The search for happiness

By Paula Mcdonald,2014-09-19 06:51
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The search for happiness

    The search for happiness

    Host: Were talking about happiness today. To some, happiness is being surrounded by

    family and friends. To others, happiness means achieving success in something, such

    as meeting a goal. To those who have been injured or struggle with a physical disability,

    happiness can simply mean a day without pain or just being alive. Our guest today is

    Dr Brain, a psychologist who has written several books about happiness and the things

    people do to keep themselves happy. Dr Brain, thank you for joining us today. Dr Brain: Thank you for inviting me. Today, Im going to talk about how to find happiness.

    Host: I understand that you often use the example of the gymnast sang Lan to show how

    people can find happiness even in difficult times.

    Dr Brain: Yes, sang Lan is a very good example of someone who is happy with her life, even

    when people expect her to be sad. Before her accident, we knew her as young girl who

    was happy and successful in her sport. While she was injured and I hospital, the world

    was amazed by the way she remained cheerful. Now, she finds happiness through

    reaching much smaller goals, and through the love of the people around her. Host: Well, in case some of our viewers dont know her story, can you tell us a little bit about

    Sang Lan and who she is?

    Dr Braian: Of course. Sang Lan was born in Ningbo, China in 1981, and began learning gymnastics

    when she was only six years old. By the time she competed in the gymnastics

    tournament at the New York Goodwill Games, she had been a dedicated junior

    gymnast for eleven years. Sang Lans best event was always the vault. She started

    winning competitions in 1991 and kept working hard. Her teammates described her as

    energetic, happy and hard-working. Even though her training meant that she had to

    live apart from her parents, she was happy to devote herself to gymnastics. sang Lan

    knew that in those years, she was working towards something special, and she was

    making her parents proud. In 1998, a small accident during one of her practice vaults

    at the Goodwill Games could have cost her her future happiness. sang Lan made a

    mistake while practicing a vault she had done perfectly for many years. she fell, and

    broke her neck. She was rushed to a top hospital in New York and specialists from

    many parts of the world said that because of her severe injuries, she would never walk


    Host: That must have been difficult for her. She must have been very sad. Dr Brain: No, that is why her story is so special. Everyone who saw her, from nurses to famous

    visitors like Leonardo DiCaprio from the film Titanic, who went to see her in the

    hospital to cheer her up, all said she was in good spirits. Sang Lan knew that for many

    peope the secret to happiness is to think about good things, and to focus on goals.

    Instead of crying about what she had lost and feeling hopeless, sang Lan thought

    about what she could do to get better. Her teammates were competing while she was

    in hospital. When they visited her and told her about their successes, she was happy

    for them. Her parents flew across the word, from china to the USA, to take care of her

    and she was happy to see them. When the doctors told her that she would never again

    be a proud of the things she had accomplished. she felt happy to be alive and lucky to

    have the rest of her life to learn new things.

    Host: That is really amazing, Dr Brain. How old was she when this happened?

    Dr Brain: She was only seventeen years old.

    Host: And how has Sang Lan adapted to her new life?

    Dr Brain: Very well. She went back to China, to study journalism at Peking University. She is also

    hosting a sports programmed about the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She even hopes to lay

    table tennis in the special Olympics for disabled people in 2008. she tells people that

    she likes to think about positive things and stay optimistic. She believes that keeping

    busy helps her to stay positive.

    Host: I hope all of our viewers have been inspired by Sang Lan! I think her courage is

    admirable. I know I will think about how she rebuilt her life whenever my life feels



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