answers of CET4 model test 2

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answers of CET4 model test 2


    Media and Shopping

     With numerous technological advances, various kinds of media have been well developed. As a result, an increasing number of people are fond of purchasing goods

    with the help of media, such as newspaper, radio, TV and the Internet.

     As we know, every coin has two sides and shopping via media is no exception. On one hand, it saves much time, money and effor to purchase goods through media since you dont have to go to shops in person. Besides, you can choose what you want from

    an enormous variety of goods on display. On the other hand, you may be cheated sometimes by the false information and suffer a considerable loss.

     As far as I am concerned, shopping via media brings great benefits to our life and economy on the whole. At the same time, we need strengthen supervision over the information released via media. In this way, we can reap more benefits from shopping via media and reduce the possible harm to minimum.

    PART ? (快速阅读)

    15 D B C D B

    67 C D

    8.are fed fish meanl

    9. the Prestige oil tanker

    10. the OSPAR Convention

    PART ? (听力)

    1115 B A C A A

    1620 A D B C B

    2125 C C C D B

    2630 C D A C C

    3135 A B B C C

    36. estimated

    37. preventable

    38. medical

    39. freedom

    40. restricted

    41. boundaries

    42. concern

    43. excessively

    44.The freedom to make such personal decisions can be a fundamental aspect of our society, although the wisdom of these decisions can be questioned. 45. a teenager may know the facts about smoking cigarettes and health but may be pressured by friends into believing it is the socially accepted thing to do.

    46. the decision to adopt a particular health-related behavior is usually one of personal choices

    PART ?(深度阅读)


    4751 D I G L A

5256 O K H E J


    5761 A D C B C

    6266 C A C B D

    PART ?(完型填空)

    6771 B A D C A

    7276 C C A B A

    7781 D C C D B

    8286 C D C D A

    PART ?(翻译)

    87she used to stay up late studying 88. must have dreamed of something terrible 89. as though he were delivering a speech 90. which made our journey more difficult 91. Seeing his parents safe and sound

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