Units 3 Exercises

By Patricia Andrews,2014-10-07 20:41
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Units 3 Exercises

    Unit 3 Exercises

    1. Linda couldnt see Davy _______________(where) .

    2. It _________ me an hour ago.

    A happens B happened C was happened D happened to

    3. The girl was ________(shop) while she ______(see) the alien got out. 4. The girl was ________(scare) when she saw the dog.

    5. The __________(die) old man told us all about the matter. 6. The alien visited the Museum of _______________(fly). 7. I _________(sleep) when I __________(hear) a knock at the door. 8. When I saw him, he _________(wait) for the bus.

    9. What _________you ________(do) at this time yesterday? 10. I _________(not go) to the cinema last night.

    11. I saw him ___________(play) in the park just now.

    12. When you _________(call) me a moment ago, I __________(write). 13. Did you see the accident h______________?

    14. The plane l___________ at the right time.

    15. Im very s______________ to see the strange man.

    16. The cat is very good at c___________ the tree.

    17. ---Whats the time?---Its a_____________ 8 oclock.

    18. How about f___________ him to the station?

    19. His ____________(经历) are very amazing.

    20. The children s____________ to the driver, but he didnt hear them.

    21. What h____________ to you last night?

    22. She was reading a book at ten last night. (划线提问)

23. He ws watching TV in his sitting room yesterday evening. ;划线提问;

24. We were talking happily when the teacher came in .

     ________/ _________ you ________ happily when the teacher came in? 25. Wu Pping does his homework at 8 every day. (yesterday every day)

26. The alien is very strange. (感叹)_______ /_________ the alien is!

    27. Father _____ still _______(sleep) when I ______(get) up yesterday morning. 28. Grandma ______(cook) breakfast while I _____(wash) my face this morning. 29. Mother _________(sweep) the floor when I __________(leave) home. 30. The students _______(have) a biology class when the visitors ______(come) 31. The driver _________(drive) home when it _________(rain) last night. 32. I ________( not go) to the cinema last night.

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