The Taming of the Shrew

By Doris Greene,2014-11-13 13:19
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The Taming of the Shrew

    The Taming of the Shrew

Dramtis Personae

    Bapstina, a rich businesswoman of New York City

    Katharina, older daughter

    Petruchio, suitor to Katharina Bianca, younger daughter

    Lucentio, suitor to Bianca

    Gremio, suitor to Bianca

    Hortensio, suitor to Bianca

    Tranio, Lucentios best friend

    A Widow, courted by Hortensio Vincentio, a businessman of California, Lucentios father Pedant, fake Vincentio

    Passer-by A, B, C, D, E, F HaberdasherTailor

Special guests:

    Ben, Priest

    Josh, a male guest on wedding Ms. Ma, a female guest on wedding

SCENE 1. New York City. A Public Place.

    (Enter Lucentio and his best friend Tranio)

    Lucentio: Oh, New York City. Tranio, Tranio

    Tranio: Im here.

    Lucentio: Tranio, we made it, we made it. We are actually in New York City. Its

    amazing, you see, people here are so educated and, andthere are so many

    place of interests--Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Twin Towersoh man, I

    cant believe it.

    Tranio: Yeah, thanks to your fathers understanding. I thought that he never let you to

    be here to start your own career.

    Lucentio: I know he wants me to take of his business, but I prefer to start my own.

    Lets stay here for a couple of days to visit grave citizens and breathe

    ingenious studies.

    Tranio: Yeah, on one hand, we admire moral discipline; on the other hand, we do not

    have to reject beautiful girls. Look, Jesus, that girl is

    Lucentio: Yeah, I know, just be quiet!

    (Enter Bapstina with his two daughters Katharina and Bianca,Gremio and Hortensio. Lucentio and Tranio stand by.)

    Bapstina: Sorry, gentlemen. I cant promise you. Ive told you that I wont allow

    anyone to marry Bianca before my elder daughter gets married. Go, go,

    gojust go home.

    Hortensio: Mrs. Bapstina, I respect you, and I hope that we can be family one day. Bapstina: Oh, Hortensio, and Gremio, I forgot to say that if one of you propose to

    Katharina, I will leave you court her at your pleasure without hesitation. Gremio: Proposal? Id rather die. She is too rough to me.

    Hortensio: God bless me!

    Gremio: And me too, good Lord!

    Bapstina: Gentlemen, Ive got an idea. Go in, Bianca. I have more to chat with

    gentlemen (Bianca exit). Gentlemen, I was wondering that if you can help

    me. I want to hire a teacher for Bianca, if you know such, please let me


    Hortensio: Definitely, its my pleasure, Mrs. Bapstina.

    (Bapstina exit)

    Gremio: Hortensio, although we are both suitors to Bianca, we should be united to

    find Katharina a husband.

    Hortensio: A husband? You gotta be kidding me.

    Gremio: No, Im not.

    Hortensio: Nobody would possibly marry Katharina.

    Gremio: You fool, if that crazy girl cant find a husband first, then how can we marry


    Hortensio: Yeah, it makes sense now. Dude, I gotta say that if I were Bianca, I will

    choose you to be my husband. You are a genius.

    Gremio: Hey, dude, you gotta be serious, I cant be more straight.

Hortensio: Ease, man, I didnt mean that.

    Gremio: I know, Im just kidding. Lets go and find her a husband.

    (Hortensio and Gremio exit)

    Tranio: Oh, no, Lucentio, dont tell me that you fell in love with that girl. Lucentio: Yeah, why not? She is so delicate and charming. Tranio: Oh, God.

    Lucentio: Can you believe that? I fell in love with her at the very first sight of her.

    And I know she is the one, she is the one

    Tranio: The one what?

    Lucentio: The one that Im gonna marry. Im so happy, Tranio?

    Tranio: What?

    Lucentio: Im going to marry this girl, and I know that you will help me. Tranio: Oh, yes, Ill help you.

    Lucentio: Come on! You are the only one can help me now.

    Tranio: Okay, Ill help you, but how?

