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    Contract for Purchase of a Car

Buyer’s Name Seller’s Name

    Address Address

    City, State, ZIP City, State, ZIP

    Phone Phone

    The Seller hereby conveys to the Buyer full ownership and title to the motor vehicle described below:

    Description of Motor Vehicle Sold:

    Year ___________ Make ________ Model _______

    VIN: _______________________________________________

    The Buyer hereby agrees to pay the Seller $X on MM/DD/YY, and $Y on the Nth day of each month

    beginning MM/DD/YY, until all payments made to the Seller total $X.

    If Buyer fails to make a payment on or before its due date, a late fee of $X shall be added to the balance

    due and shall be payable immediately.

    Both parties hereby agree that this is an “as-is” sale, with no warranties of any kind expressed or implied.

    This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of ______________ and the County of

    _________________ and any applicable U. S. laws.

    The parties hereby signify their agreement to the terms above by their signatures affixed below:

    _____________________________________ _________________________________

    Buyer’s signature, date Seller’s signature, date

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