Shopping Online

By Rodney White,2014-12-07 23:04
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Shopping Online



     Shopping Online

    With the development of the technology , more and more people like to go shopping online. The world of economic commerce .

    Shopping online has many advantages. Firstly, As there are thousands of stores on the web, we can buy more favorite and cheaper produces. Shopping Online save our money and energy . Secondly, as we dont leave our comfortable homes but buy any product we need , it save our time . Though it gives us convenience , it has many disadvantage. Firstly , the products we buy online are different from the products we see online . Even products dont arrive . Secondly, it lets

    out our information .Even we would be cheated by clever scam.

    In my opinion . the same time we enjoy the convenience and fashion that shopping online provides , we should be cautious of identity theft ,keeping password private ,shopping at secure web.

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