    Lucentio: How about this: Ill be the tutor of this gorgeous under your name--Tranio,

    and you will be a guy named Lucentio.

    Tranio: But you cant just walk over to her and tell the woman that you want to her

    daughters tutor.

    Lucentio: Dont worry about that, one of my friends has friendship with Hortensio. I

    can ask him for help. Is that OK with you?

    Tranio: You are a genius.

    Lucentio: I know. Lets grab Biancas heart.

    (Lucentio and tranio exit)

SCENE 2 Before Hortensios House

    (Enter Petruchio and Passer-by A)

    Hortensio: Petruchio.

    Petruchio: How is going? I havent seen you for ages.

    Hortensio: Yeah, dude, I heard that you want a wife. Is that true? Petruchio: Yeah.

    Hortensio: Here is the thing: I know a lady who is beautiful and rich, but she is little

    bit shrewish.

    Passer-by A: That not gonna be a problem. What he wants is a rich lady, no matter she

    is old, ugly or bad-tempered.

    Hotensio: Are you serious? A shrew?

    Petruchio: I cant be more serious. What I want is a woman with a lot of dowry. Hortensio: Really? I wont marry her for a mine of gold. Id rather die.

    Petruchio: So, please introduce this lady to me.

    Hortensio: Sure, her mother, Bapstina, is a rich businesswoman; and her daughters

    name is Katharina.

    Petruchio: Katharina, thats a good name. She is not that bad.

    Hortensio: Oh, yes, you wont say that if you see her.

    Petruchio: Whatever, thank you.

    Hortensio: Dont be excited too soon.

    Petruchio: Come on, man. I wont go home until I see her. And, to express my

    appreciation, I hope you can be my best man at my wedding.

    Hortensio: Oh, thats my honor. But how can you be sure that you can possibly marry


    Petruchio: Come on, dude, believe me.

    Hortensio: OK.

    Petruchio: Lets go.

    Hortensio: Good luck, dude, God bless you.

SCENE 3 A Room in Bapstinas House

    (Enter Katharina and hair-torn Bianca)

    Bianca: Stop, sis, please, I beg you.

    Katharina: You such a little, crazy bitch. How can you do this to me? Bianca: Do what? Sis, I cant love you more.

    Katharina: How dare you? Nobody loves me. But you have everythingbeauty,

    suitors and the mothers love.

    (Enter Bapstina)

    Bapstina: Not again, Kate, my darling.

    Katharina: Go away. I dont want to see you.

    Bapstina: Stop bullying your sister.

    Katharina: Dont touch me. I hate you, you selfish, stupid, old woman. Bapstina: God, tell me what Ive done to make you to treat me like this? Please tell


    (Enter Petruchio, Lucentio, Tranio and Hortensio, Katharina and Bianca exit.)

Hortensio, Petruchio, Gremio: Good morning, Mrs. Bapstina.

    Tranio: Good morning, Mrs. Bapstina. Im Lucentio.

    Bapstina: Good morning, gentlemen.

    Petruchio: Nice to meet you, maam. I heard that your elder daughter Katharina is a

    beautiful, young lady.

    Hortensio: Petruchio, wheres your good manner? No hurry.

    Petruchio: Mr. Hortensio! Mrs. Bapstina, I come from California and my father is also

    a famous businessman just like you. And he told me that a businessman

    should be frank and be honest.

    Bapstina: Then, young man, what can I do for you?

    Petruchio: Sir, I heard that you have a daughter named Katharina, right? Bapstina: So?

    Petruchio: Im here to propose to her.

    Bapstina: I appreciate it that you can be frank and honest. But, Im afraid that my

    Kate is not good for you.

    Petruchio: Maam, I can understand. But you know, Im a man with wealth and status,

    and I need a wife. Katharina is a beautiful, young lady, and she needs a

    husband. Im good-tempered, and she is rigorous. You see, we are born to be

    a couple.

    Bapstina: Alright, alright, young man. Treat her nice.After my death the half of my

    stocks and one million dollars are yours. Deal?

    Petruchio: Deal.

    Bapstina: Well, the most important thing is her love, go and talk to her, young man. Hortensio: Good luck, dude.

