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Learn more about the chapter here - _ ...

    Washington, D.C. Area Alumni Chapter

    2009-2010 Academic Year

    The Washington, D.C. Area Alumni Chapter seeks to attract participation from the over 150 McGeorge alums located in the District of Columbia,

    Virginia, and Maryland. The Chapter organizes several social events throughout

    the year, assists McGeorge students in obtaining summer employment in the

    area, and assists McGeorge graduates in obtaining employment following

    graduation. The Chapter also seeks to raise McGeorge’s visibility throughout

    the area and to increase goodwill towards and donations to the school.

     The Washington, D.C. Area Alumni Chapter is a resource to current and

    former McGeorge students. Over the last two summers, the Chapter has

    offered information and guidance to McGeorge students summering in the area

    and the Chapter’s capacity in this regard is growing. Similarly, the Chapter has

    offered guidance to students hoping to work in the D.C. area and the Chapter is

    working hard to improve its success rate in placing students.

    For Students Seeking Summer Employment:

* Start early, start early, start early!

    * Decide whether you are able to accept a non-paying internship with a local

    alum in your possible practice area

    * Decide whether you may enjoy a government position

    * Look online for positions and application deadlines

    * Work with the school and the DC chapter to call upon McGeorge contacts

    * Decide what your housing budget will be and where you want to live (many

    local law and undergraduate schools offer summer housing (packets available

    from Kevin Hennessey))

    * Decide your start and end dates

    * Find other McGeorge summers, attend the social events, locate local alums in

    your possible practice area

    * Contact the CDO regarding Matsui Scholarship opportunities

    McGeorge Students Who Interned In The Washington, D.C. Area

    Summer Position McGeorge Student Year

    Design Registration League Theresa Esquerra 2007

    Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in the Paula Gluzman 2007 Chambers of the Honorable Judge Lawrence B.


    Department of Homeland Security - FEMA, Jennifer Plescia 2007 Office of Chief Counsel - Litigation Department

    American Rights at Work Kelli Black 2008

    Fair Vote Sarah Dansereau 2008

    National Naval Medical Center Cynthia Grande 2008

    Millenium Challenge Corporation Megan Herberger 2008 Office of the Solicitor, Department of the Interior, Scott Keefe 2008

    Land and Water Division

    U.S. Air Force Jeremy West 2008

    For Recent Graduates And Those Seeking Long-Term Employment: * Start early, start early, start early!

    * Work with the school and the DC chapter to call upon McGeorge contacts

    * Prepare an error-free resume and forward it to Mr. Gustavo Matheus. Mr. Matheus will

    distribute it to local alums who may be able to assist with placement

Current D.C. Alumni Chapter Co-Chairs:

Kevin Hennessy 96 Evening

    Born in Long Island, New York. Received a B.S. in Economics with majors in Accounting

    and Finance from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 1985. After receiving

    his J.D. from McGeorge in 1996, Kevin obtained an LL.M. in taxation from Georgetown

    University Law Center in May of 2004. Since 2004, Kevin has been the Director of Tax at

    Feld Entertainment, the largest producers and presenters of live family entertainment in the

    world, including Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus “The Greatest Show on Earth” and “Disney on Ice.” Prior to that, Kevin worked at MCI Communications for

    fourteen years at various locations, including Washington, D.C., New York , and Sacramento,

    where he worked in various federal, state, and local tax areas. Kevin started his career at

    Price Waterhouse in Washington, D.C.

    To contact Kevin: 202-251-6603 (cell) or

Gustavo Matheus 96 Day

    Born in Venezuela and raised in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Gustavo obtained

    a B.A. in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 1990.

    After graduation, he worked in the field of molecular biology at the Johns Hopkins School

    of Hygiene and Public Health and was subsequently employed as a science writer by

    Prospect Associates, a contractor with the National Cancer Institute. Since 1998, Gustavo

    has been in solo practice, representing hospitals, physicians, and allied healthcare providers in first- and third-party collections, and with issues involving compliance and contract

    negotiations. Gustavo has also been general counsel to several businesses. Prior to opening his law firm, Gustavo worked as support staff at a lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. and

    later graduated from the United States Marine Corps Office Candidate School in Quantico,

    Virginia. His next chapters include teaching and writing.

    Gustavo may be reached at 240-447-8550 (mobile) or by email at

Shakira D. Pleasant ’04 Evening

    Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Shakira earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in

    Political Science from California State University, Chico before attending Pacific-McGeorge

    from 2000-2004. She moved to the Washington, D.C. area shortly after graduating from

    Pacific-McGeorge and currently resides in the District of Columbia. Shakira is employed as

    an Assistant Attorney General with the D.C. Office of the Attorney General, Office of the

    General Counsel for the Department on Disability Services. She formerly served in the

    Office of the General Counsel for the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory

    Affairs. Her legal practice is in the area of administrative law with a focus on disability law.

    Shakira also has prior experience in the areas of land use litigation, civil and criminal law,

    appellate and civil rights law.

    Shakira may be reached by email at (work email).

Key D.C. Area Chapter Contacts:

    Erin M. Dunston ’99 Day Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Northern Virginia. Returned to Northern Virginia

    (the Mt. Vernon area of Alexandria, Virginia) following graduation with her husband, Sean

    Dunston (’98 Day). Erin practices patent law (prosecution, litigation, opinion, and

    interference work) at the Washington, D.C. office of Bingham McCutchen LLP. Prior to

    joining Bingham in May of 2005, Erin worked for the intellectual property boutique firm of

    Burns, Doane, Swecker & Mathis LLP for six years.

