Academ's Fury

By Jonathan Adams,2014-11-04 20:28
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Academ's Fury

    ? ACADEM'S FURY Codex Alera Book 2 By Jim Butcher

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    ? Prologue



    If the beginning of wisdom is in realizing that one knows nothing, then the beginning ofunderstanding is in realizing that all things exist in accord with a single truth: large thingsare made of smaller things.

    Drops of ink are shaped into letters, letters form words, words form sentences, and sentencescombine to express thought. So it is with the growth of plants that spring from seeds, as wellas with walls built of many stones. So it is with mankind, as the customs and traditions of ourprogenitors blend together to form the foundation for our own cities, history, and way of life.

    Be they dead stone, living flesh, or rolling sea; be they idle times or events of world-shattering proportion, market days, or desperate battles, to this law, all things hold:

    Large things are made from small things.

    Significance is cumulative—but not always obvious.


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