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    Unit 1 will people have robots ? A: at B: in C: on D: after

    一? 选择题? ( )22. He seems ______________.

    ( )1. What else do you want ? ________ else . I think I've A: happily B: happiness C: happy D: to happy got everything ready. A: Something B Nothing C: ( )23. There is __________ milk in this glass than in that Anything D: Everything one . A: littl e B: less C: least D: fewer ( )2. He __________ a pen to write . A: uses B: with ( )24. I hear there _________ a meeting tomorrow afternoon. ( )3. We'll try our best to do the work with _______ money A: will have B; have C; will be D: will and _______ people . A; little , few B; less , fewer C: ( )25. Doing eye exercises _________ good for us . fewer, less A: am B ; is C: are D: be

    ( )4. There will be _______ colleges in this city in 20 years ? ( )26. It took me an hour _______________ to school by

     A: few B: fewer C: less bike . A; get B: got C: getting D: to get ( )5. ______ do you think you will be in ten years ? ( )27. Did you see the soccer match on TV? Yes. I've never

     A: When B: Why C: What seen ________ good match before .

    ( )6. Experts think the weather ________ warmer in the A: so an B: so a C: such an D: such a

     future. A: will is B: will make C: will get ( )28. English __________a lot for business between ( )7. She likes playing ________violin . different countries.

     A: a B: the C: / A: uses B: used C: has used D: is used ( )8. _______ does it cost ? Twenty dollars . ( )29. Jack always runs faster than Peter , but this time he

     A: How many B: How many money C: How much __________ him. A: went over

    ( )9. Look! There are many children __________ kites in the B: fell behind C: put over D; dropped off

     park A: flying B: taking C: throwing ( )30. The boy was able to ___________ himself when he ( )10. The old feels _____________ because his wife is was very young . A: dress B: wear C: put on D:be in

     dead . A: alone B: lonely ( )31. Dr Green comes from either New York or Washington . ( )11. The woman ____________ the baby and carried her in I can't remember _________..

    her arms . A: put on B: wore C: dressed . A;: where B: there C: which D: that ( )12. There will be a new Wenchuan ___________ three ( )32. We're proud of the changes of Beijing . We're sure it

     years. A: After B: in will be even ________ tomorrow .

    ( )13. I heard you liked small animals very much . Yes, I A: good B: better C: best

    ________ a dog and a cat as pets '. ( )33. This is _____________ that all of us believe it's very

     A: kept B: fed C: found D: sent important . A: such useful information ( )14. The teacher was seen ___________ the office just now. B: so useful an information C: so useful information A: go into B: to go into C: go in D: to go in D: such a useful information

    ( )15. I've never seen _________ a beautiful city . ( )34. It _________ that he doesn't have any friends .

     A: such B: so A: likes B: seems C: as if

    ( )16. It's time to go to school . Please ______________. ( )35. Today people ________ computers ________ e-mails .

     A: wake up him B: wake him up A: are used to , sending B: use , to send ( )17. It's easy ___________ a child _________ wake up in C: used to, send D: are using , send

    the morning . A: to, to B: to, for C: for, for D: for, to ( )36. She _________ a coat today, though it isn't cold . ( )18. _________ people are watching the basketball game . A: is wearing B: put on C: dressed D: is dressing A: Thousand B: Thousands C: Thousand of ( )37. He seemed _________ what had happened .

     D: Thousands of A: to know B: knows C : know D: knowing ( )19. The sign made us _________ safe . ( )38. There is _____________ water . Could you get some ?

     A: feel B: feels C: felt D: to feel A: few B: a few C: little D: a little ( )20. He seemed ________________ what had happened . ( )39. I ___ the child as soon as i saw him .

     A: to know B: know C: knows D: knowing A: fell in love with B: fall in love C: fell in love ( )21. My sister will be a nurse ___________ half a year . D: fall in love with


    ( )40. He ___________ ride a bike when he was six years ( )60. When will you come to see me , Dad ? I'll go to see old . A: can B: was able to C: able to when you ________ the training course .

