On equality between man and woman, and the abuse of feminism

By Joyce Warren,2014-12-07 16:11
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On equality between man and woman, and the abuse of feminism

    On equality between man and woman, and the abuse of feminism Two day??s trip in Yang Zhou blessed me the cooling of infuriation on the recent annoyances as well as the evasion of the potential consequences. Now sitting in the dorm??s sitting room, I really need to calm down to have careful retrospection on the several confrontations with girls in my school. I was exposed to piles of feminist materials and readings in recent days. My teacher, a strong believer in feminism, gave numerous lectures on feminism via texts in our books. Connecting with several episodes I have encountered since the school opening day this semester, I would like to raise a question?ªdo all the women have the rights to arm themselves with feminism?

    The feminism campaign for gender equality has been prevailing for several centuries. Indeed, women??s social status has been increasingly growing, which represents the social progress. Whereas, sometimes the growth goes so far, thus breaking the balance of harmonious co-existence in society consisting men and women.

    Speaking of equality, I can give an analogy by comparing gender equality with equality in other areas, such equality between nations and between races. No absolute equality exists. Equality can only be obtained relatively. The body building and thinking pattern differences determine the inequality of men??s and women??s performances in specific areas. Society resembles a sophisticated machine. The harmonious and normal operation depends on the specific and accurate division of certain jobs. So does the society. Equal division constitutes in the full play and showcase of each gender??s potentials and capabilities. If so, in my opinion, we can obtain equality. I am a junior in a medical school, where the girl students dominate the majority with the ratio of 7:3; I am an English major, where boy students always remain among the vulnerable group. My case vividly exemplifies this situation as only 4 boys survive in my class and 6 in our grade. We have to admit a truth that girls are less open-minded compared with their counterparts, which accounts for several cases where I was involved for fighting for my occupied position in dining-room and classrooms. Each time, those girls would defend with an excuse-??you are a boy?? (Äã??ÊÇ?öÄÐÉúÄØ), which gave a hint that as a boy I should give away my occupied seat to respect females. Hilarious! Totally hilarious! Females usually claim themselves to be the vulnerable group, and deserve their counterparts?? mercy and sympathy. I have to admit the truth of this saying; however, it depends on what situation it is and what sort of female she is. Are they vulnerable? Absolutely not. As far as my case is concerned, those girls are aggressive, like a conqueror with a chip on the shoulder, faces pulled long, preparing name-calling words. Does this kind of girl deserve my mercy and sympathy? NOOOOO!!! This can only lead to one consequence?ªarouse my masculine

    pride to defend. I have been considering this issue for a long time. Given all recent feminist lectures I have given received, I come to my personal conclusion?ªthe abuse of feminism.

    Living around a girl-dominating environment, I see the declining of feminist air. Last semester, I read different versions of Cinderella. One of them is a critique of a American Cinderella, who pretends to be vulnerable but actually is shrew and crafty inside, which also presents an image of some females in my living environment. Another tendency is the aggressive females, fighting for everything regardless of whether they need it or not. Some are obsessive with singing or movie stars, leading to the selfless and brainless. Of course they are the rare cases around me, but when I chat with my male friends about their cases, I find the similarities.

    I respect females because in my family my grandmother, my mother, and my aunts are great females. I get along well with most of my female classmates. It is just a series of episodes happening recently that arouse my contemplation on equality between man and woman and the abuse of feminism.

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