Rental_Contract_For_ Real_Property

By Joyce Reed,2014-12-07 05:44
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Rental_Contract_For_ Real_Property

    Contract for Rental of Real Property

    This contract is made on MM/DD/YY, between _____________________ (hereafter “Landlord”)

    and _____________________ (hereafter “Tenant”). Landlord hereby agrees to rent to Tenant the property located at _____________________________ under the following terms: This agreement is a fixed-term lease beginning on MM/DD/YY and ending on MM/DD/YY. It

    shall be converted automatically to a month-to-month lease upon expiration of the lease term, unless either party notifies the other in writing at least 30 days prior to the lease’s expiration that the party does not wish the lease to continue.

    st1. Tenant shall pay Landlord $X on the 1 day of each month for rent of that month.

    Payment shall be in the form of personal check, cashier’s check, or money order only,

    and shall be delivered by hand to Landlord or via U. S. Mail addressed to


    rd2. If payment is not received by Landlord by the end of the month’s 3 day, Tenant shall

    pay a $X late fee plus $Y for each additional day that payment is late.

    3. If Tenant’s personal check is returned or dishonored, Tenant shall pay $X for servicing of

    the bad check plus any applicable late fees, and all future payments shall be made by

    money order or cashier’s check.

    4. Tenant shall pay a security deposit of $X prior to moving into the property, and Landlord

    shall hold this deposit in trust during the lease term. Interest shall not accrue on the

    deposit while it is in the Landlord’s trust. No more than X days following Tenant’s

    vacating of the property, Landlord shall return to Tenant the deposit less any charges for

    damages or cleaning of the property.

    5. No person(s) other than Tenant and ___________________________ shall occupy the

    property for more than X consecutive days without the Landlord’s written permission.

    Additional rent may be charged for such occupancy.

    6. Tenant hereby acknowledges receipt of the property in good condition, with any

    exceptions noted on the attached Move-In Inspection form. Tenant agrees to leave the

    property in the same condition in which it was received or pay the Landlord’s costs of

    restoring the property to that condition.

    _____________________________________ _________________________________

    Tenant’s signature, date Landlord’s Name

    _____________________________________ _________________________________

    Client’s printed name Landlord’s address, city, state, ZIP code

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