Petruchio: I wont let you down. I promise.

    (Hortensio and Bapstista exit, enter Katharina.) Petruchio: Good morning, Katharina.

    Katharina: Who are you? Get away.

    Petruchio: Oh, I love your dress.

    Katharina: Are you deaf or something? I said leave me alone. Petruchio: How about going out for a dinner?

    Katharina: You crazy jerk, get out of my room.

    Petrumio: Oh, Kate, honey. You are everything to me. Katharina: You are so disgusting.

    Petrumio: Sweetheart, anyway, you will be my bride. Katharina: Oh, no, Im not interested in any man. Go away.

    Petrumio: So, you gay?

    Katharina: No, Im not a gay.

    Petruchio: I know, darling, how can you possibly be gay without me? You are a sweet

    angel to me and I cant love you more.

    Katharina: Who do you think you are?

    Petruchio: Kate, you are so cute, I wonder if you can give me a big kiss. Katharina: Where did you learn all this goodly speech? Its not gonna work on me. Petruchio: It is extempore, from my mothers wit.

    Katharina: You bastard! Do you know where a wasp wears its string? Petruchio: In its tail.

    Katharina: In his tongue.

    Petruchio: Whose tongue?

Katharina: Yours.

    Petruchio: How come? Kate, honey. Im a gentleman.

    Katharina: That Ill try.

    (She strikes him)

    Pretruchio: I swear Ill kill you if you strike me again.

    Katharina: If you strike me, then you are not gentleman.

    Pretruchio: OK, well then. Kate, I love you. You see, we are born to be a couple. You

    cant marry anybody except me, because Im born to tame you, Kate. And

    bring you from a wild Kate to a household Kate.

    (Enter Bapstina, Hortensio)

    Bapstina: Now, gentleman, how are you going with my daughter?

    Petruchio: Very good. I know I wont let you down.

    Bapstina: Oh, my sweetheart, arent you happy?

    Katharina: How can you marry me to such a crazy man? What he told me is bullshit. Petruchio: Actually, Mrs. Bapstina. What you dont know about Kate is that she is as

    temperate as dove. And she just pretends to be shrewish. The truth is she is

    not rude at all. And to conclude, we decided this Sunday is the wedding day. Bapstina: Oh, Im too excited to say anything. God send you joy, Petruchio. Petruchio: My dear, Kate, how about giving me a kiss, we will be married on this


    Hortensio: Was ever match clapped up so suddenly?

    Bapstina: To be honest, young man. Im a businesswoman, and I have to trade off my

    fretting Kate desperately.

    Hortensio: It can bring you fortune, but it can bring you nothing.

Bapstina: Oh, no, no, no. What I want is not benefit but peace.

    Tranio: Maam, you see, I am the one loving Bianca more than words can be


    Gremio: Hey, dude, dont you know that girls hate childish man?

    Bapstina: Gentlemen, no more argument. That can assure my daughter greatest dowry

    shall have my daughters love.

    Gremio: First, as you know, I have 10 percent stock of my fathers company.

    Tranio: Mrs. Bapstina, Im sure that you must have heard of GM. My

    father is the CEO of GM. And I have 15 percent stock of GM. Gremio: I have three sets of villa in Hawaii.

    Tranio: I have an oilfield located in Mid-East. And after our marriage, Bianca can

    share everything I have.

    Gremio: Mrs. Bapstina. Im my fathers only son. My father has 30 percent stocks of

    Microsoft, and I will get everything after his death.

    Tranio: Mrs. Bapstina, listen to me, the famous BurjAl-Arab belongs to my father. Bapstina: Oh my god, did I hear you right, BurjAl-Arab?

    Tranio: Yeah, BurjAl-Arab.

    Bapstina: Mr. Tranio, as what I have promised to you, you may marry my daughter


    Gremio: What the hell? I quit.

    (Gremio exit.)

    Hortensio: Mrs. Bapstina, let me introduce Mr. Tranio to you. Mr. Tranio was the tutor

    of one of my friends, he is very knowledgeable.

    Lucentio: Nice to meet you maam. Im Tranio.

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