    ( )41. There are __________ of students in our school but A: finished B: finish C: are finishing D: will finish only ________ are girls . A: hundreds , two hundred ( )61. There _______ more students in our school next term .

     B: hundred , two hundreds C: hundreds , two hundreds A: will have B: is going to have C: will be D: is ( )42. It's easy _________ water from the river . ( )62. You're a little heavy . You should eat _______ meat .

     A: getting B: get C: gets D: to get A: few B: little C: fewer D: less ( )43. What's that terrible noise ? The neighbors ( )63. These magazine are _______ . You needn't pay money ______________ for a party . A: prepared for them . A: free B: cheap C: expensive D: important

     B: prepare C: will prepare D: are preparing ( )64. When will your father come back ? _______ a week.

    B; For C: At D : In ( )44.Are you ______ your winter holiday next week ? A: After

    ( )65. Manual always talks ____ but does ____. So everyone A: going to have B: will have C: had D: have

     likes him . A: few , little B: little , much ( )45. Do you often _________ from your parents ?

     C: less , more D: more , less A: heard B: hears C: to hear D: hear

    ( )46. _____Lucy ______her homework in her room now ? ( )66. It _______ them a year to build the tall building .

     A: used B: spent C: took D: found A: Is , doing B: Does , do C: Do, do D: Did , do

    ( )47.She dances better than Mary _____________. ( )67. He is _______ good teacher . We all like him .

     A: is B: has C: does D: dance A: a such B: such a C: so a D: so ( )48. Mary usually ________ up at five o'clock . ( )67. Yangtze River is one of __________ in the world .

     A: will get B: got C: get D: gets A: long B: longer C: longest D: the longest ( )49. They __________ four English classes a week last ( )68. Jim ________ in the library . I saw him there just

     term . A: has B: have C: had D: are having now . A: maybe B: may be C: can D: might is ( )50. A bird can ______ but i can't. ( )69. You have a dictionary , too. Why don't you use __?

     A: flies B: flying C: flew D: fly A: yours own B: your own's C: your own D: you own ( )51. They ________ to see me yesterday evening. ( )70. She likes be in the same color ________ I do .

     A: will come B: comes C: are coming D: came A: like B: with C: and D: as

    ( )52. We're moving to a different town _________. ( )71. He fell ____love ____ the city when he came here for

     A: the day before yesterday B: last Sunday the first time . A: in, to B: in, with C: for, of D : to, with

     C: the day after tomorrow D: a week ago ( )72. His sister is too young to _____________ herself . ( )53. Look ! The monkeys _______ the tree. A: dress B: wear C: put on D: have

     A: climb B: are climbing C: is climbing D: were climbing ( )73. Do you think it's easy to ________ fish ? No . You ( )54. When _______ you ________ to Australia ? Next have to know how to feed them , change the water Monday . A: did, fly B: will , fly C: are , fly D: do, fly and so on . A: buy B: look for C: keep D: find ( )55. Which team ________ the next football match ? ( )74. _____people lost their lives in the earthquake .

     A: wins B: won C: will win D: win A: Hundred B: Hundreds C: Hundreds of D: Hundred of ( )56. Sorry, Mr Green . I _______ my English book at ( )75. _______ is hard for me to work out the physics home . That's OK , but don't forget next time . problem. A: It B: This C: That D: They

     A: forgot B: forget C: left D: kept ( )76. The little girl is very clever . She can _______ speak ( )57. I called you at half past nine this morning , but there was several foreign languages . A: only B; just C: even D: still no answer . Oh, sorry , I ___with my cousin in the supermarket . ( )77. There are ________ computers in our school . A: shop B: was shopping C: shopped D: will shop A: two hundreds B: hundreds of

    ( )58. How about seeing the film with me ? Sorry. I ______ C: two hundred of D: hundred o f

     it twice . A: am seeing B: will see C: see D: have seen ( )78. There ______ a computer in everyone's home in 5 ( )59. Girls like eating snacks in bed while they ________ Years. A: will have B: will has C: is D: will be funny cartoon books . A: were enjoying B: are enjoying ( )79. Will there be fewer trees ? ____________.

