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    40 sink A, material: stainless steel water trough, acrylic sink into the kitchen, artificial stone, ceramic POTS and iron bowl hutch five. Now on the market, the most common are the most widely stainless steel water trough. Stainless steel kitchen sink is with the best material, its light, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, easy ageing, not easy, oil absorption, non-absorbent, not the scale, no peculiar smell, and other materials which is incomparable. Just as raw materials, including steel plate with the best of the German and Japanese production DDQ304 (10) model of 18 / stainless steel sheet (food). Its characteristic is off, excluding the magnetic flux, nickel content, including chromium is 10% 18%. Second is the AIS304 off without magnetic treatment plate, and different types, 302 403, prices also have very big difference, the quality and the price of the product directly affect flume quality and price.

    Second, molding process: from now on the production process, the most common are welding and shape once two kinds. From the way again divided welding two kinds, one kind is welded together and panel of welding, its advantage is appearance, through the strict HanKou found after treatment, cistern is smooth and flat surface defect is some consumers doubt its strong degree. Actually at present basically has the arc welding technology and the most advanced CNC resistance welding, quality has passed, Another kind is two single basin butt welding into one's butt, its advantage is to face basin for strectch forming, durable, and its disadvantages are easy to see the light is a bit poor, flatness welding. One is the more advanced and the production process, but the process is difficult, and forming the cistern of whole bao hou, thinner than 0.7 mm, for, good basin in 0.8-1.0 thickness should be mm. And is not yue houyue good, the thicker material is too heavy tank, easy to make cabinet put oneself in another's position, will damage deformation dishes, 0.8-1.0 mm is the best, long life, vessels will also get security.

    Third, surface treatment: don't touch smeary, easy to clean, wear-resisting for the principle. Main mirror (light), grinding (matt), polishing, coarse wiredrawing, pearls and silver (sandblasting) etc.

    Four, depth: westerners used compressed tableware, while Chinese habit of tableware with very thick and cooker are large, so the adaptation of the western 150mm sink in the Chinese market to be accepted, suitable for domestic use high above the sink for 180mm, its advantage is of great capacity and splash.

    Five, the surface roughness: is the most intuitionistic and class quality sink of standard, the line of sight and consistent, sink sink plane should not protruding, no edge, error less than 0.1 ? warpage mm. Bad flatness, in addition to affect

    beautiful, also easy to cause the seepage and fouling, etc.

    6 and accessories:

    1 and the quality of the pipe nozzle and the use of cistern directly influence, good material for PP material or down-flow UPVC, seal degree is high, elastic, prevent heat, crack-proof, long life, appearance design is reasonable, deodorant, prevent to return flavour to design, easy installation, no clogging, water, etc. Two buccal, positioning, extrusion type steel have sealed and machine control type to water, sealing strong, fast and convenient storage water can automatic filtering impurities clogging, avoid using high quality rubber hoses, and wear. 3, tighten the seal: use self-drilling screw fastening, ensure the safety of operation. Seal,

    Seven, sound deadened pad, handling: there are two ways, deleting coating has prevent ooze water/can qigong.

    Eight, the choice and the basin of hutch cabinet style, size, shape combination. Nine, hutch basin partner: bibcock, soap, cutting board, waterlogging basket, bin, garbage disposals, etc

    Ten, use common problems:

    Pelvic rust: not much for new quality problem, decorate the room within the residual impurities in metal pipes in the bottom.

    Processing measures: used toothpaste or wipe, normal after using talcum powder to disappear naturally.

    Note: stainless steel water trough in the use of general don't use detergent disinfected, easy to destroy the stainless steel surface.

41 sink 10 detail analyzes chosen accessories big beautiful kitchen

    With China's overall economic development and people's living standard has been improved, cement, ceramic sink sink has become our memory of kitchen utensils, from now on family kitchen "emeritus". Due to the high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant and wear-resisting material properties to the traditional Chinese cooking techniques and eating habits on the market today, novel design, practicality and high quality stainless steel water trough and man-made stone sinks become "must-haves".

    According to salesperson introduction, stainless steel tank and man-made stone sinks are welcomed by customers, is not only in their functions in modern kitchen can satisfy the requirements of operation, and these types of cistern color abundant, basically can satisfy the requirements of the kitchen decorate colour collocation. However, in many of the mainstream in the tank, how to choose a deserved his kitchen sink, maximizing the convenience of operation kitchen? In the process of visits to sink, we discovered, choose stainless steel water trough and man-made stone sinks when not needed in color and the integral style of the kitchen sink is tie-in, main attention on modelling, beautiful and practical aspects in depth and cleaning volume for their operation habit, and ten details are not overlooked.

