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    Revision (Units 1718)


     1. 发生……;结果…… 6. 占有;占领

     2. 在世界的另一端 7. 查询;提出

     3. ……乐观 8. 庆祝教师节

     4. 身体健康 9. 组成构成

     5. 自求之路 10. 开始干某事


     1.It was very (大方) of you to lend them your new car for their holiday.

     2.T he man (威胁) the little girl with a knife.

     3.He was (极度) angry at the news.

     4.They set out for the (远征) to the south pole.

     5.Afrer (毕业);he took a job as a typist.

     6.When he woke up, he found some people (包围)him.

     7. (农业)has been playing an important role in our country.

     8.In the end , the city was taken (拥有)of by the Red Army.

     9.Active (山水)may empty at any time.

     10.There are a lot of (埋葬)grounds at the foot or middle of the hill.


    1.It will be two months Jane leaves school.

    What will of her ?

    She is going to be a teacher.

     A. when, happen B. before, become

     C. after, take place D. since, instead 2. I saw her, I was struck by her beauty.

    A. When the first time B. During the first time

     C. For the first time D. The first time 3.I was having my supper he called on me without any appointment made me unhappy.

     A. before, as B. while, it C. as, that D. when, which 4.It was dark; we decided to for the night at a farmhouse.

     A. put away B. put down C. put up D. put out 5.Hard work success while failure laziness.

     A. leads up; lies to B. leads to; lies in

     C. leads on; lies of D. lead down; lies by

6.I can guess you were in a hurry, you your sweater inside out.

     A. would wear B. wore C. had worn D. are wearing 7.I had an accident a car and I was woozy hitting the car door.

     A. of; by B. with; by C. with; from D. on; from 8.Mary, I didn’t recognize you at the party.

     I my hair and sunglasses.

     A. have cut ; wear B. had cut; was wearing

     C. cut; put on D. was cutting; was putting on 9.Life for women seems men ,due to the tradition and the society.

     A. twice difficult as B. as difficult as

     C. twice as difficult as D. twice as difficult than 10.I can’t get the book on the top shelf, for it is my reach.

     A. within B. beyond C. out D. from 11.Huang shan is famous its landscape and known a place of interest the world.

     A. for; as ; to B. with; for; by C. to; for; with D. by; as; for

    12.Girls one third of the total student population in our school, which 5678 students.

     A. make of; is made up B. make up ; is made up of

     C. make from; make up D. made into ;make up of 13.China has a population of 1.3 billion, _____are Han Nationality.

     A. most of it B. two thirds of whom

     C.70% of which D. mainly of them

    14._____of the city lies a lake.

     A. To east B. In east C. On east D. East IV.课文填词

     1.It has often been_____that life is difficult as it is.

     2.What has______her?

     3.On November 12th the storm died______.

     4.I couldn’t ______my left leg and my head was woozy from hitting the ground.

     5.I did so______ regret.

     6.He lives in a town ______the east coast.

     7.Hainan Island is ______the south of Guang dong province.

     8.Henan province lies _____central china.

     9.The ship hit a rock _____the west coast of the pacific.

The Key

    I : become of the opposite end of the world be oppotimistic about be in good health

     5.the way of self rescue take possession of refer for celebrate Teachers’ day be made up of 10.turn to doing something


     1.generous 2.threatened 3.extremely 4.expedition 5.graduation

     6.surrounding 7.Agriculture 8.possession 9.volcanoes 10.burial III

     15 BDDCB 610 DCBCB 1114 ACBD


     1.said 2.become of 3.dowm 4.stand on 5.without 6.on 7.on

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