     C: enjoyed D: are going to enjoy A: Yes, there will be B: Yes, there is


     C: No, there'll not D: No, there won't ( )99. Linda often ________ her homework in the evening , ( )80. Tom plays ______ piano very well , but he isn't good but this evening she ________ TV. A: does, watches

     at playing _______ tennis . B: is doing , will watch C: does, will watch D: will do , watches

     A: the ,/ B: the , the C: /, the D: /,/ ( )100. We used a ________ to send Shenzhou VIII into ( )81. I think teengers should surf the Internet after class . speace . A: spaceship B: rocket C: plane D: train _________. It's bad for them . A: I agree ( )101. Will people use bikes in 100 years ? __________.

     B: I don't know C: I don't agree D: I don't think A: Yes, they won't B: No, they will ( )82.Li Ping spends _______ time doing homework than I . C: Yes, they will D: Yes, there will

     A: little B: few C: less D: fewer ( )102. It will be bad for your health to eat ________ food ( )83.The child isn't old enough to __________himself . and take _______ exercise . A: fewer, more

     A: be in B: put on C: dress D: wear B: more , less C: little , much D: less, more ( )84. We'll ________ speak Japanese very soon . ( )103. We'll try to do the work better with _______ money

     A: can B: could C: be able D: be able to and _____people . A: few, little ( )85. My family will fly _____Hainan Island ___ vacation . C: less, fewer D: fewer , less B: a few, a little

     A: to, to B: for , for C: to, on D: for , to ( )104. I'm sure my dream will __________. ( )86. Do you agree __________me ? A: come in B: come true C: come into D: come out

     A: with B: to C: about D: for ( )105.Lin Tao is good at computer and he wants to be a ( )87. I ___________ think that Brazil ________ the World _______ in the future . A: astronaut B: engineer C: reporter

     Cup next time . A: don't, will win ( )106. Kids won't go to school if they ________ computers.

     B: /, won't win C: don't , win D: won't, win A: have B: has C: will have D: will has ( )88. _________ after supper is good for your health . ( )107. There are few ________ in the fridge . Let's go and

     A: To walk B: Walk C: Walking D: walked buy some peas , carrots and cabbages .

    ( )89. We'll have ________ cars in five years . A: meat B: fruit C: vegetables D: bread

     A: my own B: our own's C: won our D: our own ( )108. Peter , don't play that kind of joke any more . Sorry ! ( )90. Did you see the film last night ? Yes. I've never seen I ________ do it again .

    ____ good film before . A: won't B: can't C: mustn't D: wouldn't

    ( )109. There are about two ________ students in the A: so an B: so a C: such an D: such a

     newly-built school . A: thousand ( )91. It took me two hours ________ my homework .

     A: finish B: finished C: finishing D: to finish B: thousands C: thousands of D: thousand of ( )92. ________ years ago , the population of China was ( )110. There's ________ cooking oil left in the house .

     over 20 million . A: Four hundreds Would you go to the shop and get _______? B: Four hundred C: Four hundred of D: Four hundreds of A; little , some B: little , any C: few, some D: few, any ( )93. He seemed _________ what had happened . 二? 汉译英?

     A: to know B: knows C: know D: knowing 1.一百年后人们还将使用钱 ? Will people use money

    ( )94. The students should ________ a uniform to school ________ _______ ________?

     every day. A: dress B: put on C: take D: wear 2.请递给我一张纸。 Please pass me __________

    ( )95. His dream to be a scientist ______ when he was 36. ___________ ________paper.

     A: come true B: come real C: came true D: came real 3.下个月他将16岁了。 He __________ ___________

    ( )96. The old man went to look for his grandson ________. ___________ next month .

     A: before a few days B: in two days 4.将来树木将减少吗? __________ there ___________

     C: two days ago D: next two days fewer trees in the future ?

    ( )97. ______ do you think our life will be like next 5..城市将会变得庞大和拥挤。 Cities will be very _________

     month ? A: How B: What C: Who D: Where and ____________.

