Always Have Dreams

By Elizabeth Young,2014-08-28 01:37
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    Always Have Dreams

    You should be a dreamer yourself. If you dont have a

    dream,a plan,or a wish,how can you know where you want to go?Maybe some of your dreams are unrealistic and impossible,but as long as you work hard, your dreams may come true one day.

    Dreams in one way are not expensive.They dont cost

    any money.Even the poorest person in the world can have all the dreams he desires.But in another way they are expensive, for we have to work hard to make our freams come true.

    Dreams can come true,but even if they cant,life will be

    more beautiful foe the person who dreams.But dont be a


    We grow old by giving up our dreams.We should keep a wonderful dream deep in our hearts.If we can dream it, we can do it. If we stop dreaming we will close the door to success.

    So my good firends,I hope you will always be a dreamer,a poet,a seeker of rainbows after storms.

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