Lenore Albert, Esq

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Lenore Albert, Esq ...

Lenore L. Albert, Esq.

    7755 Center Avenue #1100, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Ph: 714-372-2264


    Hands on owner of a sole proprietorship with multi-industry experience and a proven track

    record of maintaining a good reputation of zealously and competently representing my clients for

    the past 9 years. I successfully handled many different types of legal matters by devoting my

    attention to each matter, applying my business background in finance and economics to the

    situation and factoring in compassion in giving my legal advice and strategy to my clients. I like

    the practice of law because it combines some of my most favorite things: creativity, change,

    intellectual debate in the pursuit of helping another human being, the ability to give back, and a

    good game of chess.


    California State Bar Number 210876 as of Dec. 5, 2000


    Owner 2001 to present

    Law Offices of Lenore Albert

    This practice originally started representing a select clientele base by providing legal services for

    all of their legal needs from estate planning and business transactions to litigation. As the

    business developed, this office became known for handling cases in 5 primary legal areas:

    business litigation, personal injury, contracts/agreements including estate planning, and

    intellectual property matters. My newest creation is a web based business model

    ( that offers unbundled legal services to individuals and small

    businesses who find it economically more desirable to seek out limited representation during

    recessionary times. My responsibilities and achievements include:

    ? Overall day to day management responsibilities for this sole proprietorship which has

    contracted, expanded and changed over the years.

    ? Built a reputation, presumably, of zealous and competent representation of my clients

    because the opposition retained some of the largest preeminent firms to defend against claims

    I filed on behalf of my clients. The list of opposing firms include:

    o K&L Gates, LLP “approximately 1800 lawyers who practice in 35 offices located on

    three continents” K&L Gates, LLP,

    o Horvitz & Levy, LLP “largest firm in the nation specializing exclusively in civil appellate

    litigation” Horvitz & Levy, LLP

    o Bryan Cave LLP, “a leading business and litigation firm…[w]ith, more than 1,100

    attorneys and other professionals in 19 offices worldwide” Bryan Cave LLP

    o Jones Day * Ford, Walker, Haggerty & Behr * Arent Fox, LLP * Cihigoyentche,

    Grossberg & Clouse.

    ? Assisted persons and small companies in starting up a variety of business ventures,

    modifying them, expanding them and in some cases, winding them down and dissolving


    AVVO rating of 8.0/10 “Excellent” Accredited BBB rating of A+

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Lenore L. Albert, Esq.

    7755 Center Avenue #1100, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Ph: 714-372-2264

    ? Advised high net worth individuals, businesses and average income individuals with special

    needs then prepared complete estate planning documents as required (wills, trusts, durable

    power of attorney, health care directives, real property deed transfer documents and

    documents for banking needs).

    ? Hands on litigation from beginning to end: client interviews and intake, witness interviews,

    written and oral discovery; pleadings, petitions, administrative mandamus, law and motion

    matters including discovery motions, demurrers, motions to dismiss, motions to strike,

    judgment on the pleadings, summary judgment motions, injunctions, restraining orders,

    attachments, writs, mediation, impleader/interpleader, anti-SLAPP motions, motions in

    limine, good faith settlement motions, motions to vacate judgment/order, motions for new

    trial, and request for statement of decisions; alternative dispute resolution including

    settlements, arbitrations, CRASH and trial de novo; all aspects of trial preparation including

    technology selection and coordination for use at trial, first chaired bench trials, first chaired

    jury trials, prepared trial motions, trial memorandums and appellate briefs; delivered oral

    argument to trial courts, jurors and appellate courts on pretrial, trial and post-trial issues. ? Represented individuals, small businesses and state and federal agencies. ? Obtained a $1.84 million jury verdict in pro per motor vehicle collision/personal injury case

    after prior attorney attempted to settle the case for $15,000.00 without doing any discovery or

    work up. Jury verdict later vacated by Court of Appeal based on alleged special jury

    instruction by the court and case is pending a new trial.

    ? Took over and successfully obtained a reversal of summary judgment on appeal and a 6

    figure settlement for a client in a premises liability (slip/trip and fall) case prior to trial after

    initial attorney terminated attorney/client relationship pre-appeal. ? Represented a Chapter 7 Trustee as special counsel to proceed on a business litigation

    counterclaim of interference of contract/economic advantage and fraud in state court on

    behalf of the estate and creditors claim resulting in a victorious settlement 25% above initial

    mandatory settlement conference demand by client (35% above initial mandatory settlement

    demand with costs included).

    ? Achieved a high 5 figure settlement plus the cancellation of three (3) advance money

    mortgages and cancellation of the promissory note for a defendant client by cross-

    complaining to a declaratory relief action which resulted in a cross-complaint to the cross-


    ? Obtained a confidential settlement in federal court for a defending/cross-complaining client

    originally sued by a cosmetics marketing corporation alleging intellectual property

    infringement, tortious interference and fraud.

    ? Represented the People of The State of California via special agent agreement in attempting

    to recover hidden assets in securities fraud judgments.

    ? Represented the People of the State of Nevada via special agent agreement in attempting to

    collect on wrongful death judgments and student loan cases where debtors were located

    within California.