    ( )98. ________ will you leave Beijing ? In two hours . 6. 在这家电影院? 儿童看电影是免费的。 In this cinema ,

    A: How often B: How long films ________ _______ for children .

    C: How soon D: What time 7. I hope your dream will _______________


    _______________ (实现 ) one day. They ________ go camping . They ________ come to our 8. What will the robots be like ________ ___________ party ,I'm sure .

    ___________-(将来). 29.十年后你的生活将会是什么样的?_______ ________

    9. In the maths test , he checked the answers _________ your life ________ ________ ________? _______ ___________ __________ (反复地). 30.我甚至有肯能养一只鹦鹉。 I ______ ________

    10. I saw ______________ ____________ (数百) seagulls _________ a pet parrot .

    in the sky this morning . 31.我不喜欢独自一个人居住? 因为我会感到孤单寂寞。

    11. I __________ ____________ (寻找) it everywhere , but I don't like ________ _______ because I will feed I can't find it. _______________.

    12. I think even a child can answer _____________(这样) a 32.在周末? 我将能够穿的更随便些。

    ______________(简单的)question . ________ the weekend , I _________ ________ 13. His father is ____________________(很可能)bored with _______ to ________ ________ casually . so much _________________(家务活). 33.预测未来可能很困难的。 ______ the _________ can be 14. Who ______________(使得) the boy cry ? very difficult .

    15. 在操场上有数百人。There are _________ ___________ 34.机器人做和人一样的事将会很困难的。 ________

    people on the playground. _______ be difficult ________ a robot _________ 16. 我们向月球发射卫星的梦想终于实现了。 ___________ the _________ things _________ a

     Our dream of sending a satellite to the moon finally person .

    ________ _________ 35. 一些机器人将看起来像人? 其他的有可能看起来像蛇。

    17.没有人知道未来的生活是什么样子的。 No one knows _________ robots will __________ ________ humans , what the life is like ________ _______ _______. _________ might _________ like snakes . 18.我妹妹经常帮妈妈干家务。 My sister often __________ 36.人们将不使用钱? 一切东西都将是免费的。

    mother _______ the ____________. People ________ _______ money , ________ will 19.60年后人们能活到120 岁。 People _________ ________ ____________.

    _________ to 120 ________ 60 years. 37.十年后将会有少一些的污染吗?不? 不会。

    20.她一看那件衣服就喜欢上了它。 _________ ________ _________ ________

     She __________ _______ ________ __________ the ________ in ten years ?

    dress as soon as she saw it . No, _____________ _____________

    21.我们必须穿校服上学。 We have to _________ _______ 三? 用所给词的适当形式填空?

    __________ to school . 1.There _______________(be)another child in Susan's family 22.10 年后? 污染将会减少? 树木将更多。 next month .

     In 10 years , there will be __________ ________ and 2.There isn't _________ (some) water in the bottle . _____________ _______________. 3.People will use the subways ____________ (little) in the 23.下周一? 我叔叔将乘飞机去广州。 Next Monday my future.

    uncle is ______________ ___________ Guangzhou . 4.I have ______ (few) apples than you.

    24.书籍将会仅仅在电脑? 而不在纸上。 Books _______only 5.I hope there will be _______________(much) trees in our ________ on computer , not _______ paper. city.

    25.今后在这座城市将会有更多的树木? 更少的污染。 6. __________________(predict) the result can be very

     There will ________ _________ trees and ______ difficult.

    pollution in the city in future . 7. Mary is well worth _________________(teach) . 26.五年前莉莉还在上大学。 Sally was __________ college 8. I can _______________________(skated). five years ___________. 9.No one will want to see actors _______________(talk). 27.你认为十年后你的朋友会做什么职业? 10. What he said ____________________(come) true soon. __________ do you think your friend will ________ 11. Five years ago , Jim ________________(be) in high school , _______ten years ? but now he ____________(be) in college. 28.他们不会去野营? 我确信他们将来参加我们的聚会。 12. When i was young , i ________________(come) to the city ,


then i _________(fall) in love with it. at night .