A: the sink materials details

    Market good quality stainless steel water trough, often with 304 stainless steel is for raw materials, medical and don't add chemicals, colour and lustre is good, wear-resisting, acid-proof alkaline, able to withstand high temperatures. But good man-made stone is by 80% of pure granite powder and 20% of acrylic acid high-temperature processing after forming. White and metallic color is the most suitable for the kitchen sink the integral collocation, on the vision than normal stainless steel water trough to comfortable, touching a luxurious feeling. Man-made stone sinks are not fade phenomenon, but different from stainless steel water trough, man-made stone sinks use for a long time, or in a "master", will be lazy stains on mesa, need to use special manufacturer of detergent can completely clean. Details: surface treatment of tank

    Without special surface treatment technology of stainless steel water trough to scrape, alkali resistance, an injured enough to sink to the kitchen was satisfied. On the market at present the stainless steel water trough, the common way for surface treatment commonly three: inferior smooth, drawing and mercerizing. They were once, twice, and by means of three times of surface polishing processing tank. Polishing treatment can improve the sink wear-resisting degree, alkali resistance. Among them, after three times of polishing processing tank top silk brightness, give a person a kind of shiny visual perception, contact with the skin tactility is very exquisite, And the cistern is brushed, drawing in brightness, but in durability and finish as satisfactory. Besides, there are also a kind of durability in three kinds of stainless steel water trough above the sink, embossing surface sink. Details: tub clamp

    They first met this small clamps, makes the unknown. This small clip is small, but can play in the cistern is very big of fixed. If use clamps of mesa profiles and

    tank, cistern can not add silica situation even by large forces will not just below mesa moves around the bounteous, let mesa and sink "unaware tiancheng". Details of the next four: cistern edge sealing strip

    Cistern edge sealing strip, its main function is to prevent water from the tank leakage completely and edge. At the same time, the sealing side still can sink sink has a solid. A good sealing side can make sink sink when convenient in installation and avoid the use of silicone sealing side of a series of troubles. Five: details of the silencer mat groove bottom

    Now the cistern, often have the noise elimination, so that it can guarantee the kitchen of water, no matter size, there won't be too harsh flow struck the sink. Details: 6 the convenience degree of control

    Recent mainstream sink noticed that sets in such detail. Control In order to facilitate the Chinese diet, the counter of the sink sink in the corner control installation so as to avoid the need to use hand washing process into water to put away the water tank. This design, let whole kitchen in detail place also appear particularly sweet.

    Details seven: garbage collection box

    A and sink interlinked, can reduce the garbage collection box turned, bend, etc to throw rubbish process, greatly improving the convenience of operation kitchen. And so thoughtful design, can make kitchen work adds a few minutes of pleasure. Eight: details with moving forward plank

    If your kitchen mesa is larger, can choose to contain drain tank sets. This type of sink into consideration of the need to wash dish, only water to wash the vegetables in the side, water and drain on the stage to flow into the drain tank seam. But

    can move, removable plank in saving kitchen space may be omitted, move back and forth plank of trouble.

    Details: the quality of welding nine

    Man-made stone sink is one of the most, and stainless steel tank has many molding method, both time molding, and also the single slot molding, double chamfer of forming. In fact, not one of the tank must be good quality, the quality of welding flume and is very good. It will need to see cistern welding quality, we cannot witnessed how sink, but can be completed weld through several simple method to judge the quality of welding sink. Good welding, often with the naked eye can hardly see when welding, smooth surface, good brightness, Touch when, can feel the tub and mesa of welding, feel is smooth, without burr.

    Details of the ten: thick and depth of solutions

    Generally speaking, the thickness of the sink in 0.8 mm - 1.0 mm relatively appropriate, cistern is too thin or too thick will affect the tank can withstand strength and service life. And in depth, deep 20cm tank can better generic splash splashing mesa, to better practicability.

    42 cabinet, cistern, integral kitchen new "actor"

    In the traditional concept, a hearth and one or two cabinet can spell synthesis a kitchen, stupid cistern is placed in the kitchen of early. In the era of integral kitchen design fashion, originally in the corner of the kitchen sink is also "integral kitchen" rise, become the most fashionable.

    Stainless steel water trough

    Man-made crystal stone sinks

    Man-made crystal is a kind of artificial composite materials, the crystal stone or comprised with resin mixes. These materials have strong tank corrosion resistance, more important is its plasticity and colour diversity. With stainless steel metal texture, it is mild, and various colors to cater to all kinds of extremely personality of integral kitchen design.

    Iron enamel sink

    The sink is iron casting, with various darkened outside the paint color glaze, while firing and darkened and complete. Therefore, the sink in appearance appear massiness, solid, also have more artistic adornment effect than the previous two kinds of material, and more able to attract people's eyes.

