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Unit 13 Exercise

    1. Thank you, but I’ll have to ________ your offer.

     A. turn away B. turn down C. turn back D. turn off

    2. Weather report says that tomorrow will ______ cloudy.

     A. turn into B. turn over C. turn to D. turn out

    3. Because the hall was full, thousands of fans were _____, and they left, disappointed.

    A. turned out B. turned away C. turned in D. turned over

    4. Don’t you believe it! Glass can steel in many ways in life.

     A. take place of B. take the place of C. in place of D. instead of 5. ----When did the concert ? ---Well, two or three years ago?

    A. happen B. take place C. hold D. start

    6. I passed by the sports field the other day, _____ there was a football match going on then.

     A. that B. where C. which D. when

    7. _______ for money for drug, the crazy young man robbed the women passing the dark narrow lane.

     A. Be desperate B. Desperate C. Desperated D. Being desperate

    8. Mr . Wang is to our English evening .

     Amore pleased than to come Bmore pleased to come than

     Cmore than pleased to come Dpleased to come more than

    9. 1) The flower is very beautiful. And it smells ____.

     2) We can guess from her pleased face that ____ news was really a pleasure to her.

     A. pleasant B. pleased C. please D. pleasing 10. ---Thanks for your trouble. ---Not at all. I’m _____ pleased to help you.

    A. too much B. too only C. so much D. only too

    11. I suppose all the students went to the museum this afternoon.

     —I’m afraid not. They went to the net bar instead.

     Aalmost Bnearly Cmostly Dmost

    12. I’m _______Chinese and I do feel ______Chinese language is ____most beautiful language .

    A. /, the, a B. a, /, the C. a, the, / D. a, /, a 13. What interested you ____ at the exhibition is the iceboat.

     A. mostly B. best C. most D. almost 14. It is said that only a few people were killed in the fire(and _____ were saved

    Awhom Bmost Cmost of them Dmost of whom

    15. Don't while

     A.cut in; speaking to B.break i

16. People may have different opinions about Karen , but I admire her . , she is a great

    musician .

     AAfter all BAs a result CIn other words Das usual

    17. She told me she hadnt enjoyed the film, but I decided to go and see it _____.

     A. after all B. in all C. all the same D. above all


    18. I ______ him to give up that foolish idea, but he said he wanted to have a try.

     A. persuaded B. didn't try to persuade C. tried to persuade D. didn't persuade

    19. Without the support of family, the teenage boy had no choice but _____ home.

     A. leave B. to leave C. leaving D. left

    20. Which turning should I take to the Capital Building(Madam?

     —I’m sorry( I’m a stranger here myself

     A;不填 Band Cbut Dthen

    21. Such ________ the case, I couldn't help but________ him.

     A. being; support B. is; to support C. has been; supporting D. be; supported

    22. With her hair _____, there could be no use for the comb.(梳子).

    A. going B. gone C. goes D. to go

    23. With time __________, our friendship gets deeper and deeper.

    A. going by B. to go by C. gone by D. goes by 24. The girl in the snapshot was smiling sweetly, ___________.

     A. her long hair was flowing in the breeze B. her long hairs were flowing in the breeze

     C. her long hair flowing in the breeze D. her long hair flowed in the breeze 25. He was _______ failing to keep an eye on the production process and became the first laid-off

    manager in the history of the corporation.

     A. charged for B. accused of C. abused by D. blamed

    26. Sandy could do nothing but ___ to his teacher that he was wrong.

     A admit B admitted C admitting D to admit

    27. Victor apologized for ___ to inform me of the change in the plan.

     A his being not able B him not to be able C his not being able D him to be not able 28. Sandy could do nothing but ___ to his teacher that he was wrong.

     A admit B admitted C admitting D to admit

    29. If you want to know the train schedule, please ______ at the booking office.

    A. acquire B. inquire C. request D. require

    30. A violent crime was _____ every 32 seconds in this area of the city last year.

    A. committed B. found C. sentenced D. made

    Unit14 Zoology

    1. We thought of selling this old furniture, but weve decided to____it. It might be valuable.

    A. hold on to B. keep up with C. turn to D. look after

    2. When the Emperor walked in the street, bare bodied, the ____child let out a cry.

     A. puzzling B. puzzled C. puzzle D. having puzzled

    3. I have read the material several times but it doesnt make any _______.\

     A. meaning B. importance C. sense D. significance

    4. Was___that I saw last night at the concert?

     A. it you B. not you C. you D. that yourself


5. ____is it___has made Peter___he is today?

     A. What; that; that B. That; that; what C. What; what; that D. What; that; what 6. The students, ________ at the way the questions were put, didn’t know the answer to them.

     A. surprising B. surprised C. being surprised D. having surprised 7. The person ______ just now is an old classmate of mine.

     A. took us by surprise B. taken by surprise

    C. was taken in surprise D. who was taken surprisedly

    8. The twins are so much alike that their own mother can hardly_______.

     A. tell them apart B. tell apart them C. say them apart D. say apart them 9. The family were so pleased when the long-lost jewels____.

