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Course Overview and Objectives

    This course is designed to provide the student with a working knowledge of the major concepts of property law. The course has two main objectives

    1. To introduce the conceptual foundations of property law.

    2. To examine the legal doctrines that regulate land ownership in British Columbia

    First, the course considers the nature, sources and justifications for private property. It introduces the idea that property is an evolving social institution, one that is defined by its social,

    legal, historical, and even geographic contexts.

    The second objective is to introduce the students to the common law doctrine and statutory framework that regulates land ownership in Canada and British Columbia in particular.

    This includes an understanding of purchase agreements, the statutory regulations involved in the

    purchase and sale of property, steps involved in conveyancing, mortgages and agreements for sale

    and tax aspects of real estate transactions.

Course Materials:

Bruce Ziff: A Property Law Reader: Cases, Questions and Commentaries (Toronto: Thomson

    Carswell, 2004)

Bruce Ziff: Principles of Property Law 3d ed. (Toronto: Thomson Carswell, 2000)

All classes will be conducted on the assumption that the assigned material has been read.

    Please consult the course syllabus for details of assigned readings.

Required Materials:

    Land Title Act, R.S.B.C. 1996. c. 250

    Property Law Act R.S.B.C. 1996 c. 377

Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated at any level in this course. It will be considered a most

    serious offense. Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to, plagiarism, giving or

    receiving aid in an examination or where otherwise prohibited, or any other deceptive act in

    connection with work submitted to meet my course requirements.


This is the formal presentation or submission of other’s work, research, words, ideas, illustrations,

    or diagrams as one’s own without explicit citation or credit.

Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 1


The use or provision of unauthorized aids, assistance, or materials during examinations, in the

    preparation of assignments, or in the completion of practical work. This includes, but is not

    limited to:

    a) Copying others’ work in an examination

    b) Communicating to others during an examination

    c) Submitting one’s own work for more than one course without instructor permission; or

    d) Resubmitting work, in whole or in part, for which credit has already been granted.


1. A first offense will result in a grade of 0 being given on the assignment

2. A second offense will result in a failing grade for the overall course.


Evaluation for this course will be based upon:

    a) Attendance and participation in class 10%

    b) Case Analysis 30%

    c) Final Examination 60%

Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 2


1. The Nature of Property (Class 1)

a) What is Property?

     Reader, 1-19

     Principles, 1-8

b) Why Private Property?

     Reader, 19-33

     Principles, 8-28

c) Novel Claims to Property

     Reader, 33-40, 44-68

     Principles, 28-48

     International News Service v. Associated Press

     Victoria Park Racing and Recreation Grounds Ltd. v. Taylor

     Moore v. Regents of the University of California

d) The Sources of Canadian Property Law

     Reader, 83-102

    Escheat Act, s. 1

     Law and Equity Act, s. 2

e) Property, Class and Poverty

     Reader, 102-123

f) Property and the Constitution

     Reader, 123-156

     Mariner Real Estate v. Nova Scotia

     North American Free Trade Agreement, Chapter 11

Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 3

2. The Concept of Possession

a) Basic Definitions

     Reader, 245-260

     Principles, 119-122

     Popov v. Hayashi

b) Adverse Possession

     Reader, 260-268

     Principles, 122-131

     Keefer v. Arillotta

     Re: Canadian Pacific Railway Co.

     Land Title Act, s. 23(3), 23(4)

     Limitation Act, ss. 2, 3(4)(a), 12, 14(5)

     Land Act, s. 8

     Property Law Act, s. 36

c) Common Law Aboriginal Title

     Reader, 372-396

     Principles, 63-72

     Delgamuukw v. British Columbia

     Douglas Treaties

d) Estates

(i) Fee Simple

     Reader, 329-226

     Principles, 153-156

     Property Law Act, s. 19

     Land Title Act, s. 186(5) & 6

     Wills Act, ss. 2 & 24

    Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 4

     Law and Equity Act, s. 11

     Thomas v. Murphy

     Drundell’s Case

(ii) Fee Tail

     Reader, 336-341

     Property Law Act, s. 10

(iii) Life Estates

     Reader, 341-372

     Principles, 161-176

     Re: Walker

     Re: Taylor

     Christensen v. Martini Estates

     Powers v. Powers Estates

     Property Law Act, s. 19(2)

     Wills Act, ss. 2 & 24

     Law and Equity Act, s. 11

3. Equitable Interests

a) Origins of Equity

     Reader, 413-416, 422-431

     Principles, 181-187

     Law and Equity Act, s. 44

b) Trusts

     Reader, 431-454, 464-479

     Cooper v. Cooper Estate

     Peter v. Beblow

     Cross Creek Timber Traders v. St. John Terminals

    Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 5

c) Acquisition of Interests

     Land Act, s. 50

     Law and Equity Act, s. 59

     Property Law Act, ss. 4, 5, 15, 16

     Land Title Act, ss. 20, 22, 85

     Land Title (Transfer Form) Regulation, s. 2(a)

     Land Transfer Form Act, ss. 2-3

d) Registration

(i) Basic Principles

     Reader, 1063-1066

     Principles, 417-426

     Land Act, s. 54

     Land Title Act, ss. 20, 23(2), 29(2), 37(1), 296

(ii) Indefeasibility and Fraud

     Land Title Act, s. 23(2)

     Creelman v. Hudson’s Bay Insurance Co.

