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By Brittany Ramirez,2014-10-28 16:25
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A feel of my .doc


    In 2008,I graduated from the HuiTong number one Middle School. For many stuedent of senior

    3.This is a season to be full of gratification.but its for me like the sky to full down in my world.I am very sad,I cant believe this.No matter how

    regretful am I,Its cant be changed in my

    world,So I have to accept.6

    To pass through one year ,In 2009,the destiny havent to play a joke on me. Even

    thought it isnt a good university that I can

    select . At last,my dream is come ture.So I am very happy in that day.

    In a beautiful season.I am gone to the ChangSha University to continue my dream.A beautiful life Start in my world.I think I can do the best than before in my life.Finally I am frustrate in myself.Because I found there is nothing I done in the past year.Sometimes,I ask

    myself.Whether I changed,Not to a good a direction.the previously of my seems to world become darkness,No

    sunshine,No enthusiasm and no confidence.I cant believe this is my world.

    The university life of my like the

    fireworks .Its so transient because its nothing

    that I can recalled,Its too long but short.The

    thing that to be still fresh in my memory is to miss my sisters,my best friends,and my love.but the dream of my seems to

    disappear,the realistic can make some people became more with the time to pass.So I am a person of this.

     A few days ago ,my best friend died in cancer,when I hear this informations .I am very sad,I cant believe myself.because its suddenly for me. My

    friend only twently years old.I am very

    regretful.because I havent been seen he one year

    ago.everybody should know the life in the world is very should to treasure the people who around you .something in the world you dont feel

    valuable when its existence .but when their lost in one day suddenly .you will feel its precious.but it later

     So for matter wherever you

    are,whenever you are .you should treasure the people who around you .because this is ture love and without limitations.

     When we grew day by day.The world became more and more beautiful.but our parents became old day by day. When we working.For every parents,they hope their children can stay in their around.but its

    unpossible to realize this .No matter whenever we are,wherever we are.we should do our best to love my parents,if their past away in one day. you arent regret at least.

     So for you you friends and the people around you.if you do this,I think you life is not badly.

     Friends, Do you think you should love. Work hard in you dreams and in you life.the human life was only few years.Treasure you life and everybody!

     We can believe the life will be so beautiful.we can also make the dear person believe too!

    come on! For my dreams,for my parents!

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