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    Our Church Family encourages everyone…

    To come to worship God who loves us

    To follow Jesus Christ our Saviour

    To grow in fellowship, joy and love, and

    To go out, share the Good News and serve in the

    Dear friends,April 2012

    It has been brought to my attention that a few people use the Herald to stay connected to the church when circumstances keep them from attending. Others keep its valuable words (minister’s note excepted) to hand for other reasons. If the minister and his family miss a coffee morning, you know who did not keep their Herald close to hand. What surprised me is that quite a few people read the Herald who never come to church.

    Let me introduce myself. I am John, revered by a few and chided by many, in most cases deservingly. People know me for my role in the church and are often surprised as they get to know me better that I am fumbling through life just like the rest of us. Ministers do not have a holy bubble protecting them from their own faults and the difficulties life throws at us. I am privileged to help people discover what that part of them which is spiritual can gain from drawing nearer to God. Among other things, I get to be alongside you searching the Word, sharing sacrament, prayer and in simply stumbling through stories about where God and life meet. By the way, I do not think God throws the difficulties at us though some Bible stories contradict this thought. Life throws out the good and the bad. God celebrates with us or helps us get through what we face in accordance with the situation.

    When we worship we are trying to create a space where it is easier for people to feel close to God. Sadly, many of us need different things for this to happen and sometimes these needs compete in a church. At Poynton Methodist Church we are determined to allow a freedom for different forms of worshipping expression. Some weeks do not meet everyone’s needs, but if you persevere, the service


    which truly helps you feel closeness to God and all that it provides, seemingly tailored just for you, is around the corner. We care for a diverse community and offer a diverse style of Worship.The church and its people are very human. I know people think that there are moral standards expected from church goers and I hope there are, but each of us is very human and rarely meets the standard. It is quite likely that when you go to church someone will rub you the wrong way. This tends to be a universal quality to any group of people. In the church we try to love everyone, but sometimes you can love people that really are hard to like. Please do not use our humanness as an excuse to miss the opportunity to find out what God has in store for you in this church. When I have gotten to the bottom of this issue for some “I would go to church if it weren’t for the people there...” It is often because people feel they are being looked down on and judged. Don’t be fooled. You are. It happens everywhere a diverse group gathers. You might be the very person who challenges that horrible human judgmentalism out of a person and helps them to become more like God. We are all a work in progress and trying to be more like Jesus. None of us is a finished product and we help each other along the way. You have a ministry here to help us be more Christ-like and we promise to help in your discipleship too.

    Being in a church is relational. Between people, relationships break down over all sorts of queer issues. I love the northern saying, Nothing Queer as Folk. You are wanted here for who you are. When

    things feel uncomfortable in relationships, if we want them to improve we need to communicate. Nothing human should get in the way of working on your relationship with God. God’s love for you is constant no matter how queer you may be. This is a place to talk both to and about God.

    The church is going to take a big media hit as Government debates whether its policies on marriage are against equality laws. Fair-minded and intelligent Church men and women will voice opinions that will be cut into sound bites to make the church look bigoted.


    Less intelligent bottom dwellers of human society (also church men and women) will get a lot of press coverage too. Institutions do not like Government setting their policies and agendas. Many church people who support Gay Marriage, and if we had a vote I believe a majority would fall into this camp, will not support the Government asserting power over church policy. Please do not take the way in which people who sound off representing the church, as a reason to limit your opportunity to draw nearer to God in a place like our church. This point meets both sides of controversial issues. We represent different opinions on issues as hot as these and as long as we can talk together, pray together and search together, our differences will not outweigh what we all share in common: God’s Love. Do come and draw nearer to your creator with certainty that you will be both valued and scrutinized, but in the midst of the difficulties of human relationship, you will be loved here and will be better for it. We are talking and narrowing the gap between us and God as often as possible. Put the magazine down and come find your place in the conversation. You will make us better and Christ will improve you if you give his church some time and an open mind.Peace,

    Rev John


    Our Church Family encourages everyone to

    Come to worship God who loves us…


    Date9.00 am10.30 am6.00 pm.st1 April10.30am C Hughes ‘Bethany Meal’ NYCPalm Sundayth8Rev John A Squares ‘Bread’ HC NYCEaster Dayth15J Hallworth10.30am C Hawkyard

    ‘Lakeside Meal’ NYCnd2210.30am Rev E Gordonth29 Rev John A SquaresCS Dialstone Lane