    13. Do you think there _________________(be) any paper 39. Robot ______________(help) people

    money in one hundred years ? _________________(do)housework in the future. 14. If you are ill , you must ___________________(drink) 40. I went there last year and ________________(fall) in love much water. with it .

    15. There ________________(be)fewer animals living here in 41. It's not easy ______________(make) the robot do the same ten years . things as people .

    16. A lot of ______________(build )will be rebuilt in Sichuan 四?用much, many, few, more, less fewer填空

    in 3 years 1.Every day mother always has __________________ 17. I __________(be) a doctor in ten years . housework to do.

    18.There ______________(be) more trees in this area in two 2.Nowaday _________ and _________ people learn English . years . 3.He is a man of ______________ words.

    19. People ______________(not use ) money instead of credit 4.There will be pollution if everyone protects our environment . card in the future . 5.Gina has ______________ friends because she's lovely. 20. I have ___________________(little) money than you. 6.There are ________________ guests visiting the place of 21. They picked _____________________(few) apples than we interest.

    did . 7.There's ______________milk in this bottle than in that 22. Tom read __________________(many) story-books than bottle .

    Jim. 8.______________ people like to live in a polluted place. 23. Kids ___________________(study) at home on computer 9.I'm poor . I don't have ________________ money . tomorrow. 10.I'm happy because I have ________________________ 24.I ___________ (fall) in love with the girl when I first saw friends .

    her. 五? 根据句意及首字母提示写出所缺单词。

    25. In ten years, I think I'll be a _____________(report). 1.E___________ begins to grow in spring . 26. I might even _______________(keep) a pet dog . 2.Yang Liwei is the first a______________ in China. 27. I think Jim sings _________________(well) than Tom. 3.She isn't old enough to d_________________ herself . 28. My father always makes me __________________(go) to 4.The old man has no children . He has to live bed early. a____________________.

    29. Do you think there will be 5.There isn't enough s______________ in the bus . The people __________________(little)pollution in five years than now ? are crowded .

    30. Would you like to go _________________(shop) with us? 6.We'll fly r___________ to the moon and Mars . 31.My uncle ________________(live)in their hometown last 7.I t____________ the train to school every day. year, but now he ____________ (live) in Beijing 8.I went to Sydney last year and f_____________ in love with

     because he is working there. He says he it.

    ___________________(live) in Washington in 2 years . 9.The old men often play cards t______________. 32. There will be _____________(many) cars and buses in the 10.You must finish your work a______________. future . 11.There will be more p_______________ . Rivers and Lakes 33. The famous _____________(predict) will come true next will be very dirty .

    year. 12.Where do you live ? I live in an a________________. 34. We'll have ______________(little) free time next year than 13.B______________English , I also like maths and physics . this year. 14.The works of the young man will never be 35. ______________ (predict) the future can be very difficult . w______________ anything .

    36. There ___________(be) a football game tomorrow. 15.In summer , we often go s____________ in the sea. 37. Each family __________________(have) a robot in 50 16. My uncle's office is in this tall b__________________. years. 17. We should do the work with less money and 38. Mother usually makes me ______________(stay) at home f____________ people .


18. E_________ is ready . Let's start our picinc . destroyed.

    19. I think we will have less free time . I don't a___________ ( )1.A.bad B.good C.poor with you. ( ) B.most C.two D.none 20. People u_________ pen to write with and p__________ to

    ( )3.A.may B.should C.can't D.won't write on .

    ( )4.A.sea D.sand 21. Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng are Chinese famous a____________ to circle the earth in a rocket . ( )5.A.high B.big C.strong D.low 22. We missed the last bus so we t______________ a taxi . ()6.A.keep up B.set upC.stay up D.grow up 23. We learned a lot d____________ my stay in Beijing . ( )7.A.sorry B.pleased C.afraid D.wondering 24. He lives a___________ in a small house , but he doesn't ( )8.A.walls B.stores C.cities D.houses feel lonely .

