lesson plan for demonstration lesson jessi

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lesson plan for demonstration lesson jessi

    thLesson plan for demonstration class on Dec.19 Class Teacher Topic Date 7b Jessica M5U2 look and read Oct 16th

     To enable students to express specifically about what kind of flat they want. Knowledge & Ability

     E.g. Id like a flat with

     Id like to live

    To enable students to ask wh- question to find out various kinds of specific Teaching Objectives


     e.g. What kind of flat would you like?

    Asking and answering, watching and thinking, talking and acting Process & Method

    To let students cherish the home they have Emotion, Attitude & Value

    Get students involved in practicing and acting out newly studied language Analysis of Material Focus points


    To engage the students to role play actively and apply some possible reasons Difficult points

    Students are familiar with the topic and the new sentence patterns and phrases can be put into practice right away. Analysis of students

    Multimedia Material etc. recourses

    Teaching procedures

    Steps Contents Methods Purposes

    New words: balcony, 1. Read after the teacher. To ensure that students can I. Pre-task preparation

    estate, suburb 2. Quick response. read and identify the new

    3. Guess the words by looking at words

    teachers mouth.

1.Id like a flat with 1. Present the sentences and ask Engage the students into II. While-task procedure

    Id like to live students to read. different activities and

     2. Substitution. make them use the pattern

     3. Guessing game. fluently .

    2. the whole dialogue 1. Read the text in chorus.

     2. Try to retell the whole dialogue with

     some sentences missing

    1.Role play the 1. Look and read Engage the students to III. Post-task procedure

    dialogue 2. Role play create their own dialogue

     1. Make dialogues according to the in a simulated situation

    2.Use the pattern in situation and make a monologue by different situations 2. Talk about the life that students using the learned patterns.

    would like to have.

    IV. Summary East west home is best Read and translate the sentences into Let the students know

    Chinese the importance of their


    V. Assignment Compulsory


    Reflection Teaching


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