     A. was come to light B. went to light C. was going to light D. came to light 10. In recent years travel companies have succeeded in selling us the idea that the further we go,


     A. our holiday will be better B. our holiday will be the better

    C. the better our holiday will be D. the better will our holiday be 11. As far as I am concerned, education is about learning and the more you learn, _________.

     A. the more for life are you equipped B. the more equipped for life you are

     C. the more life you are equipped for D. you are equipped the more for life 12. This problem may lead to more serious ones if unsolved

     Amaking Bremained Ckeeping Dleft

    ----You’ve made great progress in your studies of English, haven’t you? 13.

     ---- Yes, but much ______.

    A. remains to do B. is remained to do C. remains to be done D. is remained to be done 14. The __________ question for him is to ________ whether bees could tell each other the exact

    position of a feeding place.

     A. remaining; find out B. remained; find out C. remaining; find D. remained; look for 15. Many endangered animals, such as the Malayan sun bear, _____ in danger of dying out.

     A. remain B. remains C. are remained D. is remained

    16. The look on his face suggested that he that.

     A. surprising had expected B. surprised hadn' t expected

    C. surprising would expect D. surprised didn't expect

    17.Two thousand years ago silk was traded along ______ is called the Silk Road.

     A. which B. what C. that D. where 18.——“What do you think of chemistry?”——“In my opinion, chemistry is ______ physics.

     A. a subject so difficult as B. a subject as difficult as

     C. as a difficult subject as D. difficult as a subject as 19.Though _____ danger, he still went swimming in that river.

     A. warning by B. warned of C. being warned by D. having warned of 20. After working round the clock for three days, his strength seemed to have ________.

     A. given out B. given off C. used up D. run up


    21.I usually enjoys these dinners, unless I have to make a speech, in _____ case I worry throughout

    the meal. A. that B. this C. which D. any

    22.________ did the students realize they were mistaken.

     A. It was until B. It was not until then C. Not until then D. Not until 23.All of us suggest ____ you have devoted yourself ____ kept track.

     A. what; to is B. all that; to be C. all; should to be D. what; should be 24.With precise details ______to light, the sale situation of the company is improving.

     A. to be thrown B. having come C. to come D. throwing 25. The husband rushed to the hospital ____ he heard that his wife was injured.

     A. at the moment B. for the moment C. the moment D. in a moment 26. ——“You havent lost the ticket, have you?

     ——“________. I know it’s not easy to get another one at the moment.

     A. I hope not B. Yes, I have C. I hope so D. Yes, I’m afraid so

    27.——“I’d like to take a chance and run a business. Would you tell me something about the local

    market? ——“_________.

     A. No problem B. Better play it safe C. Do as you please D. Think nothing of it. 28. He _____ me by his appearance.

     A. astonished B. astonishing C. astonishment D. astonish 29. As the plane was getting ready to take off, we all _____ our seat belts.

     A. tied B. attached C. fastened D. bound 30 ._____ attentively in class, _____you won’t be able to understand ____ the teacher says.

     A. Listening; and; that B. Listen; or; what C. Listen to; and; that D. To listen; than; all that 用动词的适当形式填空

    1.______useyour head(and you will have an idea.

    2.He is an old man who is stubborn in ______acceptnew thought.

    3.The murderer was brought in with his hands ______tieback.

    4.We have missed the bus.Im afraid that we have no choice but to ______takea


    5.He wanted to do what he could ______helpthose who are in trouble.

    6.He is said ______writetwo books about his childhood in the past two years.

    7.This is one of the problems ______discussat the meeting next week.

    8.The students are busy ______preparefor the final examination.

    9.We must do everything we can to keep the river from ______pollute.

    10.To improve our English(we must practice ______readevery morning.



    1.It was 10 oclock that he received the letter from his girlfriend.

    2.The door is closed.There is nothing to do but to wait for Mother. 3.This is the best gift for her in her birthday party.

    4.Suddenly there was a terrible voice from a girl later at night.

    5.The former president said the relation between these two countries needed improve. 6.These flowers they planted last week died for lack water.

    7.Youd better wear a pair of sunglasses in order to protect you in sunlight. 8.The theory they had stuck to for many years proved wrongly.

    9.Look what you have done.You would have been more careful.


    1-5 BDBBB 6-10 BBCA/D D 11-15 CACBC 16-20 A A/C CBC 21-25 ABACB 26-30 ACABA

    1-5 ABCAD 6-10 BBADC 11-15 BDCAA 16-20 BBBBA 21-25 CCBBC 26-30 AAACB


    1. Use 2. accepting 3. tied 4. take 5. to help

    6. to have written 7. to be discussed 8. preparing 9. being polluted 10. reading


    1. that改为when10 oclock 前加at


    3. for改为to

    4. later改为late

    5. improve改为improving

    6.lack改为lacking lack后加of

    7. in改为from

    8. wrongly改为wrong

    9. would改为should



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