    ( ) B.still C.always D.never 25. Man will fly r____________ to the moon and Mars.

    ( )10.A.before B.if C.or D.until 26. Jim will be a___________ to meet his old friends soon. 27. There will be f___________ people in the store than 七、阅读理解? A

    before . Let us suppose(假设) it is now about A.D.2060. 28. We should reduce p___________ and keep the air clean . People go to the moon every day. It is as easy to take 29. Will there be a lot of tall b__________ on both sides of the a holiday on the moon today as it was for the people street ?

    in 1960 to take a holiday in Europe. 30. There are many famous p__________ that never came true .

    What are people eating now? People are still 31. Yang Liwei , Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng are Chinese a______________. eating food. But many foods now come in pill(弹丸)form. 32. He likes animals very much . He k____________ two dogs Farming, of course, is very highly developed. Very few

    and a cat . people have to work on the farm. People are now largely 33. It says , "Everything is p_____________." vegetarians(素食者)and we are healthier both in our 34. The old man lives a_____________ , but he doesn't feel

    bodies and in our minds, and we don't have any l_____________.

    diseases(疾病). No one has to be ill any more. 六? 完形填空

    ( )1.The writer thinks in 2060 people can go to the We can not stop earthquakes(地震), but we can do

    moon . A.every day B.every hour things to make sure they do not destroy(破坏)whole

     C.every minute D.every second cities. First, it is not a 1 idea to build houses

    ( )2.Now people are eating . along the lines where 2 of the earth's plates join

     A.grass D.books together. Second, if you think there 3 be an

    ( )3.Many foods now come in form. earthquake, it is better to build houses on rock, not

    A.water B.pill C.air D.trees on 4 . Third, you must make the houses as 5 as

    ( )4.In 2060, work on the farm. possible. Weak buildings will fall down in an people farmers C.many D.very few earthquake, but strong ones may 6 .

    ( )5.No one has to be ill any more because . Scientists were 7 that one day an even bigger

    A.there is much medicine(药物 B.there are few people earthquake would hit the part around San Francisco.

    C.there are no diseases D.there are no doctors They call it “the Big One”. However, people today are

     B still building more 8 . The population in and

     Are you able to send a letter with pictures and around San Francisco is 9 ten times more than it sounds to someone somewhere in the world without a was in 1906. This means that 10 there is another stamp on it? Using a computer you can send e-mails

    earthquake a great many houses and buildings will be quickly and easily. The post is much slower than e-mail.


    ( ) 3. The Internet can not be used to _____. E-mail can send its message to the other side of the A. find information for our homework.. world in seconds. E-mail is easy to use and it saves B. get some information about our favorite sports time and money. The differences in time in different stars.

    C. do some shopping. D. do some housework parts of the world do not matter when sending e-mail. ( ) 4. Which of the following is NOT true? It’s twenty-four-hour service that you can send A:The Internet is a big computer. e-mail at any time of the day or night. No one has to B. The Internet is lots of computer networks.

     C. The Internet is very helpful. be there to get e-mail. It does not matter if your D. People can work at home with the help of the friends are in beds when you send e-mail to them, or Internet.

    you are seeing a movie at the movie theater when they ( ) 5. What does the writer try to tell us with the

    last two sentences? send e-mail back. A. The Internet is more and more popular. ( )6.We can use a ____ to send e-mail. B. All the information is English.

     A. robot B. video C. computer D. letter C. English is important in using the Internet.

    D. Every computer must join the Internet. ( )7.E-mail is ______ the post. A. faster than B. as fast as

     C. much slower than D. not so fast as . 15 BCADC 610 ACDAB

    ( )8.It takes_______ to send e-mail to the other side . (A) ACBDC (B) CABDC (C) ABDAC

    任务型阅读 of the world. A. minutes

     B. seconds C. seven days D. hours 1 ( )9.You can send e-mail at any time______. Today it is found that most middle school A. in the daytime B. at night students pay little attention to sports. Its because C. on weekends D. of the day or night

    they have no interest in sports? It may not be the fact. ( )10._______ send e-mail to your friends when they

