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Once there was a love slipping away before my eyes

    Only to find regretting when it was too later

    Nothing in this world is as painful as this

    Just let your sword cut into my throat, don’t hesitate it.

    If God gave me another chance, I would tell the girl I love her. If our love has to be set a time limit I wish it would be 10.000 years.

     I’m sure all of us know what I said, because love is a forever topic in this world for each of us. Life without love is like the plant without sunlight. What a painful!

     Yes, life is not easy for any of us while we’re living in this world. that’ why people always wanted to chance their Mr. Right and Ms Right. Because the body of MAN is made up with Hormone{荷尔蒙substance produce by your

    body and passed into your blood to encourage growth}however , love is fallacy and without too much demanding and anxiety. And we couldn’t think it in a logic way and in a rational manner for true love is unconditionally actually.

     Whenever I thought what I had done that stupid things in the past ,I will put down the things I was doing and turn on the music to lie down on my bed and enjoy some time for myself

     Thanks largely to our text book of university, the advanced English giving us a chance and opportunity to see, to hear, to learn and to think. And the following noun phrase and idiomatic sentences will put you in an Ocean of Pacific.

     Logical fallacy consists of three parts : material fallacy ,verbal fallacy and formal fallacy.

    ?Poisoning the Well 井下放毒;毫无事实根据地过早地否定了一个人;

    ?Hypothesis contrary to Fact 与事实相反的谬误结论

    ?False analogy 错误类比

    ?Ad Misericordian文不对题/答非所问

    ?Post Hoc 牵强附会

    ?Hasty Generalization 草率结论

    ?Dicto Simpliciter 绝对谬论

    ?Contradictory Premises

    ()All right , let’s try “contradictory premises”. “if God can do anything ,can he

    make a stone so heavy that He won’t be able to lift it ?”

    ()Next comes Post Hoc (sb has no connection with sth ).listen to this : “let’s not take Bill on our picnic ,every time we take him out with us ,it rains .”

    ()Everybody in a capitalists country is basically dishonest, look at all the politicians who are arrested every year for taking bribes and misusing public funds.

    ()You can’t speak French, I can’t speak French, your friends can’t speak too, and I must therefore conclude nobody at your university can speak French.

    ()Exercise is good, therefore everybody should exercise. {exercise is usually good or exercise is good for most people }

    ()We have now spent five evenings together ,we have gotten a long splendid .it is clear that we are well matched. How can you say that we’re well

    matched on the basis of only five dates? ---five dates is plenty, after all, you don’t have to eat a whole cake to know it’s good.----false analogy ,I’m not a

    cake ,I’m a girl.

    ) with amusement .obviously the best approach was a ()I chuckled(吃吃笑

    simple ,strong ,direct declaration of love . I paused for a moment and said: “ angel , I love you , you are the whole world to me and the moon and the stars . my darling , please say that you will go steady with me , for if you will not ,I will be meaningless, I will languish(憔悴suffering a lot ),I will refuse my meals , I

    will wonder the face of the earth ,a shambling(working and living in a lazy way without energy and spirit ),hollow-eyed hulk(深陷的黑眼圈?莫精打采) AD


    ()“ou’re darn right ” I said ,you are a logician.----and who taught them to

    you ,Angel ?---you did.----that’s right, so you do owe me something ,don’t

    you ,my dear ? if I hadn’t come along ,you never would have learned about fallacies.---------“Hypothesis contrary to Fact “ she said instantly.

    ()I croaked , “you mustn’t take all these things so literary . I mean this is just classroom stuff. You know that the things you learnt in school don’t have anything to do with life.”-----“Dicto simpliciter” she said .

    ()“You can’t go with Jorson , Angel , he’s a liar , he is a cheat , he is a rat ?”-------“poisoning the Well “ said Angel , and I stop shouting ,I think shouting must be a fallacy too.” How ridiculous.

    (十一)Can you give me one logical reason why you should go steady with Jorson ?------“I certainly can .” declared Angel . “he has got a raccoon coat!”

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