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    Essay marking sheet

Structure of the essay

    Introduction background Introduction background Introduction relevant background information is over-generalised, or information may be rather information followed by very clear absent. Little or no semblance of a generalised. Statement of statement of purpose/thesis statement of purpose/thesis purpose/thesis statement is present statement. statement. but may be a little unclear. Body each paragraph has a Body topic sentences very Body attempts to write topic definite, clear topic sentence which vague, unrelated to question or sentences for most paragraphs but relates directly to the question, is completely absent. may only manage to partially expressed in student’s own words and present the main idea(s) of the presents the main idea(s) of that Conclusion does not really paragraph. In some cases may rely paragraph. summarise the body of the report, is on quotes/summaries to act as topic very vague, contains ‘home-grown’ Conclusion summarises the main sentences. arguments, irrelevant ideas, or is points of the essay; contains completely absent. Conclusion generally appropriate ‘final thoughts’. summarises the main points of the essay but may include new ideas or become rather generalised.

    ; ( Evidence use of secondary and/or critical materials

    Citation largely inaccurate or Citation generally quite accurate Citation accurately written absent. but one or two minor errors. Choice of evidence to support Choice of evidence to support Choice of evidence to support student’s position consistently student’s position little student’s position quite good relevant. evidence and when present not but not always the most relevant. Paraphrasing clear, concise, well very relevant. Paraphrasing quite good but written in student’s own words and Paraphrasing frequent may be rather close to original at original source always cited. plagiarism or summaries that are times or become rather descriptive Voice in each paragraph student’s very close to the original. Original and contain some unnecessary voice clearly heard eg it introduces source rarely cited. detail. Original source in most and inter-relates the supporting cases cited. Voice very hard to hear evidence from the different texts. student's voice as it is frequently Voice student’s voice present lost in a series of but not always very clear and summaries/plagiarized extracts although introduces supporting from the texts. ideas from the texts only sometimes interrelates them.

    ; (

Content understanding of and response to question

    Content contains quite a lot of Content is generally relevant, but Content relevant; answers all parts of irrelevant material; does not really may not fully explore all parts of the the question. answer the question. question. Content shows that student has good Content shows limited Content shows quite a good understanding of the texts and how understanding of the texts and how understanding of the texts and how they relate to the question. they relate to the question. they relate to the question. Content shows evidence of good Content is largely made up of Content shows quite a good attempt analysis of the question and texts by description with almost no analysis. at analysis of the question. Content the student. still relevant, but may become rather descriptive.

    ; ( Language grammar, register and vocabulary

    Limited and often inappropriate Quite good/appropriate choice of Good/appropriate choice of academic choice of vocabulary. Overuse of academic style vocabulary but may style vocabulary. colloquialisms or simplified words. sometimes use rather simplified, Sentences are well put together and more colloquial words eg 'people', Difficult to follow the flow of ideas enable the reader to easily follow the 'lots of', 'isn't', 'big', 'small', 'thing' and reader's overall comprehension ideas. etc., OR reliance on inappropriately is significantly challenged. Good accuracy in ‘encyclopedic’ vocabulary. Poor accuracy in spelling/grammar/tenses. Sentences can be followed but the spelling/grammar/tenses which flow from one idea to the next may frequently prevent comprehension. not always be smooth and occasionally challenges the reader's overall comprehension.

    Quite good accuracy in spelling/ grammar/tenses. Some problems but not serious enough to prevent comprehension.

    ; ( Argument adopting a stance and conveying a message

    Student does not really adopt a Student attempts to adopt a Student adopts a position/argument in position/argument, but relies heavily position/argument in the the introduction and maintains/builds on description and copying extracts introduction and maintains/builds this throughout the essay. from the texts, many of which are this throughout the essay, but may irrelevant to the question. sometimes lapse into description/summary.

    ; (

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