     Land Title Act, ss. 23(2)(1), 297

(iii) Notices

     Land Title Act, s. 29

     Reader, 1089-1105

     Holt Renfrew v. Henry Singer

     Alberta (Minister of Forestry, Lands, and Wildlife) v. McCulloch

     Woodwest Developments Ltd. v. Met-Tec Installments

(iv) Registration of Charges

     Land Title Act, ss. 1, 26-28, 197, 180, 297

     Credit Foncier v. Bennett

    Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 6

(v) Registration of Judgments

     Court Order Enforcement Act, s. 86(3)

     Yeulet v. Matthews

(vi) Registration of Non-Proprietary Interests

     Land Title Act, ss. 215, 216, 282(1), 288, 293

(vii) Registration and Aboriginal Title

     Reader, 1107-1108 (Comment)

     Skeetchestn Indian Band v. British Columbia

e) Conditional Gifts

     Reader, 481-502

     Stuartburn (Municipality) v. Kiansky

     McKeen Estate v. Mackeen Estate

     Kotsar v. Shattock

     Caroline (Village) v. Roper

f) State Limitation on Private Power

     Reader, 507-550

     Kotsar v. Shattock

     Re: Leonard Foundation Trust

     Trinity College School v. Lyons

4. Leases and Licenses

a) The Nature of a Lease

     Reader, 587-597

     Factac Limited (In Liquidation) v. Commissioner of Inland Revenue

     Metro-Matic Services Ltd., v. Hulman

Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 7

5. Shared Ownership

(i) Basic Concepts

     Reader, 701-710

     Re: Bancroft Eastern Trust Co. v. Calder

     Robb v. Robb

     Property Law Act, s. 11(2)

(ii) Severing Joint Tenancy

     Reader, 710-724

     Re: Sorenson & Sorenson

     Williams v. Henson

     Havlick v. Whitehouse

c) Servitudes

(i) Easements

     Reader 795-800

     Shelf Holdings Ltd., v. Husky Oil Operations

     In Re: Ellenborough Park

     Property Law Act, s. 18(7)

     Land Title Act, s. 218

(ii) Profits à Prendre

     Reader, 835-836

     British Columbia v. Tener

(iii) Public Access to Private Road

     Reader, 845-849

     Harrison v. Carswell

Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 8

(iv) Covenants

     Reader, 880-887, 900-904

     Tulk v. Moxhay

     Re: Drummond Wren

     Noble and Wolf v. Alley

6. The Nature of Security Interests

a) The Origins of the Mortgage

     Reader, 948-953

b) The Contributions of Law and Equity

     Reader, 953-973

     Athabasca Realty Ltd. v. Lee

     Dical Investments Ltd., v. Morrison

     Canada Permanent Trust Co. v. King’s Bridge

c) Remedies and Related Matters

(i) The Personal Covenant

    Reader, 973-982

    384846 Ontario Ltd. v. 705464 Ontario Ltd.

    Langley Lo-Cost Builders Ltd., v. 474835 B.C. Ltd.

(ii) Taking Possession or Appointing a Receiver

     Reader, 983-992

     Capsule Investments Ltd., v. Heck

     North American Trust Co. v. Consumers Gas Co.

(ii) Foreclosure (and Redemption)

    Reader, 993-1006

    Shankman v. Mutual Life Assurance Co. of Canada

    355498 B.C. Ltd., v. Namu Properties Ltd. Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 9

(iv) Sale

    Reader, 1006-1026

    Logozzo v. Toronto Dominion Bank

    Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. v. Huang & Danczkay

    Medforth v. Blake

c) Other Security Interests

     Reader, 1026-1028

d) Priority and Registration

(i) Priorities at Common Law and in Equity

     Reader, 1031-1062

     North Counties of England Fire Insurance v. Whipp

     Australian Guarantee Corp. (N.Z.) v. C.F.C. Commercial Finance Ltd.

    Chippewas of Sarnia Band v. Canada (A.G.)

(ii) The Advent of Registration

     Reader, 1064-1080

     C.I.B.C. Mortgage Corp. v. Quassa

     Mayer v. Brüning

(iii) Title Registration

     Reader, 1080-1104

     United Trust Co. v. Dominion Stores Ltd.

     Holt Renfrew & Co. v. Henry Singer Ltd.

     Alberta (Ministry of Forestry, Lands and Wildlife) v. McCulloch

(iv) Title Insurance

     Reader, 1110-1118

Legal 1106 Course OutlineFirst Draft 10

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