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Here - St Peter's

    St.Peter‟s C.E. Primary School

    Christmas Newsletter

    Great reading for our families and friends December 2006 December 2006

    KS2 visit the Octagon Theatre

    A wonderful experience for KS2 !!

    Spark Project and the Octagon Theatre

    This term has been a very creative and exciting term for the Juniors. First of all we have been taking part in a pilot drama scheme with the Octagon Theatre and Provident

    Finance. The children & staff have been working with an artist from the Octagon for 5 weeks developing performance drama, based around the stories from the author Roald Dahl. This then finished with a performance at the other participating school, St

    Thomas‟, Halliwell. We will be taking part in the scheme for the next 3 years, so watch

    this space! The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained some invaluable experience of work in the world of „acting‟.

    To add to the fantastic experience of acting children went to the Octagon Theatre to watch James and the Giant Peach. All the children in the school were a credit to St Peter‟s. They behaved courteously and made the whole experience a perfect one!

    Hopefully all this creative work will develop a thirst for something different!

    What did the children think of the performance?

    I had a brilliant time at I thought James and the

    the play because the house Giant Peach was fantastic. It

    turned into a rhinoceros. I was a great experience

    also liked it when the worm because it was real actors

     squirmed because the doing drama just like the

    birds tried to get him training we did in the hall

    when he was on top of the with Alexa.

    peach………Jonathan Jones Laura Charleston Y5


    I had a brilliant time at the Octagon Theatre, it was my first time there. In the

    interval we had ice cream………… Declan Hobson Y5

    Our Christmas Mini-Enterprise

    On Thursday the hall was bursting with people buying handmade gifts made by children throughout the school. The surprise room was a great success because everyone loves surprises. At the end of the event all the

    stalls were almost empty. Basically it was about having great fun making things and making a profit. Thank you to all the people who helped or sent gifts in.

    Georgina Kilmartin and Rebecca Townsend

    Our Christingle Service

     The Infant Nativity This month our Family Service was This years performance was based on the the Christingle Service. As usual it letters in the word Christmas. The children was held in the school hall. It were real stars. The singing was super and involved members of the school, they really can act! Many hours of practise church and community. The people and preparation were rewarded with an

    enjoyable performance. The children who came had a good time. We all

     appreciate the help and encouragement made Christingles and Sister they received from their parents in learning Dorothy led the service and the words and their kind comments at the reminded us what each part was end. They all wish they could do it again about. and again but we have too many lovely The next service is about gifts Christmas activities to get through.

    and you can bring your favourite Here are some of the children‟s comments:

     „ Everyone learnt their words really well‟ Christmas present. „It was brilliant because the voices were Amy Tudge and Nicole Jackson


    „The songs were fun‟ „My nana thought it was fantastic‟

    „It was fun being on stage‟

    We look forward to next year!

     The next Sunday Service in

    school will be in January! Merry Christmas

    from all the infants & staff.

    “Be kind and treat each other with respect!”

    Anti-bullying week

    We have been interviewing Year 4 to find out what they did during our anti bullying week.

    They have been making posters and leaflets to help stamp out bullying. These are displayed around school so that everyone can see them. Their posters tell you “ if you see something

    say something.” Other messages are ….

    ; If you are being bullied then tell someone

    ; Tell a teacher before it gets worse

    ; If you see someone being bullied then go and get help

    Report written by Steven Larkin & Jason Fairhurst

We love the Christmas Peace and Goodwill to you all

    Bingo! from the Governors, staff & thOn Wednesday 6 December we had a

    children of St.Peter’s School. Christmas Bingo. Every class made a different

    coloured hamper. Lots of people came to our

    Bingo. Everyone sounded like they were having

    a splendid time. I’m sure people who didn’t win

    were a little bit jealous because the hampers were

    jam packed with fantastic things.

    Thank you to everyone who took part and

    brought gifts.

    Hannah Foster and Rebecca Collinge Y5

    A Saviour has been born to you .“

    Luke 2v.11

    POP connections

    thOn November the 17 we did our POP Connections concert. All the Juniors and Y2 took part. Lots of adults came to watch. We sang 8 pop songs that we had practiced the week before with Andy who taught us the songs. We did it to encourage children to sing and make our families happy. We also made a CD for people to buy and hear our songs. It was a really fun night and Rev. Vann talked to all the people about what will happen to the church in the future.

    Kirsty Green and Chole Trayford

    Year 6 take part in the Harper Green Quiz

Can you answer these questions?

     Who discovered gravity?

     Where are the crown jewels kept?

     Which motorway surrounds Manchester?

    If the answer is yes, then you could take part in the quiz. Year 6 entered 7 children to

    complete against 10 other schools at Harper Green. St Peter‟s did really well over 12

    rounds, ranging from soaps, films, music and current affairs. The team did really well and rdachieved 3 place overall, with only 2 points the difference. Well done children!!

    Time to celebrate Year 6 swimming challenges

    Congratulations to Year 6 who did fantastically well in this terms swimming lessons at Farnworth Pool. Bev, the swimming coach said that they were the best school this term in terms of behaviour and effort. She said all the children were „game‟ to try all challenges. The following children have all earned badges for swimming: Darryl Whittle, Christian Gee Barker, Aaron Fairhurst, Steven Larkin, Michael Jarvis, Roberta Speakman, Ffion Williams, Cora Rothwell, Giorgia Sloan and Jason Fairhurst. A special mention must also go to Kurtis Wood and

    Jamie Mallen for supreme effort and super progress! The rest of Year 6 earned a certificate for completing their Key Stage Two Swimming Award.

    We would just like to welcome our new reception children to St.

    Peters. They have been here for a term and they have settled into

    school life really well. They have made lots of new friends in class as

    well as in the infant department.

    We would like to thank the reception parent‟s for all their support this


    Visitors come to the reception class

    This term there has been lots of visitors to support Reception class with their topic 'people who help us‟.

    Reception class visited our local fire station last month. They had a wonderful time and were made extremely welcome. They had a tour

    around the fire station, sat inside the fire engines and used the hoses to put out a car on fire!! (In a role-play situation)

    The dental nurse came to visit us. St. Peters has joined the „Brush Bus‟ scheme. Everyday after dinner the children in reception class

    brush their teeth and the children are really enjoying it.

    So it‟s not brush twice day, it‟s now lets brush three times a day and we have lots of shiny smiles!!!

Nurses from our local hospital also came to visit us and discussed

    exercise and healthy food. As we all know ‘healthy bodies means healthy minds!’

    Think of us can we use it in school! …..

    card, paper, decorations, ribbon etc etc

     You’d be surprised what we can use.

    When I fought for a Thai Boxing Belt

    I had a chance at fighting for the North West Thai Boxing

    Championship title because I box at Walkden Thai Boxing Club.

    My coach put my name forward for the competition. I had to

    fight five 1 minute rounds against other clubs. The referee

    announced the winner. I was surprised when he announced my


    I enjoy Thai boxing. I have been doing this for one and a half years.

    I have still carried on Thai boxing after the competition and I

    never stop putting 100% concentration and effort into it.

    I think Thai boxing is the best because you can do a lot of

    working out and can have a really fun time.

    Fantastic work Joe!!

    thSchool starts again on Monday 8 January 2007

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