    To contact Erin: 202-373-6162 (day) and 703-619-6528 (evenings and

    Sean Dunston ’98 Day Sean started his own firm, focused exclusively on wills, trusts, and estates in March of 2008

    in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. Prior to that, Sean was associated for seven years in wills,

    trusts, and estates with William L. Babcock. Sean, a California native, is happy to speak with

    current students and alums, and can provide practical guidance to those seeking careers in

    tax, wills, trusts, and estates.

    Sean may be reached at 703-836-3330 (work phone) or via email at

    Theresa Esquerra ’08 Day Theresa currently attends the George Washington University Law School for an LL.M. in

    Intellectual Property Law. During the summer of 2007, she worked in Silver Spring,

    Maryland, as the Director of Research for the Design Registration League, an intellectual

    property coalition seeking better protection for industrial designs. Theresa may be

    reached by email at

    Kamala Lyon ’99 Day Kamala is currently serving in the Office of Federal Governmental Relations for the

    University of California as a governmental relations representative. Kamala currently

    specializes in legislative matters and covers issues such as intellectual property and tax issues. Kamala is from the San Francisco Bay Area and received a B.A. in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1992. After graduating from college, Kamala worked for Members of the U.S. House of Representatives both in California and in Washington, DC. Kamala spent four years working for Congress before returning to California to attend McGeorge. While at McGeorge, Kamala participated in the Governmental Affairs program and returned to Washington, DC after her first and second years to serve as a law clerk for the House Judiciary Committee. After finishing at McGeorge and working in the Bay Area for two years, Kamala returned to Washington, DC in 2001. She has been working for UC in Washington, DC since 2001.

    Kamala can be reached at 703-655-4630 (mobile) or by email at, or

Robert (Bob) C. MacKichan, Jr., ’76 Day

    After practicing law in California for approximately six and a half years with the Alameda County District Attorneys Office and a law firm in Walnut Creek, Mr. MacKichan moved to Washington, DC in 1983 and served in two Administrations over nine and a half years. His Government service includes two years in The White House and three and a half years as General Counsel of the U.S. General Services Administration. Currently, he is with the law firm of Holland & Knight LLP specializing in federal real estate work representing building owners, real estate developers, property managers and commercial brokers nationwide providing legal counsel in all aspects of government lease procurement and administration, real estate acquisition and disposition, and government construction and administration. To contact Bob: 202-862-5962 (day) or

Ben Packard ’06 Day

    Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area, Ben decided to follow an interest in politics, kindled by his father’s involvement in city council for Mountain View and Los Altos, California and his great-uncle’s involvement in the House of Representatives. After a short

    time with the House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary as a law clerk for the full committee, he realized his love lied in patent law. With a background in chemistry, Ben entered an M.S. in Chemistry program at George Mason and left Congress to work as a contract attorney (temporary litigation support) for a number of firms, including his longest placement at O'Melveny and Myers. After interviewing at numerous patent firms and government agencies, Ben decided to accept an offer that fit best with his long-term goals, ending up at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Ben is currently employed as a patent examining attorney where he reviews pharmaceuticals and methods of treatment applications. He is designated as a reissue and accelerated examination specialist for his area. Ben may be reached at

     Tips From A Former D.C. Summer

    Paula Gluzman interned in Washington DC during the summer of 2007 at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in the Chambers of the Honorable Judge Lawrence B. Hagel. There, she worked with Judge Hagel’s four clerks researching the law and drafting

    orders and opinions.

    To prepare for her summer, Paula first went through the DC Alumni binders at CDO, contacted as many alumni as she could for informational interviews to gain information about the DC legal job market, to get further contacts in the areas of law in which she was interested, and of course, to get job leads.

    The information she gathered was helpful, but the most important thing Paula did was to find some time to take a long weekend trip to DC. Once the flight was booked, she was able to include in her cover letters and phone meetings that she was actually coming to DC and was able to meet personally regarding potential jobs. She found this incredibly helpful as more people took her seriously, and were more willing to invest the time to help her look for jobs. Paula was able to schedule in advance several meetings during her visit. Taking a red-eye out on a Wednesday night, she would spend all of the following Thursday and Friday meeting with DC alumni and their contacts for potential job openings. One of these meetings led to a job offer with Judge Hagel.

    While interning in DC, Paula made an effort to connect with as many alumni as possible. She also researched and attended many of the great professional and social events planned by the DC Bar Association and other like legal associations. Paula treated her summer in DC as a time to gain practical legal skills, as well as a time to plant roots for when she came back after graduation. Building relationships and networking were a high priority and DC has a lot of amazing opportunities to do so.

    In short, Paula recommends having a plan for your DC job search and if possible, include a visit to the District. Once in DC, take the time early in the summer to research and schedule the legal/professional events you plan to attend. It takes being proactive, but finding a great DC job is very possible! Finally, get to know the wonderful people that make up the McGeorge DC Alumni Chapter! Each one of them are more than willing to help make the DC summer experience its best and to bring a bit of McGeorge's warm community to Washington DC!

Feel free to contact Paula if you have any questions,

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