    They often say they have other more important are sleeping.A. You can’t B. you must

     C. You can D. You shouldn’t things to do. What are these important things? Exams!

    They usually spend over ten hours a day revising for C

    Perhaps you have heard a lot about the Internet, exams. So many of them almost become bookworms. In the but what is it?

    summer holidays they could hardly do anything they like. The Internet is many different networks around the

    world. A network is a group of computers put together. Books ?____ them from going in for ?____. ?因为来These networks joined together are called the

    Internet. 自父母和老师的压力,他们不得不更加努力学习.

    Maybe that doesn’t sound interesting. But when As for the students themselves, they want to get we’ve joined the Internet. There are lots of things

    we can do. We can have a lot of interest on the World good results so that they can go further for their Wide Web (www). We can use the internet instead of a studies. ?They dont have to put all their effort into library to find all kinds of information for our

    homework.. We can find information about our favorite studying and give up all the sports and hobbies. In fact, sports or film stars and do shopping on the Internet. education cannot go without physical exercise, because We can also send messages to other people by e-mail.

    It is much cheaper and quicker than calling our friends a quick mind hardly goes along a week body. or sending letters. All the students should remember: If you donThanks to the Internet, the world is becoming

    smaller and smaller. People can now work at home with t have a strong body, you can never achieve anything, a computer in front, getting and sending the

    let alone a great success in your life. information they need. They can buy or sell whatever

    they want by the Internet. But do you know 98%of the 1、在?句的空白处填入适当的词使句意完整?上下文通information is English? So what will English be like

    tomorrow? 顺。

    ( ) 1. The passage is mainly about_____.A. the 2、将?句译成英文。 Internet B. information C. computers D. e-mail

    ( ) 2.The quickest and cheapest way for people to send ________________________________________________

    message to their friends is_. 3、将?句译成中文 A. by post B. by e-mail C. by telephone D. by TV


    __________________________________________________ 5. 找出或写出能概括本文大意的句子。 4、写出与下列句子意思相近的句子: ___

    It usually takes them more than ten hours to revise .

    for exams.

    keys __________________________________________________

    1:.stop/keep/prevent,sports 5、找出文中或写出最能表达该短文主题的句子。

    2.Because of the stress from their _________________________________________________

    parents and teachers, they have to work Hundreds of years ago, life was much harder than it

    harder. is today. People didnt have modern machines. There

    3.他们不必全身心投入学习而放弃所有的运was no modern medicine, either.

    动和爱好。 Life today has brought new problems.

    4. They usually spend over ten hours a day One of the biggest problems is pollution. Water

    revising for exams. pollution has made our rivers and lakes dirty. It

    5. If you dont have a strong body, you killed our fish and _____a_____ our drinking water.

    can never achieve anything, let alone a ____b_____ pollution makes us talk louder and become

    great success in your life. angry more easily. Air pollution is the most serious

     kind of pollution. Its hard to all the living things

    2 in the world.

    1. a. polluted b. Noise Cars, planes and factories all pollute our air every

    2. 有时被污染的空气如此的厚?就像城市上day, ?2?sometimes the polluted air is so thick that

    空盖了一条被子。 it is like a quilt(被子) over a city. This kind of quilt

    3. If there are fewer people driving/ If is called smog.

    fewer people drive cars,, there will be Many countries are making rules to flight

    less pollution. pollution. Factories must now clean their water before

    或?The fewer people drive, the it is poured away, they mustnt blow dirty smoke into

    less pollution there will be. the air.

    4. Factories must now clean their water We need to do many other things. We can put waste

    before it is thrown away. things in the dustbin and not throw it on the ground.