    Vocation‘Distraction Techniques’Taizé G Dascombeth6 May10.30am Rev John A Squares


    APRIL 2012


    10.30 am2.30 pmst1 AprilDavid JonesRev Kofi Tekyi-

    Ansahth8T EavesRev J A Squares HCth15Rev E Gordon HCRev E Gordonnd22M HawkyardT Eavesth29 T EavesRev Kofi Tekyi-

    Ansahth29 at 6.00pmCS at Dialstone Lane Taizé G Dascombeth6 MayDianne JonesA Stoker

    Lawrence House at 10.30am, first Sunday in month: – D AllabythStepping Hill at 10.00pm 27 May: - A Rashleigh

    CSCircuit ServiceHCHoly Communion

    NYCNo Young Church


    Poynton Methodist Church is in the Hazel Grove and

    Poynton Circuit of the Manchester and Stockport

    Methodist District.

    Please see back of April/May Circuit Plan for Holy Week

    Services in our various Circuit Churches.

    You are warmly invited to join in with any of these services at

    the venues indicated.

    Please also note ‘Impossible God’ on Sunday evening 20 May

    at Poynton Methodist Church.


    There are many opportunities for prayer in our church and you will be very welcome to join any of the following groups: -

    Daytime Group: - We meet in the church prayer corner every

    Tuesday at 9.45am.

    Evening Group: - We meet on the second Tuesday in the

    month at 8.15pm at the home of Hilary Parry, 20 Hazelbadge Road (873674), praying specifically for Romania.

    Midday prayers are said every weekday in the church prayer corner at

    12.00 noon. There is a prayer list on the cupboard door near the front entrance. Elsie Faulkner would be happy to add your name to our rota.


    rdThe first Tuesday in April is 3 April. There will be a service at noon on that day followed by a simple lunch. All are very welcome to this 30min service that caters for shoppers, passers-by and everyone who is available and wishes to take this extra opportunity to worship.HYMNS AND STORIES ABOUT THEM No. 7 by Rev Amos Cresswell

    When I survey the wondrous cross,” H & P 180


    This great hymn of Isaac Watts (1671 – 1748) stands as one of the supreme expressions of our faith. It was first published in 1707 and has been sung by people, and encouraged them in their faith, for over three hundred years. It pictures the crucified Jesus in his agony and love and suggests our response to that great act of love. We should always recall that in his first draft Isaac Watts wrote:

    When I survey the wondrous cross

    Where the young prince of glory died.

    He changed it later for a better-balanced poetic line.

    In verse 3, we have a picture of the crucified Jesus and the bold idea of the “rich” crown of thorns, followed in verse 4 by the idea that as His blood is shed so our sins are done away.

    Archbishop William Temple wrote in one of his small books, of the time when he was leading a university mission. In a large meeting hall he closed with this hymn and said of the last verse: “If it means everything it can to you, sing it with all your voice; if it means nothing to you, don’t sing it at all; but if it means something and you would like it to mean much more, sing it softly”. And he said it was most moving as the whole of the people present sang it in a whisper.

    Had I been there, I, too, would have joined them.

    Love so amazing, so divine,

    Demands my soul, my life, my all.

    We are grateful to Rev Amos Cresswell for permission to use this article, part of a series first published in his home church magazine, Christ Church, Braunton, Devon (Joint URC and Methodist).



    thMaundy Thursday. 5 April 7.30pm

    Come and remember the last meal that Jesus

    shared with His disciples and partake of bread

    and wine as he commanded us to.

    Led by John Squares

    thGood Friday 6 April 2.00pm

    Follow the way of the cross as seen through the eyes of the Roman Centurion. “Truly this was the Son of God”

    Led by Mandy Hawkyard and Zoë Dawson.

    Messy Church for the children will take place at the same time.

    thEaster Sunday 8 April 10.30am



    Christ is Risen” – celebrate with the Church family. thON MONDAY 7 MAY 2012

    AT POYNTON METHODIST CHURCHService led by John Squares

     10.00am - NOON

    Morning Coffee, Cake Stall & Raffle

    thCome along, meet your friends andEaster Sunday 8 April 6.30pm

    celebrate May Day

    Join with Churches Together, every Church contributing to the celebration.

    Entrance ?1.00 including refreshments



    thSUNDAY 13 MAY 2012 at 2.30pm

    Preacher: Rev Derrick Lander

    A warm welcome is extended to everyone

    Tea available after the Service


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