Low-Carbon Living

By Daniel Alexander,2014-12-07 23:03
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Low-Carbon Living


    Low-Carbon Living

    1. 当今社会提倡低碳环保的生活方式

    2. 低碳环保的生活方式的益处

    3. 我该怎么办

    LowCarbon Living

    stThere isnt denying that what we the most frequently say is LowCarbon Living in the 21

    century . What is it ? Shortly , the less we use resources , the more we do in order to decrease carbons emission.

    LowCarbon Living has many advantages . It not only decrease the pollution of environment and atmosphere but also slow down Global Warming . As far as we are concerned, it saves money ,harden us and decrease that disease take place .

    From now on ,I will save electricity, save water and repeatedly use things I can . The better our global is , the better we are.

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