the kite runner

By Patricia Hall,2014-12-07 21:12
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the kite runner

    Run after your own kite

    Book name: The Kite Runner

    Publisher: 上海人民出版社

    Publish time: 2006-5

    Author: Khaled Hosseini


    The novel tells a story about two boys. Amir is a twelve-year-old boy born in a very rich family in Afghan. Hassan is his servant as well as close friend. They have some in common that they both lose their mother from birth. They grow up like brothers. The kite fighting is around corner and Amir is determined not just to win the competition but to run the last kite and bring it home triumphantly, to prove to his father that he has the makings of a man. His loyal friend Hassan is the best kite runner that Amir has ever seen, and he promises to help him - for Hassan always helps Amir out of trouble. But Amir betrays him at last. Later Amir forces Hassan to leave for some unknown reasons. Then, himself escapes to the US for anther special reasons. Many years later, Amir has settled down in America for years and had his own a family, but Hassan died for protecting Amir's luxury house in Afghanistan and left his son as an helpless orphan .Accidentally, Amir gets to know a big secret and decides

to wash away his sin. Though he gets back to Afghan and saved Hassans

    son from miserable life he still blames himself for his betray to Hassan. And accidentally he find that Hassan is his brother of half blood. At last, he takes Hassans son to US and live a happy life. Amir finally find the relief to himself.


     There are some things revealed in this novel that the relationship between Amir and Hassan is complicated. They are not just friends but more like family members. For they care about each other just like brothers. But Amir takes this love between them for granted and betrays Hassan. For most of us, we always love someone with all we have. And in most of time, we enjoy devoting. The more we pay out, the more we care about the one we loved. And at last, we reach to the highest heaven-we are ready to die for them. In this novel, Hassan regards Amir as his deep love and he can sacrifices himself indeed. He really did that. But we have to realize that love should be equal. We must learn to return our respect and love. And what we can learn a lesson from it is that we made our biggest misunderstanding towards this kind of friendship for take it as an omnipotent thing.

    Another thing we can easily find in the story is a metaphor that the kite stands for the thing that everyone pursuits. We worship freedom, and we

    try to get some thing back at the same time. The more we want, we more we lost. Sometimes trust, sometimes purity, sometime we lost our dearest thing before noticed. Just like flying the kite, we feel safe because we holding the line tightly. But the frail kite is not that loyal as we thought it to be. It just leave you there helpless and fly away with your broken heart. Poor people, just wake up. The precious love is just around you, you should seize it and value it. Hold back your suspicion, and trust them with your sincere heart to those who gives you love. Dont let the kite go away

    from you. Hold it and run after it.

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