     5. Life today has brought new problems. We can go to work by bus or with our friends in the same car, (3)开车的人少了?空气污染就少了。 Unit 1 句子应用

    1. People will have robots (将拥有机器人) in 1. 在横线上填入适当的单词 a.____________

    their homes. b. _____________.(每空一词)

    2. 将句子(2)译成汉语 a. People _____________ (过去几乎没有机__________________________________________________ 器人) in their homes. 3. 将句子(3)译成英语

     b. People _____________ (拥有机器人) to __________________________________________________

    4. 找出Dirty water must be stopped from dumping into work in the factory now. the river. 的同义句. c. People ____________ (将能够拥有)



    robots to help with work. (a. will be more robots b. will be less

     (a. had few robots b. have/own robots pollution c. will be fewer workers) c. will be able to have) 5. In ten years, I will be a reporter.

     a. She _______ (be) a doctor ten years ago. 2. Everything will be free. (将免费)

     b. She _____ (be) a doctor in a hospital now. a. Everything __________ (是免费的) from

    Monday to Friday. c. She _________ (be) a doctor in the future.

     d. She __________ (use) robots at home in b. Nothing _____________(是免费的) here

    in the old days. 10 years.

     (a. was b. is c. will be d. will use ) c. All the things ___________ (将免费) in

    the restaurant tomorrow. 6. I went to Shanghai last year and fell in love

     (a. is free b. was free c. will be with it.

    free) a. She came to Beijing last year and 3. People will live to be 200 years old. ?活_________ (喜欢上了北京).

    ……岁? b. The boy ______________ (爱上了京剧)

    and sings every day. a. She thinks she ________________ (将活

    120). c. You _______________ (将会喜欢上这幅

     b. The old woman ________________ (活到) because it’s beautiful. (a. fell in love

    with it b. falls in love with Beijing Opera 106).

    c. will fall in love with the picture) c. Humans __________________ (将能够活

    7. She doesn’t like living alone. She feels 70多岁).

     (a. will live to be 120 years old b. lived to lonely at home.

    be 106 years old a. She doesn’t like ____________ (一个人

    c. will be able to live to be 70 years old) 工作) in the office.

    4. There will be more trees and less pollution. b. People _____________ (感到孤独) after

    retiring from work. a. There ____________ (将有更多的机器人)

    in the future. c. She _____________ (一个人居住) on the

    island in 10 days. b. There _______________ (将有更少的污

     (a. working alone b. feel lonely c. will ) in the future.

    live alone) c. There ___________ (更少的工人) in the

    factory in 50 years. 8. I’ll be able to dress more casually at


weekends. c. keeps 100 chickens d. to keep fish as

    pets ) a. Peter ____________ (穿西装) from

    Monday to Friday. 11. Predicting the future can be difficult.

     b. People usually __________ (穿着随便) at a. _____________ (预测自己的分数) is weekends. not easy for you.

     c. Please __________ (戴上帽子) before b. _____________ (预测自己的未来) is you leave home. also difficult for every one.

     (a. wears a/his suit b. dress casually c. c. It’s necessary for you ______________

    put on your hat) (预测明天的天气).

    9. I think Brazil will win last time. (a. Predicting your own grades b.

     a. She ________ (win) in the next English Predicting your own future Speech Contest. c. to study for the country)

     b. She ________ (win) a pen in a math 12. There are many famous predictions that

    contest last term. never came true.

     c. She often ______ (beat) her father in a. She hopes that _________________ (她的

    playing chess. 预言将实现).

     d. She ________ (beat) Mary in the next b. She knows that _______________ (她的

    sports meeting. 梦想将能实现).

     (a. will win/is going to win b. won c. c. In the end, ______________ (她的梦想终

    beats d. will beat) 于实现了).

    10. My friend keeps a pig as a pet in his house. (a. her prediction can come true b. her

    dream will a. She ____________(将养一个鹦鹉作为

    be able to come true c. her dream came 宠物) in the future.

    true) b. She likes _________ (养花) in the room

    in winter. 13. Computers will be used by most people. (

     c. The old woman ___________ (养了100被使用)

    只鸡) for her life. a. Paper money ___________ (将不被使用)

    future people. d. It’s not so easy ____________ (养鱼作

    为宠物) at home. b. Such a robot ____________ (将被用来)

     (a. will keep a parrot as a pet b. keeping looking at home.



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