Meet the Legacy marketing team

By Bertha Green,2014-07-10 17:52
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Meet the Legacy marketing team ...

    Mencap’s Wills and Trusts Service

Every year the Wills and Trusts team advise over 3000 parents and carers of

    people with a learning disability on how best to make a will and set up a trust.

    The team helps people to secure future financial support in the best possible way

    for a loved one who has a learning disability.

These are some of the free services Mencap provides:

    ? Helpful guides and booklets including:

    ? Leaving money in Trust

    Mencap’s guide to leaving money to people with a learning disability.

    ? A guide to making your will

    A factsheet of the key things to consider when making or updating your


    ? An easy-to-read guide to wills

     Information about wills written for people with a learning disability.

    ? Don't leave until tomorrow what you can do today

     Information about making leaving a gift in your will to Mencap.

    ? Free two-hour Planning for the Future’ seminars across the country.

    Each region of England, Wales and Northern Ireland is visited annually. The

    seminars are delivered by a qualified local solicitor who provides delegates

    with advice on issues such as: why to make a will, what to include in a will,

    what are trusts the benefits and the types available, enduring powers of

    attorney and the court of protection. There is also opportunity to ask


? A recommended directory of specialist solicitors solicitors from

    across the country are selected by a strict criteria, mainly based on their

    experience of working with parents and carers of people with a learning

    disability and also their expertise in making wills and setting up trusts.

? Aarti Puri is Mencap’s in-house wills and trusts solicitor, her role is to

    advise parents, carers and trustees about their options when considering their

    family members with a learning disability in wills and trusts. Aarti gives

    advice over the phone, and by email.

    Aarti is happy to answer any queries on:

    ? Making and changing wills ? Making statutory wills

    ? Setting up trusts (including ? Finding a solicitor for advice

     Mencap Trust Company) ? Trustees responsibilities and

    ? Making enduring powers of duties

     attorney and registering at the ? The rules that apply to means-

     Court of Protection tested benefits for people with

    ? Issues of capacity a learning disability

    ? Welfare and healthcare ? The new Mental Capacity Act

     decisions 2005

    ? Appointment of receivers at

    court of protection

    ? Living wills

Mencap Trust Company Limited

    Mencap Trust Company Limited is a company that manages discretionary trusts

    set up for people with a learning disability. Some people choose to appoint a

    company rather than an individual to act as the trustee of their trust . This may

    be because they do not know anyone who can act as trustee, or because they do

    not want to place the responsibility on them. In addition, the trust company has

    expertise and experience in running trusts.

To find out more about any of these services call the team on 0207 696

    6925, email or visit

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