    If you choose to single integral ambry with water should be used more consideration, second is the aesthetic tendency. Double grid and three lattice compared to a single tank's great cistern more practical, because it can simultaneously or washing. In the modern kitchen design, the function area was obvious sink sink and expand, such as the place is conterminous ambry develop a "working", make cistern even store content function of the joint, more show delicate the work area.

    Production process and technical progress to stainless steel water trough image changed. Originally low intensity and corrosion resistant stainless steel tank has been knocked out, instead it is to adopt new technology of synthesis of high strength and corrosion resistance of alloy steel grind arenaceous cistern and embossing as a modern kitchen sink more. It not only overcame easy scratches, water mark, high-grade cistern more good sound-absorbing ability, the tableware wash the noise to a minimum. Stainless steel tank size and shape are diverse, it has burnish can let whole kitchen has contemporary feeling extremely.

43 atlas: rotate 360 ? sink

    This tank is not on the market, it's the faucet in the sink, can install on 360 ? in the rotation, you can use it to any side of the sink, you can carry around it in the kitchen, a new entertainment.

    44 cistern and several problems nots allow to ignore

    As people consumption level unceasing enhancement, the traditional cement and ceramic sink in the kitchen already from the modern family gradually retirement, instead of practical beautiful and durable of stainless steel water trough. In the developed countries has become a kitchen stainless steel water trough, the mainstream washing containers in China, due to the traditional cooking and eating habits, and washing items containing mud impurities in the family, with a fine stainless steel water trough especially important. Consumers in purchasing products, special sink should pay attention to the following six factors:

    1. According to ambry mesa width, general sink sink width of width should be about 10cm minus hutch ark mesa. According to the domestic hutch ark mesa dimension in 50cm - 60cm this characteristic, can draw the reasonable width of tank in 43cm - 480cm.

    2 in sus304ddq stainless steel plate materials, materials, with 0.8 mm thickness moderate - 1.0 mm advisable, thin impact strength and service life, sink too thick to lose strength of tableware wash damage.

    3. Normally, large volume of tank cleaning 20cm, depth to good practicability is good, can effectively prevent the water splashed outside, at the same time, the depth is an important index, the class sinks more than double chamfer 18cm depth belongs to high-grade products sink.

    4 sink in matte surface treatment for a beautiful and practical, not only, and no harsh reflective can undergo porcelain, tableware, clean, convenient and wear used as new.

    According to the Chinese family may choose to washing, large diameter, and adopt stainless steel, with the basket of garbage collection for the best, in addition to control the machine has an important function of water, so as to solve catharsis must go to the water must be washing water drain, and can solve the inconvenience to hand in the sewage and winter full of oil in the water thorn skating. Beautiful, concise and practical, more to the ground and kitchen is the place in the family of a functional, especially in Chinese families often sink is the highest frequency of use, so also is the birthplace of the heart, so for kitchen sink to choose a good will your whole kitchen when a the effect that make the finishing point.

    Now on the market, general sink sink is material can be divided into two parts, stainless steel water trough and synthetic materials, including synthetic materials sink sink including crystallization stone, stone, acrylic, richland from craft up points and can be divided into three parts, and the welded solutions, two single slot butt into one.

    So why synthetic materials by certain people welcome the sink, investigate its reason, the most important is the lower cost of production, and it has a variety of color, can choose marble mesa and tie-in combination.

    But from the current market of developed countries, we can see the sink, or stainless steel water trough, and why? Because the relative to the synthetic materials and stainless steel tank has more advantages:

    The most important is, stainless steel water trough with synthetic materials can't environmental sanitation and clean, do not fouling, no oil absorption, commonly used as new.

    Secondly, high temperature resistant, synthetic material is the nature of the heat sink and chemical GeZhi, but a high temperature and deformation easily without the worry of stainless steel tank.

    Thirdly, impact resistance, stainless steel water trough, its thickness in 0.8-1.0, make the tub with tenacity, can maximize avoid all kinds of porcelain vessels, due to the loss caused by impact.

    Fourth, long life, compared with the synthetic material, stainless steel sink sink no more can show the aging of sorrow, can make its persistent durable, commonly used as new.

    Fifthly, light thin edges, cistern exquisite design side thin unique, which not only make washing space increases, the more water spilt sink into the cistern with Cardiff.

    45 to the kitchen, a good heart, "and" the kitchen sink

    Because of the characteristics of Chinese traditional food culture, the kitchen has become the important people in life that occupy the home. But in the kitchen sink is the highest frequency of use, anteprandial meal preparation, most of the time and sink. Always have the kitchen sink "heart", which is a beautiful and practical, good performance, complete functions, to every family are very important. Today, we will please teach people how to relevant experts, choose appropriate stainless steel water trough.

    Polishing three high brightness

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