    AVVO rating of 8.0/10 “Excellent” Accredited BBB rating of A+

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Lenore L. Albert, Esq.

    7755 Center Avenue #1100, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Ph: 714-372-2264 ? Obtained reversal of an Anti-SLAPP dismissal on appeal in an internet defamation case

    which spawned national social media internet attention on cyber law and the Federal

    Communications Protection Act.

    ? Successfully obtained reversal in the Court of Appeal on various pre-trial and post-trial


    ? Counseled/advised, prepared documents and instituted, as appropriate, corporate formalities,

    silent partnerships, joint ventures, takeover/buy out agreements, policy manuals, executive

    employment agreements for business startups.

Legal Research Fellow/Research Assistant 1994-1997

    McGeorge School of Law Prof. Yelpaala

    Researched international laws (eg WIPO/TRIPPS), franchising agreements and multinational

    corporations (MNCs) for various symposiums, class lectures, articles and book reviews.

    ? Assisted in developing the democratic public policy model/plan for the country of

    Turkmenistan after post communism.

    ? Researched international technology transfer agreements and oil and mineral rights treaties of

    various countries all over the world.

    Financial Analyst and Economic Forecaster 1993

    Sizzler International, Headquarters

    Prepared economic forecast models and market reports for the executives and board.

    Performed financial analysis and reviewed store data and made cannibalization reports.

    ? Responsible for the market analysis of the “kids bar” invented by the CEO which was

    heralded as the biggest invention since the creation of the “salad bar” at the time.

    General Accountant 1990-1992

    City of Long Beach Port of Long Beach

    Prepared financial statements, cash flows, income statements, balance sheets, payroll auditing

    and other general accounting functions. Audited various work programs, imports/exports, joint

    ventures, financial investments and rental revenues.

    ? Received a letter of thanks for serving Long Beach during the Los Angeles riots. Head of Inventory Control and Regional Purchasing Manager 1989-1990

    International Paper Co.

    Managed perpetual inventory system of rolled stock, supervised and trained others. Responsible

    for regional purchasing with a $2 million budget and the monthly close of books with regard to

    purchasing, receiving, accounts payable/receivable, and inventory control; and held computer

    security clearance for the regional database of all operations in the west beyond our region.

    ? Member of the QIP team as highlighted in Forbes magazine.

    ? Created a decentralized purchasing and receiving system and trained management on the

    procedures that resulted the capture of unaccounted monies due in the 6 figure range in

    addition to added control and cost savings to the company.

    AVVO rating of 8.0/10 “Excellent” Accredited BBB rating of A+

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Lenore L. Albert, Esq.

    7755 Center Avenue #1100, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Ph: 714-372-2264


    McGeorge School of Law Juris Doctorate in Law

    International Moot court participant and honors board electee

    NJS child abuse hearsay federal research program participant (approx 60 trials)

CSU Long Beach Bachelor of Arts in Economics

    Minority business students economics tutor

    Univ of Pac/Salzburg Univ Austro-American Inst of Ed. International Legal Studies Cert. Studied under many well respected professors including Associate U.S. Supreme Court justice

    Anthony J. Kennedy.


    Certificate of Appreciation Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles 2007

    Orange County Bar Association 2003 Certificate of Completion

    College of Trial Advocacy


    Who’s Who in America 1997 Marquis Who’s Who in


    Who’s Who in American Law 1996 Marquis Who’s Who in

    American Law

    Who’s Who in American Women 1995 Marquis Who’s Who in

    American Women


    Member American Bar Association Member State Bar of California 2000 to present

    Member 2000 to present United States District Court for the

    District of Central California Member United States Supreme Court 2007 to present

    Member Better Business Bureau 2010 to present

    Former member Motion Picture & Television Fund

    Professional Advisory Network Former member Fedl Bar Assn, Orange County Bar Assn,

    LA County Bar Assn, OCTLA, CAALA

AVVO rating of 8.0/10 “Excellent” Accredited BBB rating of A+

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Lenore L. Albert, Esq.

    7755 Center Avenue #1100, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Ph: 714-372-2264


    Economically Obtaining Juror The Gavel (OCTLA) 2010 Declarations

    Turn Those Judicial Admissions The Gavel (OCTLA) 2008 Into Special Jury Instructions

    What Plaintiff’s Lawyers Need CAALA Advocate 2007 To Know About the SLAPP



    Secretary of the Pacific Sailing Yacht Club 2009;

    Government Relations Board, Public Speaking Bureau, and Listserve Executive Committee

    member of Consumer Advocates of Los Angeles (CAALA) up to 2007;

    Organizer/Creator of the annual Listserve Luncheon at the Vegas CAALA Annual Convention

    Fundraising event volunteer for the 2008 Joe Biden Presidential election campaign

    A student member of the Shakespeare club, debate team, tennis team, gymnastics team and

    Town Hall meeting volunteer.

    Volunteer Judge American Bar Association National Finals for law

    student negotiating skills

    competition Volunteer Judge American Association for Regional Finals for law

    Justice student mock trial


Current AVVO rating 8.0/10 “Excellent”

    Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) current rating A+

AVVO rating of 8.0/10 “Excellent” Accredited BBB rating of A+

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