, and Sweden, etc.

    Panzhihua University established an encouraging and ensuring grant-in-aid

    system to help the students with financial problems to accomplish their studies successfully. These special-purpose scholarships are available to all bachelor’s degree students and associate degree students, and the new students with high

    entrance examinations marks will win a special award.

    Panzhihua University takes improving students’ comprehensive quality as

    its target, being active to cultivate kinds of school clubs, and the culture life on campus is rich and varied. The orchestra, chorus, dancing group, ethical art group and other literature and art groups are active in taking part in kinds of performances and competitions, having been prized for many times. In the first national non-profit cultural competition for university students in 2006, players

    from PZHU got the first prize of school drama, the prize of the best singer and the outstanding player in the finals.

    Panzhihua University has obtained a good reputation and draws

    widespread social concern across Sichuan province, and it has won many awards

    successively from the Sichuan Provincial Government and Sichuan Provincial Committee of CCP with honorable titles of Outstanding Civilization Unit, Outstanding Civilization Campus, Advanced Unit of the Work of Political

    Thought, the Best Forestation Unit among 100 Advanced Units, Advanced Garden School, Advanced Sanitation Unit, and Outstanding Unit of Talent Exploitation. PZHU is the important City Card and communication window to

    the outside world with high social reputation. The great achievements of the school have been reported by Guang Ming Daily, China Youth Daily, China Education Daily, China Reform News, Sichuan Daily, Sichuan Education News and Sichuan TV Station.

    We warmly welcome people from all walks of life to pay a visit to our university, and students to apply to PZHU. We are also looking forward to broad cooperation with universities at home and abroad.


    Add:10# Airport Road, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, P.R.China, 617000

    Tel: 0086-812-3371007

    Fax: 0086-812-3371000



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